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Sweetest Monster
Genre: Casual
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 9 @ 2:48pm

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Robin Hawkins is down on his luck. His relationship with his wife, Sally, is stagnating, and his daughter, Melody, no longer speaks to him.
Stuck in an unsatisfying and draining job, Robin's life is one long, monotonous slog...
Until he meets the mysterious girl of his dreams in the middle of the night, Bell.
However, there is far more to Bell than meets the eye - and Robin's 'dreams' are fast in danger of becoming 'nightmares'.

Ebi-Hime is an accomplished author with over half a dozen completed visual novels, ranging from the lighthearted fun of "Strawberry Vinegar" to the bloody complexity of "The Way We ALL GO." Her penchant for dark stories mixed with cute art is shown once more in "Sweetest Monster," coming soon. This game is around 40,000 words and does not contain any branching. Viewer discretion is advised both for both sexual content as well as some horror content.

Writing/coding: Ebi-hime
Sprite/CG art: DarkSin
Background art: Ruderoo
Music: Mock Off
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XPsatellite Jan 17 @ 8:49am 
伊舞凌 Jan 17 @ 3:23am 
Eroyuki_hime Jan 16 @ 9:02am 
HazelHardcastle Jan 15 @ 7:04pm 
Ebi-hime is my favorite VN writer. I want this!
Grahl Jan 15 @ 12:09pm 
Very interesting style. Waiting for release on Steam)
呆毛_呆毛 Jan 14 @ 11:54pm 
anikaiful Jan 14 @ 1:58am 
Deviantly cute. +1 and then some!
Veskaida Jan 13 @ 5:32pm 
Love the art style on the characters, and the background pannels looks very slick! Thank you very much for submitting this to Greenlight, would love to see it on the store!
upir.petr Jan 13 @ 12:15pm 
kenshiro Jan 13 @ 12:04pm 
Ignore the haters, go ahead!