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Jul 5, 2012 @ 12:09pm
Jul 27, 2012 @ 3:14pm
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Welcome to the Bank of Skyrim. Here you may invest in the local economy, take out a loan, or turn your gold coins into bank notes.

You may make investments at three different risk levels, choosing a different time period and investment level for each. You will make a variable amount of interest each day, dependin on risk level. The investments are like real-world CDs where you are subjected to a penalty for early withdrawl. Also, your investments will give merchants across Skyrim access to more working capital (a.k.a. more gold on hand). The more you invest, the more gold they will have on hand.

You may take out a 30 day loan. The size loan available is based on your character level. If you happen to default on the loan your investments will be seized in an attempt to pay back the loan.

Bankers in the major holds (Whiterun, Solitude, Riften, and Windhelm) spend their days at a table in their respective hold's palace. The smaller hold bankers hang out in the Jarl's longhouse. During the evening these bankers hang out at the local inn. The Markarth Banker spends all her time at the Treasury House.

Bankers in the major holds have a book at their table that goes into more detail on each of these features.

--Upgrading From Old Versions--
This mod is a complete redo of my previous banking mod. If you have that mod, before switching over to this one, make sure to cash any notes or investments. The code structure is completely different and the two are NOT compatible. Also, don't run both at the same time: funky stuff will happen.

--Future Additions--
Eventually there will be a feature that reports you as a criminal for not repaying your loan on time. You will have a certain grace period if you default, but after that time your bounty will be increased in the various holds equal to however much you owed the bank.

--Known Issues--
Some users have reported a bug where they start a new game with this mod enabled. For some reason they aren't situated on the cart properly and the starting sequence doesn't initiate. I have tried to replicate this problem myself many times with no luck. I also have no idea why this would happen: this mod doesn't touch carts, any existing quests or actors, or any of the Helgen cells. But, just be safe, you should probably disable this mod temporarily whenever you start a new game.

Q: The banker is no where to be found. What gives?
A: The bankers hold specific hours. They are their desk in the palaces (or hanging out in the Jarl's longhouse for the smaller holds) from approximately 8am-7pm. The rest of the time they are at the local inn. If you cannot find them at either location you may have to "wait" in order for them to show up.

Q: What is the interest rate of the loan?
A: It is 4%, compounded daily. Increases to 6% if you default.

Q: What is the interest rate of the different investments?
A: That's not any easy answer. They are all compounded daily, but the exact percentage fluctuates every day. The range of values are determined by the length of the investment and the risk level. For charts detailing these values, check out the "Banking Fine Print" book that the major bankers keep at their tables.

Q: What's the point of the promissory notes?
A: There are some immersion mods that add weight to gold. The notes feature is designed to allow your player to carry their money around in a lightweight form. If you don't have any mods that alter gold weight you can safely ignore this feature.

Q: I'm feeling sneaky. Can I rob the bank?
A: There is no central banking location for you to break into, but that's not to say there is nothing at all for you to pilfer...

Q: How do I know how much time is left on my investment or when my loan is due?
A: You can check under your miscellaneous quest objectives; there will be an entry for each investment and/or loan that tells you how many days are left. You can also talk to a banker to get a more detailed status with time remaining , current balance, and recent intererest rates.

Q: I go to invest but when it asks for an amount all I see is "cancel". What's wrong?
A: You don't have enough money on you. You need at least 5k gold (actual gold, not notes) to make an investment.

Q: I want to collect my investment. How do I do this?
A: Investments all use the same screen, whether you are starting one, checking the status of an ongoing one, or collecting a completed one. You just need to select whichever investment level you are interested in and you will be taken to the relevent start/status/collect page.

Q: Is the investment bonus to merchant gold compatible with merchant mods?
A: It depends. There are a few different things you can alter with relation to merchants, so some mods will conflict, some won't. The ones that have been asked about so far are:
Dynamic Merchants - Does not conflict
Wealthy Merchants - Amount of gold on hand will conflict
Leveling Merchant's Wallets - Amount of gold on hand will conflict, inventory refresh rate will not

Q: Can I get this off the nexus instead of the workshop?
A: You can if you'd like. http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/17985

--Change Log--
v2.0 Initial Posting
v2.1 Added strongboxes to banker tables
-Clarified investment minimum

--Other Notes--
This is by FAR the most complex mod I have ever done. Between the various features there is well over 1000 lines of code. I've tried testing it myself in as many different conditions as I could think of, but given the shear amount of code I'm pretty sure there will be bugs. If you run across something that's not working properly, please detail the problem in the comments and I'll fix it ASAP.

Make sure you read the entire description before asking a questions. Any questions that are already answered in the description will be deleted.

Finally: If you like it (or even if you don't), please leave a rating.
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bob the llama Apr 11 @ 12:31pm 
i cant find the one in whiterun
niamhandrew Apr 5 @ 8:10am 
Solaire of astora, there is the Blades quest where you have to travel by cart to the Thalmor Embassy to see who is behind the dragon attakcs
shadrac1701 Apr 1 @ 8:36pm 
It appears that this mod conflcts with Adura's Marketplace Mod. It causes a CTD when they are loaded together. If you load each one separately, no CTD. Thanks for this mod.
Fuzzy Galapagos Mar 10 @ 1:01am 
Hey so I guess this explains why I get on the cart to go to different cities and nothing happens. That's a pain in the butt, but no big deal, assuming it's just the city-travelling carts.
Are there any quests that require cart rides to complete?
I've already invested about 20 hours into my non-cart-riding-kitty-character, and I want to make sure I will still be able to do most quests, especially guild related and main story related.
JBSchroeds  [author] Feb 28 @ 2:13pm 
I'm quite not sure what you're asking, but the answer is probably no. You could take out a loan and use that money to pay off a bounty, but there is no actual direct interaction between this mod and the crime system.
Sgt.Goldenface Feb 28 @ 1:06pm 
can I pay my bounty off with this
fatspr1nkle Feb 12 @ 8:22pm 
I dont think your working on this mod anymore, but a thought about when you default is to make the thieves guild come after you if ur not apart of them, or if you are then make it hired thugs
Sam Fissure Feb 8 @ 11:43am 
An idea for reporting loan default, you don't have to use the guards. I think you would have to alter them in all 9 holds to make it work. That could be hard.

There is another punishment mechanisim in the game that works anywhere you are.

If you kill Anise the witch in the isolated shack southwest of Riverwood (She attacks you) powerful thugs will come to kill you. They come for you in any hold, it's global.

When they are dead they have a letter that calls you a thief on them, you would need make a new letter, but it's a good template.

So if you use the thughs and the system that alerts the thug event you sidestep altering 9 different factions. You may have to create a duplicate group of Thugs for your purpose, and make them just keep coming after the player but it would be some copying, then editing

Sadly you make the bank look a bit like Mafia Loan Sharks, which could be cool.

If I had your permission and could do coding
I would copy and make the changes, crediting you.
Sam Fissure Feb 8 @ 11:20am 
FYI. JBSchroeds, I didn't merely favorite this mod, it's in my Mod showcase, which only allows you to showcase one mod from all of Steam.

I really like this mod, The only additon I really want to see is If you could add some rediculously long-term or high value investments (like 100,000 k starting over 12 months) or create an option that lets you start up multiple investments of any type (It would be nice to tie up all of my money at once)
e.izaak Jan 28 @ 1:09pm 
holy crap your here :) hope not lost