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Royal Blacksmith

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Some more info about gameplay - what similar games you might know?
Release date: 2017

Royal Blacksmith is a story driven multiplayer(guild based) shop-sim game. It sounds kinda too mixed and too complex for one-indie-man to handle but I've been doing this for many years. Mixing genres is one of my skills.
You will start as a John Doe who just became adult enought to be kicked out of orphans' home. You were found abandoned at an old house next to the crossroad - it was the only thing that was inherited by you. Your jorney will start from that point. Choose your race, starting skills, gender as an introduction to the game. Then you will get your first customers who's looking for new swords and bows.
Global goal is to survive, gain all the money and fame that you can reach for. Or just drag whole kingdom to hell.

- Plot with different endings
- Large kingdom map to explore, develop and (at some point) rule(that is kinda spoiler)
- Converting final game goal to your endless advantage(quest line to empower your hero and your property)
- Guild based multiplayer - each player can set up own kingdom and invite others to join and develop it together
- Tons of crafting, items, improvements, buffs, runes, potions, spells, etc
- Crafters that your can hire to help you out - they can teach, study, build, repair, buff, carve, charm
- Your favorite customers can be sent to the quests - equip them for success
- Interactive quests as mini-battles - discovery and boss battles(similar to Royal Heroes)
- 100% steam integration - all communication with other players and forming guilds via steam services
- No 3rd party stuff
- Pixel art - some of it will be donated to public use on demand

The game's plot tell us the story about an unknown Orphan. In course of time a player will discover the story of his past. There are few endings - good, evil and diablic.

Crafting is a core mechanic - hundred of items to discover. Mostly - for selling, sometimes for upgrading your favorite customers before sending them to their next quest.
Just crafting is not enought. So some hirelings will be able to buff items in different ways - adding runes, enchanting with special powers, carving protection symbols ,even just grinding can improve quality.
In order to craft complex stuff you need a skilled crafter. So in this game the crafters can teach one another. Blacksmith can teach his skill to Enchanter so then he will be able to craft magic hammers. Every action in the game corresponds with certain skill. Skills are not picked but increased when used, and can be taught by someone more expirienced.

There is a multi-verse - every player can play in his own or someone's else kingdom. At some point the player will become the ruler of kingdom or obey. The players will be able to switch kingdom - transfering most of upgrades with them. So the most powerfull kingdom is the one that got most powerfull players.
Government options depends on plot choices. Evil governors have some cruel edicts to enlist while Good governors have more positive ones.
I'd like to mention - the whole game will be based within steam. Game will work till steam is up - no matter how many players are online - a lot or just one - game will work regardless and designed to be fun as a solo or coop expirience. There is no 3rd party stuff or extra registrations.

+ Prototype is ready, playable
+ Items - 300+ already in game
+ Units - 100+- (crafters, customers, vilians, bosses)
+ Crafters Customizaion
+ 21 skills to master
+ Stations for crafting
+ Interior stuff: wardrobes, stands, flowers, pictures and carpets

- GUI will be changed and updated
- Story is not developed or coded yet
- Multiplayer is not added yet(implementing steamAPI requires greenlight)
- Roadmap for a year after released - game will be updated, fixed, improved based on your comments

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Elite Games Ltd  [author] Feb 18 @ 7:38am 
Here is a key for Royal Heroes. It is a good solid game with some intresting features:
I guess you will love to find similarities in other games as well.
I can bet that I can name more games then you, where are same features =)
And even more features that are not. (but who is counting?)

PS I wonder who will read this long comment till the end =)
Elite Games Ltd  [author] Feb 18 @ 7:37am 
PS about stealing code =) You can not even offend me correctly! That two games are server-based - you have to be online to play them. In order to 'steal' code - it is not like to steal client for that game.
At the end of the day - my source code is kinda shareable - I can even sent it to you =)))) I dont care. With you level of expertise you will fail to use it anyway.

Instead, since you didnt liked that two - I invite you to check out Royal Blacksmith. I bet you will have different expirience, and I hope it will be positive this time. If not - I`m open to suggestion and improvments: (feature to order item directly for hero, instead of forcing player to buy $ it).
Elite Games Ltd  [author] Feb 18 @ 7:37am 
What you will find in Royal Blacksmith, and you will not in S&P and in ShopHeroes - is a 'end game', story mode, reset(warping), skill distrebution, new skills for improving items and managing your old shops(and much more ofc). In Royal Blacksmith - player will manage not just a single shop, but a fantasy shop network along kingdom.

And other important thing - S&P and ShopHeroes - is a pay2win kind of games. With a some pay-wall at some points of game. While Royal Blacksmith - is a steam game - even with a small price - it will provide a much more hours of gameplay.

And should I add that Royal Blacksmith will be playable offline?
Elite Games Ltd  [author] Feb 18 @ 7:37am 
Allods - I love that game for a own rpg rules - instead of distrebuting points manualy - your heroes improving skills that they are using. So in my game - if a crafter is doing blacksmith kind of work - he is getting better at that. If he is managing a store at same time - that improves his managment skill too.

Swords and Potions - I liked first one better. Sending own troops to quests - start is like in S&P2 - but then it is a my own feature from Royal Heroes(my other game) - at boss and first discovery battles - there will be similar battles. ( you can find similar battles in games like MIniwarriors, for example).
So you will find a familiar mechanic - that is a plus for me. Less tutorial for you!
Elite Games Ltd  [author] Feb 18 @ 7:36am 
I would love to tell you more!
First of all - lets add a few more older games to the list - Dinner Dash(2004) and Allods2(1999):

To show off that there are much more games that I played and used many gameplay features from them as well. Those 4 is not a full list - I can add a bunch more, but in those 4 games you can find many features that are as well in Royal Blacksmith.

So, Dinner Dash! classic casual game - clients go in your shop and you click them to serve stuff that they requesting. Sounds familiar? I, like other fellows - transfered that concept to fantasy world.
PurposelyDrifting Feb 17 @ 1:02pm 
You ripped off these games and you know it. You've been called on it. And the more I read your description, even it proves you did. Since it implements virtually ever feature for feature of the Sword and Potions/Shop Heroes games. Shameful at best.
PurposelyDrifting Feb 17 @ 1:00pm 
Stealing code is not possible now? That is laughable at best. I did show the line of games your game clones. And showing your kong page with your existing clone/shovelware is not a good example of your tired unoriginality. Not to mention what looks like proof of some of your own asset flipping. This is clearly what gets a label of clone shovelware.

Here's some gameplay videos, then tell me how different your game is. [Shop Heroes] [Swords and Potions 2] [Swords and Potions 1]

Elite Games Ltd  [author] Feb 17 @ 9:22am 
Stealing code it not possible nowa days. I coded Royal Blacksmith in a different language then that two.
And to be a clone - you have to name one game for that. If you can name two(but look closed - you can find 10-20 games in this one) - that is a another game.

Good for you that you did played other games. I did that too. If you didnt like any of them - then maybe this one will be better for you.
And I do know how to use kongregate -
PurposelyDrifting Feb 17 @ 6:09am 
this is a direct clone of this game.

which was done as a reskin update to make that piece of a crap a facebook game
which was done from the old Swords and Potions games

Which there were two of. Given how easy it is to steal code form both flash and unity, I'm guessing that's all these devs did. And added a bit of reskinning possibility with some customisation. This is shameful. Why.... I can't look at this game and not be reminded of what crap games those were.
Stanford Feb 17 @ 6:02am 
really stange game