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Heroes of Loot 2
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Jan 20, 2016 @ 2:30am
Jun 7, 2016 @ 11:41am

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Release date: Q3 2016
Heroes of Loot 2 will throw you back in the dungeons, and this time there will be more adventure and more loot!

You will be able to swap between any of the four characters during gameplay, allowing you to use their unique skills in various puzzles and quests to continue your adventure as you descent further into the dungeons.

With procedural generation creating the levels and quests, each adventure will be different and epic!

You control all four characters at once, so swapping between them based on their skills and your preferences in battles and quests will be key to your progress

These heroes are your weapons!

Every dungeon comes with various locked gates, these gates are opened by keys or triggers and the keys and triggers are found by solving small puzzles and quests.

Quests come in various shapes and sizes:

"Slay the rocko monster to get the key he stole"

"Use magic to light a selection of candles hidden in the level"

"Use the Elf to shoot an arrow into the hole of a flaming pilar to make the spikes vanish and grab the key"

This is just a small selection of quests which are already added to the game, and more will be added before (and after) release!

Two of the four characters have melee weapons and are great at close-combat situations, they are also capable of taking more damage.

The other two characters in your party own projectile weapons, with the Elf's arrow's piercing through multiple enemies, but he can run out of arrows!

And the Wizard's projectiles are less powerful (at the start) but he has an endless amount of those "magic balls" (yes I went there!)

Every character can upgrade his experience points during the hack'n'slashin so their weapons will become more powerful.

As with the original Heroes of Loot, the sequel takes a lot of influence from the original 80's game Gauntlet.

This means the game takes an arcade approach to the dungeon-crawling role playing genre. A lot of the shooting gameplay is like a laid-back version of a twin-stick shooter, with the shops and quests and avatar's sprinkled around the dungeons to keep you on your toes and emerged into the dungeons.

As you move deeper and deeper into the castle and dungeons underneath, grabbing loot, solving puzzles and quests the dangers and enemies will become harder to defeat..

Can you make it to the final level?

Stay updated on the game's progress through the Developer blog: and sign up to the Newsletter for getting updates and news delivered straight to your inbox:

I generally have a new gameplay video uploaded to the blog once a week, with various background information on the new features, changes I made, design decisions, and more.

There will most likely be pre-orders (with discount) made available before an Early-Access version, and then finally the release version. So make sure to follow, join, and connect with me / Orangepixel! (commercial stuff) (technical / developer stuff)
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