This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

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Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English, French, German, Russian
Players: Multi-player, Co-op
Jun 30, 2016 @ 5:14pm
Jul 12, 2016 @ 7:42am
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New INSIGHT website launched!
Feedback Response & Updates
Thanks for the support!
First of all, thanks for the good response and all comments so far on the project. There's been a high percentage of YES votes and INSIGHT is up in the top 10 now. Hoping to get Greenlit soon! If you know of any gaming communities that might be interested in the game, please share the Greenlight page with them!

Will it be free to play?
It will most likely not be F2P. The money will be needed to support the development of the project and it will also prevent people from creating multiple accounts in order to bypass ranking and anticheat systems. I am aiming to have the game released at a low end price range, however the exact pricing is unknown at this stage.

Will there be any single player modes?
There are plans for speedrun challenge modes (reach the end of a course in the lowest time) and maybe some varieties on this ("floor is lava" game, survival/escape from AI players), but there won't be any story-based full singleplayer.

Will the game support VR?
Although I don't believe the competitive modes of the game would work well with VR controls, it will be supported. Most likely in the form of simple 3d view rather than full VR control for those modes. However, there is a build/destruction CTF gametype planned (similar to SourceForts where each team builds a base then play CTF on the level) which may be interesting when combined with a Vive for more natural control while building. There has been some interest in VR integration and since the engine supports it, it would be a waste not to include it in some form, but the details are still unknown on this and not yet implemented.

Is this not basically (insert other Arena FPS game)?
While there are some obvious overlaps with other games, the combined elements of different games as well as new ideas mean that the gameplay will be fresh and not like other games you may have played. The "arena FPS" genre generally includes a lot of elements people would associate with Quake or whichever FPS they are most familiar with, but the distinctions are important. The game has been compared to over 10 different games just in the Greenlight comments, which goes to show that the influences come from many different sources and not just one game. A goal of the project is to have some form of "familiarity", to satisfy both new and experienced players.

Won't people just camp?
Only as much as in any arena FPS game. There will still be items that need to be picked up, so map control and timing will be an important factor. Due to the nature of the game, there will be some aspects of hiding and escaping (for example, if one player is trying to run out the clock) but not to a huge extent due to the benefits of staying moving in order to pick up ammo, powerups, and health.

An arena fps with a wallhack??
At first glance, and in the trailer (which mostly shows fast paced action mid-combat), it may appear this way. However, in terms of movement the "visible through walls" is only an issue if you choose to gain speed by bunnyhopping. It may be simpler to think of bunnyhopping as an additional "skill" which has the downside of making you temporarily visible, while the regular movement is still possible (walking, running, crouchslides, wallslides, walljumps are all silent). This simply adds a penalty to gaining speed and moving fast, which will encourage people to use more complex/precise movements rather than simply bunnyhopping everywhere. The most likely outcome is a mix of both, where you will intermittently make noise to gain speed then switch to silent moves to obscure your position soon after.

Freezetag / instagib / HNS mode?
Implementing simple modes like this is a quick process, so there will be a variety of game modes tested. The ones frequently used will be down to the community and servers, but I would like to at least test many of them out to see what works. There will be a gametype similar to freezetag, (ricochet) Instagib, and HNS (Hide & Seek movement mode), along with many others. Based on the popularity and how well they work during testing, some of these will be polished and developed further, while others may be abandoned if they don't fit well with the game mechanics.

The game looks too (simple/dark/complex etc.) can this be changed?
The maps shown so far are "programmer art" levels, and do not represent the final quality that you can expect when professional 3d modellers and mappers are working on the project. But yes, there is full customisability planned. Each level will have a preset of colours which are utilized throughout the map, which you can customise. Including the colour of walls, floors and detail objects, the reflectivity of surfaces, and whether or not 'detail' models are visible (models which do not affect collision and are purely for visual purposes).

Thanks and tell your friends!

Thanks for the continued support! Remember to spread the word about the project and follow on Twitter for more frequent updates @insightFPS

Release date: Early 2017
INSIGHT is a casual and competitive arena FPS with a unique gameplay concept and "parkour" based movement system.

The unique concept is based on sound; Any time a player emits a sound (this includes landing from a jump, shooting weapons and taking damage) they become briefly visible to all players throughout the level, through all walls.

This means that players must utilize the advanced movement mechanics of the game if they wish to remain silent and do not want to give away their position.

"Minutes to learn, lifetime to master" gameplay. INSIGHT simplifies the advanced movement techniques into a simple to learn & intuitive system. The silent movement techniques (crouchslides, wallslides, walljumps) tie in to the sound visualization concept and are a core feature to the gameplay - not simply a gimmick.

Multiple gamemodes, both casual and competitive, are featured. Including:

- Speed run challenge modes
- 1v1, 2v2, 5v5+ modes
- Ricochet Instagib
- Build / destruction modes
- Co-op vs AI
- Mindbending game modes (portal/teleporter gun, multi-directional gravity, time manipulation)
- & Unlimited game modes which the community can submit or suggest

INSIGHT features 3 core weapons which will be common through many gametypes, as well as a variety of mode/map specific weapons and pickups / powerups. All weapons feature an alternate fire. Most commonly, the weapon's alternate fire mode is a method of indirect attack. For example, some weapons are able to penetrate walls, others can reflect around corners, which adds importance to staying silent and hiding your position from the enemy.

Built using Unreal Engine 4, INSIGHT is highly scalable allowing you to keep a consistent framerate during gameplay.

A skill based matchmaking system will allow you to instantly play against similarly skilled players, and unique in-built anticheat features (such as a server-side anti wallhack and heuristic aimbot detection) help to keep the game fair.

INSIGHT takes inspiration from a variety of FPS and non-FPS games, including;

- Counter-strike (and KZ)
- Half-life
- Quake 3
- Shootmania
- Mirror's Edge
- Painkiller
.. and more
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