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Witanlore: Dreamtime
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 25 @ 9:00am
Sep 2 @ 9:45am
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Progress Report #4
Lip Sync with FaceFX
First I'd love to show you the progress we've made in regards to lip sync. Some of our older videos are definitely not good in fact they're a bit dreadful, but it's a new program for us so there's a learning curve and that's actually good news for you guys!

Here's a reminder of how our early lip sync tests were looking:

A lot of the issues were related to the Frankenstein character model we were using for development, it had a weird pac-man mouth and that gave the lip sync a kind of unflattering wakka wakka movement!

Now bringing our new model into FaceFX you can see things are getting much cleaner:

We've also taken on the critiques about the ursine voices from our fans; when you take time out of your day to leave us a comment we read them all and we do listen to what you want to see! Most people are probably expecting a very bearlike tank character when they think of ursines. Our approach has been to explore a variety of voices and characters to suit a wide range of players from assassins, to bards, to scholars! However, we are working with our actors to give their performances a bit more growl and we will be vigilant of anything that is immersion breaking.

Gameplay Features

We are quite stoked to show off some of the game play features we've been polishing up for Episode One, specifically the Decorator system and one of our innovative features, the Quick RP menu which gives players the ultimate control over their character and the environment! Have a look at these features in action and don't miss out on the 3D Mini Map!

But WHEN is it coming out?!?!

That's the big question right? We're getting to know each other so well. I really want to be completely transparent with you guys about our release schedule as we go so that you have the most up to date info on when it's coming and how you can grab a copy [more about free keys after this]

Currently we are still on schedule for a late summer release, somewhere around Aug 20 is our target, though we have quite a bit more to compile and polish; it could easily slide into Sept so a safer estimate would be sometime Q3 as a time frame. It's really hard to estimate timelines because most of us are not full time we have other jobs we have to work to pay the bills, Witanlore is currently unfunded so we have to make compromises. We are working VERY hard to get Episode One to Early access on time though. We want Dreamtime to be as feature complete as possible before we hit the digital shelf because it's important to us that our customers who buy into the Early Access copies get value for their money and plenty of gameplay to enjoy.

So, the answer to when is, probably late summer, very early fall. We will keep you updated to anything that may change that timeline.

How can I get free keys?

We would love to have our game generating some buzz in the media so we are giving away review copies of our game to journalists, content creators, YouTubers, etc. If you have an active channel, blog, column, etc and you're interested in playing an early copy of Witanlore: Dreamtime, shoot us an email at druidgameworks [at] with a link to your beat and we'll add you to our list for review copies. Before we ship publicly, we'll send out these review copies for you to play, FREE!

Okay guys I think that's it for this update, hope you enjoyed! I will be posting another update soon and we have some plans in motion to do a world preview live on Twitch soon! Happy gaming!

Cole and the team at Druid Gameworks

Release date: 11.15.16
Veteran Elder Scrolls Modders Unleash an Indie RPG of Grizzly Proportions!

In Witanlore: Dreamtime, you assume the role of a young Ursine brave whose destiny has not yet been determined. Guided by the clan seer, you embark on an astral journey into the spirit world to stand before your patron deity and receive divine messages about your destiny. However, there is something far less benevolent than a goddess waiting for you in the mists...

Find yourself swept up in the chaos of an ancient battle for power, the outcome of which hinges on your decisions and a weapon that could lead us all to salvation or ruin. The path you take and the choices you make will determine the story’s outcome and alter the very fabric of the world.

Witanlore: Dreamtime is a single player, story-driven, Adventure RPG for Windows PC, being developed on Unreal Engine 4.

  • Detailed, Realistic Open World to Explore
  • Story-driven, Role-playing Focus
  • Totem System - Level Up Your Spirit Guide for Buffs & Bonuses!
  • Choices & Consequences - What Players Say & Do Matters!
  • Fully voiced, Non-linear Dialogue
  • Extensive Main Quest & Numerous Side Quests
  • Rich Cultural Histories & Lore to Discover
  • In-depth Player Character Customization
  • Recruit Companions & Allies
  • Unique Dungeon Diving & Rewards - No Pointless Loot Dungeons!
  • Multiple Weapon Styles with Tribal Bonuses

Please note, because Witanlore: Dreamtime is being released episodically, some features may not be available in the first episode and are unlocked in later episodes.

Check out our Community[] to collect game news, share ideas, catch sneak peeks, and interact with the development team. We're here to help you get the most from your Witanlore experience!

Special Thanks to YouTuber Gopher for his relentless support & his efforts to spread the word about Witanlore!
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Aug 11 @ 11:06am
Not sure if you guys would go this route, but...
Jul 27 @ 1:10am
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Aug 6 @ 12:54pm
Weapon idea.
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Druid Gameworks  [author] Sep 24 @ 11:30am 
@Dark side: Currently the only supported language is English. However, we do plan to localize the game into other languages once we raise more funds for professional localization
Dark side Sep 23 @ 12:27pm 
What languages are supported by the game?
Paws Sep 20 @ 3:17pm 
"That's good, Ursines don't consider themselves to be bears, they're people, with bear like qualities"

Just the bear necessities?

I'll show myself out.
uBronan Sep 18 @ 6:25am 
Oho can't wait to see it :D
Szebko Sep 13 @ 5:35am 
if i remember correctly there was a kickstarter thing that you make some wolf-like race playable. Is it still in? o.O
THE FAB-ULATOR Sep 9 @ 2:48pm 
@Druid Gameworks: Awesome! Super excited!
Druid Gameworks  [author] Sep 9 @ 11:00am 
Witanlore: Dreamtime Episode One is now in beta testing! Next stop, Early Access! 🎉
Jeancly Sep 7 @ 1:52am 
Well going to buy the whole game immediatly, especially to support the rest of the game ! Buying a 1070 to play it well XD
cjrhartley Sep 7 @ 12:20am 
i found this game via Gopher
cjrhartley Sep 7 @ 12:19am 
thank you.