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Star Sonata 2
Aug 30, 2012 @ 10:31am
May 28 @ 11:26am
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Release date: Already Released! (November 2011)
Star Sonata 2 is a space-themed massively multiplayer online game that combines elements of action, RPG, and empire creation into a truly unique MMO experience. Explore the sandbox style universe, build persistent bases, construct trade ships, and even fight your way to the top and claim the Emperor’s Throne!


Action-based combat and movement — No queued up actions like many massively multiplayer online games. You are in direct control of your ship. Star Sonata is a 3D top down action based game. Other games, you just press a dodge key, but in Star Sonata you have to manually pilot your ship and avoid those laser beams, bullets, and missiles! Using real time strategy (RTS) controls you can also create robotic slave ships to fight alongside you and deploy defensive or offensive drone platforms.

Build your Empire in a Sandbox style universe — Manage your colonies, build bases, deploy defensive drones, establish trade routes with robotic slave ships. The universe resets every 3-4 months which randomizes the galaxies in player buildable space, creating new conflict where there were once settled borders. Players can advance economically by trading between bases, creating their own bases and colonies, killing enemies, collecting Player versus Player (PVP) bounties, or completing one of the 2000 missions. There are thousands of different items that can be obtained or constructed and sold to other players.

Become Emperor of the Universe — A player can “win” the game by declaring themselves emperor and defending their palace successfully until the end of the universe. Don’t like the Emperor or want to be the Emperor yourself? Star Sonata is a player vs player game with the universe separated into distinct PVP and non-PVP zones; fight your enemies and lead your team to glory. You can partake in large scale PVP conflicts with hundreds of players, or even little skirmishes on fringe systems.

No two players are alike — Star Sonata includes a wide variety of skills and customization options including eight classes, four trade skills, 127 total skills that give various stat increases that the players can train, over 250 player obtainable ships, the ability to change nearly every aspect of your ship’s build including the engine, weapons, energy, shield, and more! In Star Sonata no two players will play the game the same way and no two players will have the exact same build!

One global server, one amazing community - Star Sonata does not separate the community based on region, everyone plays on the same server.

"The game is good and is much better than any other game that shares its genre. If you're looking for a space adventure, then this game is definitely for you." —

"It is an easy game to pick up, but mastering the intricacies can keep a player occupied for hours." — Gamezone

Try the game now and find more info at!
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Bageese  [author] Jul 26 @ 6:50pm 
We're working on Steam integration right now, and we're expecting a Holiday 2014 launch on Steam to coincide with our 10 year anniversary. :)
superdigi Jul 26 @ 3:13pm 
so... is this coming to Steam anytime soon or should I download and play it from their website?
Bageese  [author] Jun 20 @ 4:24pm 
Thanks Markoz!
Ultra Space Marine Jun 20 @ 4:18pm 
Congratz on your greenlit developers and game community :) < Markoz
♪PineДpple♪ May 12 @ 9:34pm 
Infamous player rip here <<<< XD (Lemun I luv u still)
$$DD Triikor May 3 @ 10:10pm 
I turn this game on every now and then. I started playing back during SS1 beta and subbed when it released, many great memories. Should of been on steam along time ago
fluffy017 May 3 @ 1:26am 
i play this!
Invisigoth Apr 19 @ 8:53pm 
Work more, put even more content and i will buy this game!
ThunderWolf409 Apr 15 @ 6:15pm 
looks good, and I would have to say it has potential just looking at it.
Moonlight Dragon Apr 9 @ 3:29pm 
Been off and on playing this since its SS2 launch, i played way back when it was still S1 when the level cap was 20 and you were unbelievably limited as a f2p and back then i saw promise in the game but just didn't have any incentive to sub, awhile after playing as f2p in s2 i decided to jump for a 1 year sub because honestly $90 a year isn't too bad and the game is great- difficult- but still great. Subscription for end game content keeps the crying losers with no intent on ever paying away from the game, and i feel that's a good thing as SS can't afford running without subs, theres literally no other paid content besides a few small things like itemforming and etc so without subs this game would be dead. The game suffers from a bit of a small playerbase, and that kind of limits what content can be added, being added to steam would benefit SS greatly imho and would give cause for many additions not previously available due to lack of players.