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Improved/Changed Nightingale Armor Enchantments
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Jul 18, 2012 @ 6:28pm
Jul 27, 2012 @ 6:59pm
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Improved/Changed Nightingale Armor Enchantments

--Compatible with Dawnguard--

Disappointed with the current Nightingale Armor enchantments? This changes them so they are better for assassin's. It includes some of the Dark Brotherhood armor enchantments along with getting rid of that pesky illusion enchantment!

Hood: 40% Increased Bow Damage
Cuirass: +40 Stamina, 50% Resistance to Magic
Gloves: Double 1h Backstab Damage, 25% Increase 1h Damage
Boots: Muffle, 35% Increased Sneak

Updated: Armor enchantments reworked

Note: This armor set is still recieved from the Thieves Guild quest line. Also, I will NOT be adding illusion enchants to this armor set.
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DeltaTwoZero Jun 27 @ 2:45am 
Illusion ---> assassins ---> thief guild armor.
Yep, that comment showed me how stupid some people can be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
N.O.M.A.D | Bladamare Pyro Jun 9 @ 3:24pm 
Illusion is to misdirect your enemies like a true assassain, also for muffle and invisibility, you dingus
Godfather of Illuminati Jun 6 @ 7:17am 
nerk the bow damage to a 30%, bring back the illusions buff, and replace some of the enchantments with buffer original once
The Illusion buff is for you to cast Invisibility, you dingus.
Marvento May 31 @ 6:30pm 
Do this for shrouded armor (ancient shrouded armour as well)
BlitzStriker May 21 @ 2:49pm 
Putin: I never found poison to be a problem in skyrim simply down to the fact so few enemys inflict it, and the enemys that do are easyly one shot by the time you have the armor.
BlitzStriker May 18 @ 4:20pm 
made the nightengale set better then the darkbrother hood set. well done.
4 ELEMENTS 🍗 May 5 @ 1:30pm 
ChazerX May 3 @ 4:48pm 
How bout changing that 40% stamina to 50% poinson resistance, thats what the dark brotherhood cuirass had on I believe.
SWEET:))) Apr 30 @ 6:26am