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Tribe Wars (v4) - Team And Objective Based PVP Gamemode
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Nov 3, 2015 @ 9:00pm
May 11, 2016 @ 5:19pm
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Tribe Wars (v4) - Team And Objective Based PVP Gamemode

Current state:
Tribe Wars degenerated over time and due to the lack of interest, I stopped working on this Mod. I am planning on picking up some of the logic I created in here and implement it into another Ark PVP project. I am thankful for the few souls that sticked with Tribe Wars, but within 1,5yrs or development we never filled a single server with more than 16 people at the same time and that just happened once.

Let's hope the next project will gain more traction, attention and will be easier to access.

About this Mod
Tribe Wars is a team based PVP game mode that redefines the goal of the game while keeping the gameplay true to the original game.
This gamemode brings the exiting and time consuming tribe battles down to a match that you can easily play on an evening with your friends. Progression is speed up similar to SOTF but the core sandbox gameplay stays the same. Each team has to defend their flag while trying to destroy the enemies flag. How? Thats completely up to you.

This Mod is a TC. I didn't test any stackability with other Mods on top of this, but I strongly suggest no use of additional Mods.
This Mod will work in Multiplayer only since it needs at least two people to start.

For more details, patchnotes, feedback and bug reports check out the pinned disussions:

How to play:
To join a game you need to start Ark with the Tribe Wars Total Conversion activated. Then just open up the server browser and make sure that you have "unoffical" selected in the drop down menu at the bottem left. I would recommend playing with friends since playing with friends is always more fun.

To host a game you need a Dedicated Server running the Mod. For more detailed information check the pinned threads further down on this page.

Current features:
- Two team based gameplay
- Warmup round similar to SOTF
- Warmup area includes a Deathmatch arena
- Team selection screen
- Auto balancing on team selection
- Spawn protection system
- Auto leveling for later joining players
- Spawngear on certain level thresholds
- Scoreboard
- Supply drop event
- Faster progression
- Winning and losing condition
- Paradrop respawn logic
- Flexible level boundaries
- Event notification HUD and other HUD additions
- Special Dino tame events
- XP boost events
- PVP optimized engram tree
- Ruins to conquer

Known issues:
For bugs and known issues check the pinned threads further down on this page.

Source files:
You can get the source files of v3 here:

Please always keep in mind that this Mod is heavily work in progess. Bugs will occure so please do not hestiate and report them in the comments of this page.
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Vapocalypse 16 hours ago 
i need a pvp dome like the pvp safe zone but i want it in my pve server as a place thats allways pvp to make a arena with out haveing to do a tribe war
islacalavera Jun 27 @ 2:53pm 
this mod is working?
2nafishisgood Apr 7 @ 11:02pm 
Hello, I don’t know if you started working on your next mod project yet but would you mind taking a look at my idea for PvP Ark mod? Maybe you could use some of these ideas.
It's bit lengthly so I posted it in Ark forums here
Demon-Dog Jan 27 @ 3:00pm 
if your ok with it then can you mail me the sorce files so i can play with it or get some support, email Subject Tribe Wars Sorce Files please :) if i fix it i will make sure you are credited on the publish
Kenturrac  [author] Jan 27 @ 1:24pm 
Besides this TC not working correctly anymore, you can't stack it with the normal game. So what you basically want is parts of it as a normal Mod for the game. Like a floating DM area with different access points. That is no problem, but don't do contract work. :D I recommend you giving it a try. The Modding community is awesome and it is a very rewarding experience at first.
Demon-Dog Jan 27 @ 1:21pm 
hi, i love this TC, though my server players would not allow it, however are you able to get the starting arena as a building, items ect i would like to build this on my server with the looks or the drop in with gear ect aspect and just fight that would be awesome! i would like a base with a teleport to transport your arena and fight in deathmatch mode as close to your starting dm then return to the normal word, is this doable??
onnoktm72 Jan 22 @ 2:23am 
is your server still online
Mr Dolphin Dec 23, 2016 @ 10:48pm 
I hope to see this mod gets updated, i do have a few suggestions and such. <3 Love it
Devoxy Dec 11, 2016 @ 8:49pm 
mod sounds amazing but we need more poeple and quicker loading screen i've been on the joing game screen for 10 mins
Wargamer Nov 26, 2016 @ 3:08pm