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The Paarthurnax Dilemma
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Jun 8, 2012 @ 11:41pm
Sep 22, 2015 @ 3:46pm
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The Paarthurnax Dilemma

Disappointed with how ruthless and unforgiving the Blades were at the end of the main quest? Felt like you should have been able to put your foot down and make them see reason? Well now you can!

This mod is a simple, yet badly needed modification to the post-MQ quest the Blades give you to kill Paarthurnax.

Approach the quest as usual. Listen to the Greybeards and Paarthurnax.

Should you decide to spare his life, return to Delphine or Esbern and explain it to them. You may have to be a bit forceful in the process. They may not like what you're telling them, but they're supposed to be there to serve the Dragonborn, right?

Should you choose to go through with slaying him, he will not be alone. Paarthurnax told you he was going to try and teach others the Way of the Voice, and he'll have his first group of students listening intently. Or, well, whatever dragons do when they're perched on rocks looking at each other.

Are you a ruthless savage like your Blade companions, or will you show compassion and forgiveness the Blades don't appear to be capable of anymore? Make your choice, Dragonborn!

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Installation Requirements

Official Skyrim patch or greater.

Known Issues

None, thank Talos.


Mods which alter the following quests will not be compatible without a patch:

MQPaarthurnax - Paarthurnax
FreeformHighHrothgarA - The Words of Power
MQ301 - The Fallen

Mods which edit the following scripts will not be compatible unless patched:



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novaair11 Aug 24 @ 3:02pm 
i still haven't completed the main quest cause i didn't wanna kill paarthurnax XD
Chronic_Turtles Aug 24 @ 10:37am 
Can we Kill Blades ?
Kronos Aug 19 @ 12:07am 
Paathurnax is an amazing character and I hated killing him so much Iv only finished the MQ once out of my 9+ characters. Thank you so much man, thank you.
WyimaginowanY Aug 13 @ 12:59am 
So glad someone made this mod. I love Paarthurnax and dont want kill him, Thank you so much!
Bruno Jul 27 @ 5:37am 

Turn the subtitles on.
Sethkasketch Jul 26 @ 8:42am 
Are the Blades supposed to be completely silent when I tell them I'm not killing Paarthurnax? They don't seem to respond to what I'm saying.
Dart Wing Jul 21 @ 1:22am 
Thank you. You are like the cool older brother I never had. The one who would have tricked me into doing something stupid on my first playthrough, The one who would eventually help and take tips from me. Only this time, you returned the favor.
Mah Boi Jun 22 @ 6:39pm 
@ark play without armor
Ark Jun 11 @ 11:12am 
I play in legendary and I am one shotting dragons left and right. No mods that increase my power or anything. I think this games gets to be way to easy once you reach level 90.
Bill Suckington Jun 10 @ 4:27pm 
i never wanted to kill paarthurax i am really glad some one thought the same :-)