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Improved/Changed Nightingale Armor Enchantments
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Jul 18, 2012 @ 6:28pm
Jul 27, 2012 @ 6:59pm
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--Compatible with Dawnguard--

Disappointed with the current Nightingale Armor enchantments? This changes them so they are better for assassin's. It includes some of the Dark Brotherhood armor enchantments along with getting rid of that pesky illusion enchantment!

Hood: 40% Increased Bow Damage
Cuirass: +40 Stamina, 50% Resistance to Magic
Gloves: Double 1h Backstab Damage, 25% Increase 1h Damage
Boots: Muffle, 35% Increased Sneak

Updated: Armor enchantments reworked

Note: This armor set is still recieved from the Thieves Guild quest line. Also, I will NOT be adding illusion enchants to this armor set.
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Goldlöckchen 14 hours ago 
this is so awesome! Thank you.
philipfemango Jul 4 @ 5:47pm 
Love, love, love this! Thank you!
veta.romanenkova Jul 1 @ 10:35pm 
Awesome! Now I can have have the same stats (and more) as Anceint Shrouded Armour!!! :D
pierolivierdrolet Jul 1 @ 12:04pm 
where it is
Kayla Silverfox Jun 30 @ 12:32pm 
The Nightingale armor is one of my favourites and with this mod even more. Really good job, thanks a lot!
HextechReaper Jun 17 @ 2:29pm 
Awesome. Just awesome.
MobiusKnight May 17 @ 6:51pm 
Thanks to you, the stealth attacks with my dagger has a 30 times boost! XD
jnssealcoating May 6 @ 5:40pm 
I already had the armor at lvl 40-something, I think, and when I subbed this mod, it changed the stats. When I unsubbed, the armor went back to the original stats. I didn't have to start from the beginning or do anything over
ZalrokChaos May 4 @ 9:17am 
Can you add double or 50% archery damage? because I have a mod for the Db gloves that does it and the gloves give 50% to both, so if I sub this they won't conflict.
Or make another version of the mod for that enchantment setup.
jacktheninjadude Apr 17 @ 11:25pm 
Does the armour change for a character that has already unlocked the armour?