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Protein Motel
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Russian
Players: Single-player
Apr 8 @ 8:09am
Apr 24 @ 7:25am

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Working on demo - Демка уже скоро
Release date: 2017

Protein Motel is a Point-n-Click adventure with clay graphics and emphasis on extraordinary stories in the dark surreal world.
Imagine if “Kentucky Route Zero” put on Neverhood space suit, went out gathering herbs somewhere near Silent Hill, stumbled over a dark Limbo log and fell through the Salvador Dali paintings.

Protein motel is metaphor for consciousness who is a visitor in flesh and blood.
Let me further explore the dark corridors of the motel with you; go deeper into places where no visitors are allowed.
Where cacophonous machine of subconscious melts down the particles of reality into strange substance, sometimes reminiscent of a sparkling mirage.

  • Crazy handmade clay graphics;
  • The main story consists of many entangled little stories whose outcome depends on your decisions and actions;
  • It's not about hard puzzles or fast fingers, but exploration of stunning locations and really strange situations.
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freddyguys Apr 25 @ 1:23am 
Valkeala Software Apr 24 @ 10:13pm 
voted, looks nice
Shinyuden Apr 24 @ 5:53pm 
This is original and intriguing, upvoted
romenoex Apr 24 @ 2:49pm 
What to see such a game long time ago. Absolutely <3
N3M3SIS Apr 24 @ 12:26pm 
Interesting graphics. voted!
dreamssoftgames Apr 24 @ 12:05pm 
nice style. Voted!
skrimm8 Apr 24 @ 10:28am 
Amazing!! 10/10!!!! Upvoted!!!
ParanoidGames Apr 24 @ 10:02am 
Like the style, very nice) upvoted!
LunarCoreGames Apr 24 @ 8:25am 
Upvoted! Looks unique!
MrCiastku Apr 24 @ 8:18am