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Ridgeview House
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Jul 7, 2012 @ 4:43pm
Feb 19 @ 6:13pm
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This beautiful mountain top home overlooks a vast expanse of Eastern Skyrim. Enjoy a scenic view of the adventurous land below you. Watch the sun rise and set over Skyrim.

+ [ MAP: http://bit.ly/RidgeviewMap ] +

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---------------------- Also available on Skyrim Nexus: http://bit.ly/Ridgeview ----------------------

» If you see grass floating, please go here for a fix: http://bit.ly/RidgeviewFix
» If you see a floating ore vein, please right click on your game in your "Library" tab, click on "Properties" and under "Local files" verify your game cache.

[REV. 2.1] (Current) Simplified and revamped interior lighting. Any lighting issues should be resolved. Check change notes for more info.
[REV. 2] Added misc. interior decorations, added hidden safe, fixed campfire lighting, removed and sealed room mistakenly revealed in Rev. 1.
[BETA1 - REV. 1] Not on Steam workshop.
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Titan Eren Sep 4 @ 12:16pm 
This house is just amazing.
Hord Aug 30 @ 3:02pm 
I really like this house, simple, and small, nice senic location also. Very well done job, but i ask for just one addition, and that is a smelter outside for smithing, then it would be complete.. Again very nice work.
mparsons666 [[Matt]] Aug 29 @ 1:51pm 
Anyone else find a fort of somesorts next to the house? For some reason it is inhabitied by guards...
Konke Aug 26 @ 12:49pm 
Hi! The first time I saw this lodge I was amazed of the beautiful location you've found, and how well crafted the home is. Not too big, just right. I found a letter inside the house that encouraged me to write to you. The lodge looks great from the outside, but inside it feels like vanilla Skyrim's interior. I use the realistic lighting overhaul and indoor locations are now much darker and get their lighting from, well, light sources. It looks more realistic to me. However it doesn't seem compatible with you lodge. Do you know why? Can this be fixed? Cheers!
Devarthus Aug 25 @ 8:10am 
Absolutely love it. Blew my mind to discover the safe by accident. Top notch job.
MoltenIceBeatle Aug 11 @ 11:41am 
it would be nice if you could add on a childrens room to the house
Vagineer1 Aug 8 @ 6:04am 
Would it be possible to add a note inside the house explaining why you own it? Maybe the previous owner dissapeared. Maybe the house has been abandoned for a long time and has fallen into a state of disrepair. Maybe (Like some of TES IV: Oblivion's DLCs) you recieve a note from a deceased relative which puts the house into your posession.
kwatee Aug 7 @ 12:54pm 
Excellent Mod. Very well done house, not your usual cookie cutter lore friendly house and it's in a beautiful location. I can see I'll be "moving" a lot of my stuff from my other homes in Skyrim. Really appreciate your efforts Sam.
aikoara Aug 7 @ 12:47pm 
I enjoy this mod, but some some reason it seems to make my game crash in random occations, a frequent one being whenever I toggle between equipping my bow or my swords. Sadly, it seems this has made it impossible for me to use the mod.
FyreHD Aug 7 @ 10:25am 
Smelter would be nice :D