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Aezeal's Flying Fortress
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Aezeal's Flying Fortress

Near the Whiterun Gates you can meet someone who will set you on the path that will lead to a Floating Dwemer Fortress. The Fortress is a suitable impressive living space for the Dragonborn.
A Floating Fortress, with large dwemer hallways in the deep and a contempory mansion on top.

- A faithful Khajithi Steward who happens to come up with a few problems that require someone with loads of combatskills to solve
- A loyal servant in the bedroom
- A Snowy Sabrecat as potential animal follower
- 2 pet dragons
- Guardian Dwemer Spheres, Spiders and Centurions
- All crafting stations
- Loads of storage space, mannequins and plaques
- Teleports to various regions in Skyrim
- A boatride to Whiterun
- A fiery blacksmith (with fiery dog) at the forge and a dwemer centurion Chef in the Kitchen
- A Trophy room:
---Find the taxidermy tools in the taxidermy workshop next to the Trophy room
---Kill an enemy and put the taxidermy tools on the corpse to unlock the corresponding stuffed creature in the Trophy Room.
--- Don’t forget to pick the tools up again.
- A training room with UNLIMITED dwarven spheres to combat if you need training
- The Dwemer Centurion Combat Suit ( as of now working!)
--- Enter by clicking on it (picking up)
--- Leave by equipping (in inventory)
--- If left behind will reset to original position after 1h (RL time)
- 2 books with background information
- A dragon summoning dwemer “loudspeaker”
- Umbra has a new owner
- A new (somewhat overpowered) fun spell “ Banish to a private Hell ” to finish your enemies with.
- A new spell for on those on the road: Dwemer Campsite.
--- I know there are campmods but the owner of a huge Floating Fortress doesn’t need to stay in a tent. Stone >> cloth. Find the book and try it out.
---For best effect: use on open and somewhat flat terrain.
- A secret room
- A divine secret
- A new secret: find the golden waterfall in the house.
- Several puzzle boxes.. if you see a mysterious box around the fortress... activate for some braintraining (maybe save before) :D

The new dark (and lethal) dwarven armory dungeon Tincan Cave which lies below Dragonreach keep in Whiterun. The entrance of this armory is on the north-eastern slope of the Dragonsreach hill (outside the city).
Bleachwind mine. An excavatable mine that starts as nothing but you can expand it and discover ore… and more. (reward for the first quest the Steward gives you).

PS. Tin Can Cave is a VERY though battle. I leave it there so you can return if you feel confident BUT there is a back entrance a bit higher on the slope for those low-high level characters who want to use the Fortress but for whom the main entrance is a bit too much of a challenge.
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Puzzle box Solutions
Sir Protagonist
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carlosmariocharris Oct 8 @ 9:54pm 
Is this the same mod as Aezeals Floating Fortress in the nexus?
terrokawa Sep 24 @ 3:21am 
it kinda reminds me of the flying castle from jack the giant slayer
Antkiller Aug 31 @ 5:20pm 
this is an amazing mod needs more work. would like if you put an marker to fast travel
HAWK Aug 9 @ 12:33am 
I really like your mod, but I got a glitch I think when I was fighting dwemers in the training area, my body is giving out steam from every limb just like the dwemer guardians! It looks weird and terrible, I tried to restart, restart and uninstall it, then tried to go beast form and it worked, but when I returned to human form 2 min later *POOF* steam. Help?
MiniBus98 Jun 13 @ 5:15pm 
what do i do if i cant find the guy to give me the quest
Lookglassknight Jun 12 @ 5:32am 
when ever i use the combat suit, my camera is stuck beneath the floor except wen i jump or fall off the fortress but as soon as i land its back under again. any tips/ mods i can use to sort this?
otherwise awesome mod
airplanes72 Apr 21 @ 2:43pm 
you should also do a flyable dwemer zeppelin, that would be awesome. if anyone can do that. you can Aezeal. you're a legend
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Oh what's this? Columbia from Bioshock Infinite in it's pre pre pre alpha stages in another universe? :P
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the dunmer wont give me the quest!
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