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Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim
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Feb 7, 2012 @ 5:53pm
Apr 27, 2015 @ 6:07am
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Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim

The return of the Original Spell Mod for Oblivion and Skyrim. Midas Magic adds 80 new and unique spells with custom graphics and effects. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks and as summonable player house. And much more.

Content Announcement
This mod is updated with ALL the content made available in the Midas Magic - Gold Edition. Valve has announced they are removing the for pay feature of the Workshop and refunding everyone's money. There is a possibility that Valve and Bethesda will still compensate the Modders that participated in this program. If they do, I pledge to donate my portion of the revenue between the American Cancer Society and my local church. Please Enjoy the mod.


The Objective of Midas Magic is to:

- Extend the Magic system of Skyrim without disturbing the current spell systems
- Maintain the balance of the combat system (WIP)
- Add a completely different way to obtain these spells from the normal system
- Add exciting quests and new worlds that make obtaining these spells fun (WIP)

Several reactors are spread around Skyrim. These are used to combine ingredients to create the Midas Magic Spells.

Reactor Locations:
The Riverwood Trader
The Midden in the College of Winderhold
Hillgrund's Tomb
Inside the DiStar transport

Installation Instructions
Just Subscribe and Check MidasSkyrim.esp in your Data Files at Game Startup.

New Spells
Midas Sun Spark
Midas Magical Missile
Midas Glaive
Midas Force Ball
Midas Bone Grasp
Midas Tornado
Midas Nuclear Blast
Midas Dawnbreak
Midas Stasis Field
Midas Stone Wall
Midas Fire Scythe
Midas Ice Scythe
Midas Engorge Beam
Midas Shrink Beam
Midas Summon Carpet
Midas Comet
Midas Comet Storm
Midas Holy Judgement
Midas Blade Furry
Midas Call Lightning

The Original Spells

Midas Cure Disease
Midas Conjure Pickaxe
Midas Heat Beam
Midas Bug Swarm
Midas Intense Flames
Midas Steam Spray
Midas Force Push (OP)
Midas Frost Beam
Midas Polymorph Hare
Midas Summon Luggage
Midas Paralysis Rune (OP)
Midas Meteor
Midas Meteor Storm
Midas Healing Beam
Midas Summon Swarm
Midas Nighteye
Midas Entangle
Midas Elemental Bolt
Midas Conjure Dragonling (Animation is Buggy)
Midas Bound Dagger
Midas Absorb Health
Midas Avalanche
Midas Transmute Lockpick
Midas Conjure Wispmother
Midas Infernal Blast
Midas Soul Syphon
Midas Poison Spray
Midas Summon Shade Warrior
Midas Summon Shade Archer
Midas Summon Shade Lich
Midas Force Pull
Midas Gravity Well
Midas Greater Heat Beam
Midas Greater Frost Beam
Midas Greater Holy Ray
Midas Mass Reanimate
Midas Resurrect
Midas Open Lock (5 levels)
Midas Haste
Midas Feather
Midas Imagine Sabercat
Midas Blaze of Magnus (For all those KameHameha requesters)
Midas Poison Cloak
Midas Spider Horde
Midas Force Burst
Midas Shapeshift Wolf (Cannot attack while in wolf form)
Midas Conjure Spriggan
Midas Summon Starid (Summonable Player House)
Midas Shapeshift Giant (Attacks with 2-handed weapons)
Midas Eldritch Chain
Midas Eldritch Spray
Midas Magma Ball
Midas Force Blast
Midas Force Cloak
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< >
Condorrail Aug 28 @ 8:41am 
whats the name of the song at 1:05 on the second video?
Ace Of Spades Aug 27 @ 1:05pm 
What is DiStar?
melanie.moomoo Aug 18 @ 1:19pm 
have a massive problem even before this mod and i desperatly need your help if you can when i use freeze time instead of slowing down its speeds up realy fast and causes lags if somone can help it would be awsome
๖ۣۜIronikkNoms๖ۣۜ Aug 12 @ 2:47pm 
Omg. When I used this before, everytime I crafted a spell, used a spell, or anything like that. It would spawn a dragon... its also completely unremovable/unsubscribeable, it corrupted my last game, couldnt ever recover it. o.o
McTitan Jul 31 @ 3:56pm 
For those of you who are confused. The adept, novice, and necromancy books are in the DiStar on a table IN FRONT of the crafting thing, not actually in it.

I made the summon shade books and they both summon the warrior, havent made the litch yet, but its possible that it will do the same... any way to fix?
archidiable2 Jul 31 @ 6:37am 
there is also a reactor in the dwemer strorageroom near Mzulft
G3m1n1 Jul 30 @ 9:56am 
To get all spell books without crafting them, for test purposes only obviously:
=Nimity Jul 29 @ 6:47am 
Do the poison destruction spells get boosts from one of the augmented perks?
SynnLotus Jul 17 @ 1:44am 
This mod is great, love all the spells. Really wish someone would make a mod for world Triggers swords and bullet triggers (Like Viper and Hound, and stuff.) I don't have the experience to make it myself ;-;
Εl Siggy Jul 14 @ 11:48pm 
it's easy...?