Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III

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Star Control 2
Includes all the races from Star Control 2 as if they all survived after the ending of the game and the Chmmr removed all slave shields. Traits of races are based mostly on how their ships acted in the game and their general personality.

For best experience:
* Set Utwig and Supox on the same team
* Set Earthlings and Arilou on the same team
* Set Ur-Quan difficulty two points above all other races, maybe have Kohr-Ah a level higher as they are supposed to be stronger than Kzer-Za
* Set Chmmr difficulty level to one below or same as the Ur-Quan

For the unfinished Total Conversion mod see the following webpage on GitHub -


Star Control is a trademark of Stardock Entertainment. (After bankrupcy of Atari, all related assets of SC 1 to 3 are supposedly still owned by Activision, who employ SC's 1&2 original creators Toys for Bob.)

NEWS FLASH: Activision has greenlit the creation of a direct sequel to Star Control 2, learn more on the official blog -

Till then, Stardock will probably finish making the game that is spiritually inspired by Star Control 2 -

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Ships within race logo's and race images were made and are owned by people involved in The Ur-Quan Masters HD project:
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Chmmr (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Chmmr are a composite race created from two separate races of Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm. The synthesis of the two races under the Chenjesu homeworld of Procyon II. The process took far less time than anticipated due to external influence....
Arilou (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
Arilou first made themselves known to the Galaxy during the Ur-Quan slave war, suddenly appearing and applying to join the Alliance of Free Stars. Their actions were equally mercurial at the end of the war, retreating and abandoning other races as soon as ...
Earthlings (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
Having been freed from the slave shield by the Chmmr. Earthlings may once again be a formidable part of the New Alliance of Free Stars....
Druuge (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Druuge, who reside around the Persei constellation, are greedy, piggish, unsentimental, horned humanoids with a characteristic ooze contantly emanating from the mouth, nose and ears. Their whole culture is an image of extreme capitalism, and all Druuge...
Ilwrath (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Ilwrath are spirder-like beings who worship their dark gods Dogan and Kazon....
Melnorme (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Melnorme, as far as we know, are a race of traveling traders in information and technology. They appear as several orange globs piled on top of each other, with a large smile and a single eye....
Mycon (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
While most sentient races are taxanomically animals, the Mycon are fungi. The Mycon spread the spores of their race through the galaxy with their Podships....
Created by Pendrokar
The Orz are - is - an alien species/projections of an extradimensional entity first encountered by The Captain in the space near where the Androsynth had been known to reside....
Pkunk (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Pkunk are wacky, toucan-like beings, an offshoot of the Yehat race. They are pacifistic mystics who claim to be in constant contact with the "spirit-world"....
Shofixti (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Shofixti are a marsupial race of honorable mammals. All life on their homeworld was wiped out by a mini-supernova. Their technology, culture and religion (reffered to as "Yehat Ancestor Worship") are greatly influenced by the Yehat, who uplifted them....
Slylandro (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Slylandro are the only know race whose homeworld, which the call Source, is a Gas Giant. They cannot travel through space due to their physiology. Yet they will try with the technology and tools acquired from other sentient space faring races, even if ...
Spathi (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Spathi are a cowardly race of "meta-mollusks", self-described as possessing the "best qualities of both the clam and the Dravatz"....
Supox (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Supox Utricularia are an intelligent spacefaring race resembling some carnivorous plants. When they were first met by the New Alliance of Free Stars the Supox had already forged a cooperative relationship with the nearby Utwig....
Syreen (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Syreen are a race of bipedal hominids astonishingly similar to the Humans. With the female population outnumbering that of male, Syreen civilization can be considered as a Matriarchy....
Thraddash (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Thraddash are a race of intellectually challenged barbarians from the Draconis stars. Thraddash history has witnessed the rise and fall of 18 different planetary cultures....
Umgah (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Umgah are a race of pranksters whose warped sence of humor knows no bounds. They performed countless surgeries on themselves just for the LOLZ....
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah are one of the two subraces of the Ur-Quan. Their determination to exterminate all non-Ur-Quan life rather than enslaving them under slave shields has made them even more dangerous as a foe....
Ur-Quan Kzer-Za (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za are one of the two subraces of Ur-Quan. Kzer-Za were designed to be the "thinkers", the scientists, technicians, and overseers of a previous Empire. When their cousins the Kohr-Ah are around, they engage in their Doctrinal Conflict....
Utwig (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
They are a fatalist race with a sophisticated, somewhat mystic culture, involving masks and their dependency on an artifact known as the Ultron. They believe that their race has a great destiny to, via the Ultron, 'perform an essential service for the univ...
VUX (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
Much of VUX history is not known due to the VUX's staunch unwillingness to communicate with other races. However, the events in the recent two wars are common knowledge to many species....
Yehat (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Yehat are a Pterodactyl-like race that has travelled the stars for many centuries. They were a significant force in the Alliance of Free Stars, before becoming one of Ur-Quan Battle Thralls....
Zoq-Fot-Pik (Star Control)
Created by Pendrokar
The Zoq, Fot and Pik are three separate races that evolved simultaneously on a jungle-like world. The Zoq-Fot-Pik first entered the galactic fray when they found their colony worlds were playing host to terrible space battles. These battles unleashed titan...
(Star Control) Ur-Quan Dreadnought
Created by macrossvfx222
Accidentally made this with the cargo hull... Will convert this to a large/huge hull later...
(Star Control) Earthling Cruiser v2.1
Created by macrossvfx222
Trying out old Earth parts. V2.1 added details on a few things including a resdeigned laser defense pod, MX missile launcher, and changes the nacelles a bit...
(Star Control) Earthling Cruiser 2
Created by macrossvfx222
Star Control 3 Earthling Cruiser...
(Star Control) Arilou Skiff
Created by macrossvfx222
Star Control Alliance of Free Star Arilou Skill...
(Star Control) Shofixti Scout
Created by macrossvfx222
Star Control Alliance of Free Stars Shofixti Scout...
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Pendrokar  [author] Nov 5 @ 7:08am 
I'll have to reconvert this for Crusade as Factions are now automatically converted to Civilizations...
Steve-O Aug 20 @ 6:39pm 
FYI: The game these races are based on (Star Control 2) has been released into the public domain, or at least some form of Creative Commons, by the original creators. Except for the actual title "Star Control" (which now belongs to Stardock, isn't life funny that way?) you can play the whole game legally and for free. Google "The Ur-Quan Masters" for more details. Deffo worth checking out, this game is a classic.
Dogmaticus May 3 @ 10:23pm 
I did not play the game this mod is based on, however I found it via workshop and find it SO stylish :). This will be great addition to my game! Also - finally some civilizations that aren't bent on destroying everything in the galaxy :D. Once I start a new game after the Crusade is available - I will definitely use your creations in my playthrough!
Grognag May 27, 2016 @ 5:54am 
Found this via the Stardock forums, thanks for this, will give them a try soon :)