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Upgrade Leveled Items
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May 22, 2012 @ 12:08pm
May 24, 2012 @ 11:47am
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Ever been disapointed that the Chillrend you picked up at level 20 would never reach its full potential? Well now it can! You can upgrade leveled items to their next stage if you are high enough level and have the Arcane Smithing perk. The items can be upgraded by visiting any forge. The upgrade requires you to have the item to be upgraded, the material normally used for tempering the item, and a filled soul gem (size varies based on item power level). The following is a list of all leveled items in the base game:

Chillrend (also requires the Glass Smithing perk)
Gauldar Blackblade and Blackbow
Nightingale Blade, Bow, and Armor (the weapons also require the Ebony Smithing perk)
Pale Blade
Shield of Solitude
Mage's Circlet
Amulet of Articulation
Lunar Weapons

Also added were the missing tempering recipes for the Shield of Solitude and the most powerful version of the Nightingale Blade. The awarding of the Amulet of Articulation is also no longer random: it is based on level like it should have been all along.

This mod should not have any compatibility problems. All the recipes it adds are new.

Dawnguard does not add any leveled items. Dragonborn only adds three leveled items (Miraak's Sword, Mask, and Staff), which will be covered in a stand-alone mod sometime in the future.

--Change Log--
v1.0 Initial Posting
v1.1 Added Amulet of Articulation
v1.2 Fixed Amulet of Articulation awarding
v1.3 Added Lunar Weapons

--Other Notes--
Upgrading a weapon/armor piece will remove any tempering the item may have had. This is because the old item is actually being replaced by the higher level item. This replacement also means this change is persistant and will stay even if you were to remove this mod.

The mod already has all the leveled items in the base game (the Dragonborn leveled items will be added to their own standalone mod sometime in the furture). If you think it is missing one, you are wrong and are thinking of a unique (but non-leveled) item. Daedric artifacts are NOT leveled items. Please see the UESP wiki page[www.uesp.net] for more information.

Recipes only appear at the forge if you have the item in your inventory and are high enough level to upgrade it. So if you can't find the upgrade recipe it probably isn't a bug, you either aren't high enough level for the next upgrade or you already have the best version of that item. Please check the UESP wiki page[www.uesp.net] to look at the different levels and enchantments for each tier before reporting an issue in the comments.

If you like it, please rate. Less than 5% of the current subscribers have left a rating.

And finally: please read the entire description before asking a question! Any question that can be answered by simply reading the description will be deleted!
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Jamez Mar 24 @ 12:20am 
It's a good mod, so good that it actually starts to break the game for me. Playing with Legendary difficulty, dual wielding an upgraded Chillrend and a Stahlrim sword and killing dragonpriests before they can do me 10% damage
JBSchroeds  [author] Mar 10 @ 6:42pm 
They are console commands, so you just hit the tilde key (~) and type them in. The first one deletes the lower level item from your inventory and the second adds the higher level item.
T045Tie Mar 10 @ 5:15pm 
Im assuming I just type these commands into SKSE? Thanks so much for the speedy reply and great mod design too. Brillant idea that has allowed me to continue my "Nightingale fantasy" = )
JBSchroeds  [author] Mar 10 @ 1:05pm 
Sorry you seem to be having an issue. The commands are the same as the other post, you just need to find the correct Object ID numbers (they can be found on the wiki). If you have the 19-31 cuirass and want to upgrade to the 32+ cuirass the commands are:
player.removeitem 000fcc0e 1
player.additem 000fcc0f 1
T045Tie Mar 9 @ 9:51pm 
Similar to an issue posted by "Mastace" from Sept. 2013, I am having an issue with upgrading my Nightingale armor. The recipe requires Void Salts (which I have 8 of in my inventory) but this reagant is grey'd out when I use the forge to create. All I really wanted was to upgrade the chest piece to max (I believe level 32+). Do you happen to know the force command for this item? (similar to the solution you presented for Mastace with his Chillrend and soul gem bug a few years back)
toastedsandvich Mar 5 @ 12:34am 
thanks you so much this mod is awsome you don't need to wait if you want cool leveled stuff and it mean you can keep using the leveled gear thank you (hehe i have emotes)
Liu C Dec 29, 2014 @ 9:13pm 
Thank youuuuuu. I've wanted this since I started playing the game. I'll check it out.
Destero Dec 26, 2014 @ 2:03am 
Lorefriendly and immersive way to make this option come to the game. Thx!
jpmoneida Nov 2, 2014 @ 1:21pm 
I agree with Storm[HUN]
ɧȝʅɿԾՏɧȝԹԵɧ Oct 9, 2014 @ 11:26am 
Gr8 mod !!!