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Age of Barbarian ARENA
Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish
Jul 5, 2016 @ 8:40am
Sep 15 @ 9:40am

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ARENA update #4#
ARENA update #4#
ARENA an Age of Barbarians story. We are very close to open the Steam page, probably it will be ready this week!

ARENA update #3#
ARENA update #3#

Good morning (or whenever)!
Here some news about our next game "ARENA" an Age of Barbarians story.
- We added two new characters, for a total of six playable characters, directly inspired by the movie "Conan the Destroyer":
Mombata the terrible, a tall huge guy not too fast but very powerfull.
Xula the amazon! a lethal lady with a long halberd as a weapon, she is pretty fast and suitable for those who like long-range combat.
- We improved a lot the gameplay mechanics and the move set. We added a lot of funny little things and variables.
- Moreover we decided to add a completely new soundtracks to the game, that will be completely Heavy Metal.
Arena will rock, it's fast, cruel, sexy, a true Hardcore game.
More news will be announced soon!
Stay Tuned!!!

In the kingdom of the East lived a young girl named Fyana who had prophetic powers.
She was known as ‘The Oracle’ and was revered as a goddess by her people.
One day the evil sorcerer king Murduk, yearning for her flesh and power, decided to take The Oracle for himself.
His army commanded by Mombata the terrible; he swiftly conquered the kingdom of the East and took Fyana for his slave.
As Murduk’s power grew he conquered other kings, barbarians and warriors, forcing them to fight to the death in his arenas.

The Age of Barbarian series is strongly inspired by Robert E. Howard's world of Conan and its representation by the great illustrator Frank Frazetta and has an added splash of horror.
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Sep 18, 2016 @ 1:09pm
ARENA update #1#
Crian Soft
Mar 22 @ 2:34pm
ARENA update #2#
Crian Soft
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Malachai Apr 3 @ 5:55am 
How is this shit accepted?
Arthas Mar 30 @ 1:29pm 
age of barbarian "reptile (Lizzars) Warrior" plz as a play figure
Le Dernier Connard Mar 21 @ 8:18am 
Ho fuck yes !
Crian Soft  [author] Mar 21 @ 1:24am 
We are very close to open the Steam page, probably it will be ready this week! :)
Hoya Destroyer Mar 20 @ 2:04pm 
Still no recent news? I'll keep waiting then...
ayane_kong Mar 10 @ 7:14am 
After playing Age of Barbarian EX Cut, I am looking forward to this one too.
Le Dernier Connard Feb 11 @ 4:52pm 
ThoRn Jan 30 @ 10:37am 
Does it have the ability to cut someone in half at the waist? Or the ability to split someone in half from head to groin? That would be sweet!
PissForDrinking Jan 3 @ 12:27am 
Anyone got a link for the original AoB Arena?
MikeThePlayr Jan 2 @ 6:42am 
I've put some videos of the original AoB Arena on my Youtube channel here: