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Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English, German, Russian
Players: Single-player
Apr 27 @ 8:31am
Jun 7 @ 5:07pm
Release date: 1st quarter 2018

This is a game about a small team of extraterrestrial bugs that had their ship wrecked and made an emergency landing on the Earth. The main bad guy named Oldcookinpot witnessed this accident and became immideately hungry for such a sophisticated piece of engineering in order to upgrade his own rusty body. Now our bugs are searching for the spare parts. They meet a lot of strange characters in different fascinating locations, solve a lot of puzzles and defend themselves against enemies and Oldcookinpot's bodyguards. A lot of action, fun, and beautiful places are expecting our small team.

You control a crowd of maximum 10 bugs as one character. The crowd can wrap around obstacles, split in two parts, carry and throw small objects like pieces of dirt or stone, use hypnotic waves for their own purposes. They have a small friend, an octopus, who can expand and fly like a balloon and a pretty dumb goddess they worship to get advise.
On one hand the control over the crowd gives you a feeling of unpredictability to a certain degree, on the other hand exactly this gives a lot of fun! ;)

Inspired by the universe of Earthworm Jim with the princess What's-Her-Name, Peter Puppy, Psycrow and so on, a lot of different characters were created to fill the world of InsannesI with life. Fantasy has no limits! Here you'll meet the psychosnail, the boxer frog, the kleptomaniac lady bug, the invisible nuthouse patient, the alien with no inner connection called Vince, and many more!
They exist in various levels of nature: in the sky, under the ground, in water, in a hospital, on a summery grass field..

You will follow a small story of funny drama between "good" and ..."not so good". You'll learn how to survive in a strange world full of dangers, unexpected turns and fun, so don't waste your time and help the world of InsannesI become complete.

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pikmin ?
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Upvoted i wish you good luck :)
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This looks awesome :)
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Looks interesting :)
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Voted. Looks interesting, funny and enjoyable C:
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looks cool :)
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