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After Cataclysm Core
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After Cataclysm Core


Firstly I'll ask you - what brought you to From the Depths? Was it the sci-fi spaceships, or was it the massively detailed steel battleships of the World War era?

If it's the latter you've come to the right place. AFTER CATACLYSM is designed to accentuate your knowledge of realistic ship-building and combat simulation with just the right mix of historically themed weapons and realistic nautical decor to give your replicas and fictional warships enough authenticity to pass an Admiralty review.

Various FTD concepts come and go, but anchored in history are key naval technologies that have spearheaded the art and science of warfare since their conception a hundred years ago.

AFTER CATACLYSM allows you to learn the tools of the trade that allowed the battlewagons of history to be the best of their game. From stadiametric rangefinders to quad 40mm AA mounts, discover the hidden gems of history in detailed weapon models, period-authentic nautical terminology and yes, glorious hints of realism as far as the eye can see.

Realism-oriented builders in our community are often forced to create non-functioning aesthetic substitutes for features that would be crucial on a real sea-going vessel.

Marvel at the synchronized operation of our dedicated rudder system - physics enabled to generate turning force from spinblock motion, and fire spreads of deadly torpedoes with manual gyro angle offsets. If you've looked at a Torpedo Data Computer, you'll know what this means!

Even rebalanced with APS-derived ballistics performance, FTD's stock simple weapons deserves a chance to shine. With AFTER CATACLYSM's custom simple weapon scripting package, hundreds of historical deck-mounted ordnance can be simulated.

From Age of Sail carronades to water-cooled heavy machine guns, point defence may as well be an entire science in itself as you peruse our seasonal catalog of crew served weapons spanning multiple eras of naval warfare.

Having a ship look right, feel right, has been the undying motivation for every From the Depths shipbuilder since the beginning of time. AFTER CATACLYSM reduces, or even eliminates the need to substitute and jury rig decorative items for your personal ship.

Portholes, rudders, observation telescopes, cylindrical masts, bulwarks, railings and lifelines - even World War specification weapon systems allow you to create majestic and functional works of art that wouldn't look out of place in reality.

Advanced scripting capability, an efficient modelling pipeline, impeccable historical research and dedicated administrative and testing staff allowed AFTER CATACLYSM to be more than just a mod - it has its own community, its own following for tournaments and collaborative mod development.

There will be a lot more in store for AFTER CATACLYSM in the coming months and years. Be sure to check for updates on the FTD forums, where our PR team provides support, organizes tournaments, and ensures your questions will not go unanswered.

Change Log;

-Fixed Wireless receiver railings not outputting connections up.
-Fixed metal bulkwark slope mirroring to alloy version.
-Fixed Duplicated Nordenfelt and Quad 40mm guns.

-Added new weapons
-Incorporated Moonruner's AMCC mod.

-Internal unreleased update

-Adds WIP propeller
-Replaced Dual 20mm guns with Single .50 Vickers, and replaced Dual 37mm with Dual .50 Vickers
-Added a tower version of the Hyper Vulcan. This version retains the old rotation speed, and will fire continuously.
-Nerfed the old version of the Hyper Vulcan. This version, while still spam-able, has a reduced rotation speed and an internal magazine.
-Added mirrors for the triangular deck plates
-Re-added the 4" deck gun, with a 'finished' model.
-Added Blocks in 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m with a ladder incorporated into it.

1.1.4 (The Halloween Mini Update!)
-Adds truss block
-Adds sloped Deck plating
-Quality of life re balances across all guns, including proper drag and weights.
-New 3.7" HAA gun. A high velocity, High explosive timed shell with a high angle mount, limited to firing between +3 and +90 degrees.
-Further small nerfs to the Portable Vulcan, including a small loss in rate of fire (4,800 rounds per minute to 3430 rounds per minute).
-Spooky Reliquary Block!
-Explosive Shark Cages!
-Witches Cauldron
-Cobweb Armour
-Skeletal Decoration parts
-Ghost Crew

-Fixes for the steam update of FtD
-Increased 40mm and quad 40mm guns reload from 0.5 seconds to 0.8 seconds, while also removing the magazine for continuous fire.
-Fixed metal plating not having a resource cost.
-Added sloped-back wedges for the bows of your ship.
-Added single and dual mount 20mm Oerlikon.
-Temporarily hides torpedoes from inventory, while we fix issues.

-Torpedoes still broken, completely removed for now, may help fix some broken ships.
-M2 browning added
-All simple weapon ammo usage changed to 0 temporarily.


-Torpedoes Re-added.
-Weapons now have a slightly different colour tracer dependent on their caliber.
-Weapon rebalances
-4" gun
-Reload time reduced to 4.75 seconds, from 6 seconds.
-Shell velocity increased by 65m/s, from 335m/s to 400m/s.
-18pdr Cannon
-AP increased from 4, to 7
-32pdr Cannon
-AP increased from 4, to 7
-64pdr Cannon
-AP increased from 4, to 7


-New Model for 47mm Deck gun.
-25mm AA guns in Single, Dual, Triple, and Turreted versions.
-88mm gun, AA and AT versions.
-.50 M2 Browning, Dorsal, Ventral and Rear turreted versions.
-4" gun (shielded)
-Reduced Hitbox for 4" gun (Unshielded) to 2x3x2, extending backwards, making the gun easier to place against hulls and barbettes.

-Small fixes to costs and weights f simple weapons
-Added stand-in texture for 88mm guns
-Added chain decorative pieces.

-Prep for AC 2.0
-Animated Muzzle Flashes.
-Fixed CIWS controller sliders being frozen.
-Torpedo fix, now much more accurate.
-Added 2-part door. Not very pretty, not very functional, will be replaced in 2.0.
-140mm Casemated Gun and stands.

This file doesn't include the railings part of the mod. The railings are uploaded to the steam workshop seperately.
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