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May 17, 2012 @ 11:14am
Aug 22, 2012 @ 12:26am
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Want a more immersive Skyrim experience? Enjoy the wonderful Skyrim scenery while riding in the back of a carriage (just like in the introduction!) ScenicCarriages transforms the non-moving Skyrim carriages to a fully functional carriage network! Carriages are available in all the nine hold capitals, with destination and fees based on location and distance. Ask any driver for the "Guide to ScenicCarriages" for an in-game list of routes and maps. While riding, you have the option to get out along the way (and kill off that dragon that's been circling overhead) before continuing to your destination, or you ask the driver to "Wake you up when you arrive."

For the less hardcore player, there's Expanded Vanilla travel offering pickup locations outside all the nine hold capitals with destinations to most towns & villages in Skyrim!

• Two Travel Modes - choose in-game between Scenic Travel or Expanded Vanilla (Default)
• Scenic Travel - ride in the back of the carriage with option to get out along the way (or sleep)
• Expanded Vanilla - expands the original carriage system with drop-off service to most towns/villages (see list below)
• Expanded carriage locations - added carriage pick-up service to all the hold capitals
• Travel Encumbered - now you can travel the carriage system even while encumbered
• Scenic Travel carriage fees and routes are based on location and distance
• Switch travel modes in-game, anytime (while not riding!)
• Up to three followers can ride with you in the carriage!


Big Thanks!

I want to give a big thanks to KiTarn & kkunderwood for their very generous donations! I'm now downloading Dawnguard! Thanks guys, otherwise it wasn't going to happen. (I was a bit hesitant to publicly say anything about donations but after seeing other mods recognizing people I really wanted to give credit.)

Note: Due to Steam Errors this version did NOT upload. Even though Steam shows an update on August 22, furryoldguyjeans has confirmed it is not the 1.2 release. (See Notice below.)

New Version 1.2 "Back in the Drivers Seat"

Work-around for the Bethesda Dialog Bug
Compiled under CK 1.6.89 with udpated navmeshes
Added Shutdown Option to the Config Menu

* Includes missed scripts for Dragon Bridge, Shor's Stone, Old Hroldan & Stone Hills
* Changed determination for followers - hopefully will get Dawnguard Followers now

Thanks to the following people for their time and feedback while beta testing:


If you are having any problems when talking to the carriage driver - either before or while travelling, you are likely experiencing the following bug:
Bethesda's latest patch ( has broken the dialog in MANY mods. Read more about it in this thread:
Dialogue no longer works:

If you want the latest version of ScenicCarriages (1.2) which addresses this Bethesda bug, you will need to download it from Nexus.

I am NO LONGER maintaining my mod here on Steam. I have tried multiple attempts over multiple days to upload the latest version and I either get Steam Errors or no errors but it fails to upload. If you want the latest version, you can get it from Nexus. I just don't have the time or energy to deal with Steam anymore.

For more information, including the FAQ, README and Latest Version, visit the Nexus site:

Hearthfire Notice:

There is now a Hearthfire fix available on Nexus, as provided by Arthmoor! (Please send all thanks to him!)
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Jun 23 @ 8:01am
Getting into the Carriage
< >
DayDreamer Sep 9 @ 6:01pm 
Sollar stopped working on this years ago. Its successor is Touring Carriages, on nexus in mid-2013, brought here over the Labor Day holiday.
Link Sep 1 @ 2:36pm 
Link Sep 1 @ 2:36pm 
Yeah the carraige rid is fun till the guy forgets how to speak english but I think I'll keep it installed anyway
Guardian3791 Sep 1 @ 12:59am 
It's a nice idea but works stupidly. Once I get on a carriage I am unable to get off or go to sleep. After telling the driver I want to sleep or get off, nothing happens. He just says "Woah!" and continues driving. None of the keys I press do anything. This is stupid. Thanks for trying but this mod is messed up.
stebeven Aug 27 @ 8:52pm 
I'll of course say the concept is amazing. And until the carriage bugs it's fun to ride in. I'll remove my comments if and when the bugs are fixed. Modmaker please work on these bugs, they're beyond game-breaking in some cases and annoying in others. And one question, why not upload a hearthfire version in steam? I'd download the fix but I am unfamiliar with nexus mods and unwilling to use most because I prefer the ease of access provided by the steam subsribe system. Is there a reason it can't work with steam workshop? If so I won't add that to my large (possibly undue) list of complaints.
stebeven Aug 27 @ 8:48pm 
The concept is great, I'd love to use this mod. But sadly the mod just won't work. Like I said I just end up stopping dead, and no in-ride commands work, but I recently learned it also disables the ability to interact with the carriage, so even vanilla carriages are disabled with this mod active. The worst part of this mod's growing list of bugs is that it broke Lakeview Manor. If I get anywhere near the carriage spot (no carriage yet hired for breezehome, so I assume that's why it bugs, trying to spawn a non-existant carriage) my game crashes instantly. So with this active I can't use carriages in vanilla or scenic and I can't access the home I moved my wife and kids to.
stebeven Aug 26 @ 2:17pm 
I have a bit of an issue. The carriage ALWAYS gets stuck. I've tested 7 paths now and all result in the carriage stopping dead. Asking to be woken up upon arrival doesn't do anything in this case and neither does asking to get out there. Any known way to fix? I keep just using coc command to get where I need to go but it's frustratingly slow that way.
Mardus Aug 25 @ 10:45am 
@WerePack you know I had the same problem but before I even saw this mod it is a Bethesta glich or carryweight too big so leave the mod alone and if you wonder how I even got my thing back well I just reinstalled my game.
Aiqua Jul 2 @ 5:47pm 
one a day i exit markarth i tell the carriage i want to go to solitude he say then jump in the back i say WTF I CAN"T GET IN
[LV]PYR8 Jul 1 @ 8:11pm 
Had to comment in 2 parts (thanks Steam **1000 char***)
So I Dled and installed the 1.2 from the Nexus and just wanted to post my thoughts after a first run. Everything seems to be working right with the 1.2 version so far.

This is an amazing mod. Perfect for the RPer who likes to kick back, relax and take a scenic ride of Skyrim.
Now the best part- Realistic Ragdolls and Force + More Animals + Immersive Patrols + Scenic Carriages @ default speed and in 3rd person = Carriage Rides of Comedy Gold.
Coming down from Riften and hitting an Elk. LOL. Going along a cliff road and knocking 3 goats and a bear over the side. LMAO. Crossing a bridge at run speed where an Imperial patroll is and all of them go flying off into the river. OMG Im dying here!!
Major +Karma to all that worked on this mod.
I hope it continues to be worked on even if you dont use Steam.