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Stronger Daedric Artifacts
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Feb 9, 2012 @ 11:48pm
Oct 9 @ 7:38pm
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All Daedric Artifacts were modified.

-Higher damage/armor rating
-Powerful enchantments
-Unlimited charges
-Most are now disenchantable and improveable
-Worth more gold
-Stack with smithing perks

In the Elder Scrolls lore, daedric artifacts are ultra powerful items crafted by the god-like daedra, granting those who wield them with supreme power. While they should be the best items in the game, in Skyrim most of them are quite wimpy.

Bethesda made some weak and some a bit stronger, allowing gamers to find artifacts that are suitable to their level throughout the game, trying to never make the experience too tough or too easy. Thing is, I hate overly leveled gameplay and dumbed down items (especially daedric artifacts); it stops gameplay from being dynamic and exciting.

Here is what I did to upset the balance a bit:


-Fixed glitch with Ebony Blade. See update history for details.



(DMG: Base Damage before any enhacements like smithing, perks, etc.)
*Approximation: This was as accurate as I could get it

Dawnbreaker: DMG: 12>25.....Fire DMG: 10>35.....$740>8000

Ebony Blade: DMG: 13>37.....$2000>20000.....Now listed as 2-handed weapon

Mace of Molag Bal: DMG: 17>28.....Magic and Stamina DMG: 25/25>35/35.....$: 1257>12860

Mehrunes' Razor: DMG: 11>22.....Added Banishing 100.....$: 860>8690

Skull of Corruption: DMG: 20>80.....DMG (from dreams): 50>115*.....$: 1680>17480

Volendrung: DMG: 25>40.....Added chance to Paralyze 1 sec.....$: 1843>18790



(AR=Base Armor Rating before any enhacements like smithing, perks, etc. )

Ebony Mail: AR: 45>55.....Poison DMG: 5>10.....$: 5000>30000

Ring of Namira: Fortify Stamina: 50>100.....$: 870>8700

Savior's Hide: AR: 26>45.....Resist Magic/Resist Poison: 15/50>25/100%.....$: 2679>26790

Spellbreaker: AR: 38>51.....$: 277>27752

Masque of Clavicus Vile: AR: 23>33.....$: 1277>1500
-Prices are 20% better, +10 Speech, and Magicka regenerates 5% faster changed to 25 / 25 / 25

Ring of Hircine: $: 400>4000

(this list is not exhaustive and needs to be updated)

The following items can be disenchanted, but cannot have their enchantments put on other items: all staffs, ebony mail, ring of namira, saviors hide, spellbreaker, masque of clavicus vile

Ebony Blade enchantment does not work when put on other items

Newly enchanted items with daedric enchantments may have unlimited charges until you reboot the game, then they return to normal (thanks for the info Psychotic Killer Cheeseburger)
*this may no longer be the case; unlimited charges are now working for me. Further testing is required.
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juniper5334 Oct 21 @ 6:43pm 
juniper5334 Oct 21 @ 6:42pm 
also bebop ould you make it not change the rng of hircine becuz im using a mod that cant be used with mods that change the ring of hircine and i want to use both this mod adn that 1 but if i do i cant load up iver mod :/ besides its not like people are gonna sell the artifacts with what you did to em XD
juniper5334 Oct 15 @ 7:38pm 
@Bebop0389 no problem and btw teh reason i pointed it out is i can summon daedra myself for 120 seconds and this weapon is made by a daedric prince therfor thats why i comented that XD
Bebop0389  [author] Oct 15 @ 5:33pm 
@juniper5334: I think my original thoughts were that a 60 sec Daedra summon was adequate. Maybe I'll increase it +30sec. I'll add it tentatively to a to-do list for the mod. Thanks for letting me know.

juniper5334 Oct 15 @ 8:16am 
you forgot sanguin rose -.-
juniper5334 Oct 15 @ 8:14am 
awesome mod man without this mod ebony blade sucked now it rules ::::::DDDDD
Y4nton Oct 12 @ 4:26am 
I just played with the ebony blade again, it's fine.
Don't know what was going on but now it's good.
Bebop0389  [author] Oct 11 @ 7:40pm 
Sorry for the triple post.

I just compared the Ebony Blade enchantments and item stats in version 2.0 vs. 2.1 to see if anything was changed accidentally, and they are identical except of course for removing the glitched, old enchantment. Therefore everything should function the same as before, except no more glitch where npcs become hostile.

If you have further issues Y4nton, or if anyone else has any, please let me know so I can do further investigating.
Bebop0389  [author] Oct 10 @ 7:16pm 
I'm still investigating a potential issue, but I did a quick in-game test and Ebony Blade is working correctly for me. You might try putting this mod at the bottom of your load order (at least temporarily) or re-acquiring the file, as it might fix it. You can also try re-acquiring the Blade via console if you wish, to see if that helps: "player.additem 0004a38f 1", but I doubt it will make a difference.
Bebop0389  [author] Oct 10 @ 10:46am 
Thank you both for the compliments.

Y4nton, thats very strange. Thanks for letting me know.

Its been awhile since I used the Creation Kit TBH, but I don't know how a simple delete (removing the glitched enchantment) could cause that. I'll compare the old rev. vs. the new rev. as soon as I can and see what's going on.