ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Total Conversion: Ark Pirate World v6
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Nov 3, 2015 @ 9:50am
Feb 2 @ 6:48pm
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Total Conversion: Ark Pirate World v6


Ark : Pirate World is a multiplayer and solo gamemode.
Play with your friends on a custom map, exchange objects with other player, on the main island to get gold.
Buy items to npc, or buy your first boat.
You can make a big crew, to make naval battles against other tribes.
Go on other islands to get rare resources and sell them, or build and protect your city on your island !
You can also discover new places with your boat, find treasure maps...
So get on board !


You start on the main island, check your map and try to find the city.
Once you are at the city you can buy item to this seller :
BoatShop (A large billboard on the deck), GunSmith, Miner, Saddle seller, Painter, BlackSmith, Farmer, Engineer, Banker.
You can find copper, silver, gold in the pirate chest, there is 30 chest in the first island.
You can also find treasure map, to find treasure chest with many copper, silver, gold, goldbag and coin blueprint !
There is also supply drops, all around the map.
If you are on a server, you can exchange objects with others players.
You can build on the first island, and tame dinosaur (Yes yes, pirate and dinosaur :D !)
Or you can buy your first raft or boat.
Make a team is very important in ArkPirateWorld you can get much faster xp, resources, and gold!
Explore the Ark PirateWorld map to find rare resources.
Some resources, and dinosaur are only in a few island, be careful to carnivor and your temperature.
Build cannon for your boat, make weapons and equipments for your crew to defend yourself against other pirate !
You can grow new type of plants to make tobacco, wine, rum !
You have also new structure, barrel, table, wine press, tobacco dryer, bottling machine, coin press...


Developer :


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TheWitchKing Sep 24 @ 11:21pm 
Can't Save..
Raptor Rampage Sep 23 @ 12:01pm 
it takes soooooooooooooooooooooo long to load im still waiting
DavidBC  [author] Sep 19 @ 9:19am 
Salut Phil2940, je sais bien mais je peux rien y faire.
Je travaille déjà sur le mod tous les jours, je peux pas aller plus vite.

Et pour information @Cangedam, j'ai annulé l'update de janvier pour faire le mod pour le Modding Contest. Et oui il faut bien que je gagne ma vie à coter, je peux pas juste faire plaisir à la communauté!
Ensuite j'ai commencé à travailler sur la mise à jour après Ark:MoonSurvival (juin 2016).
DavidBC  [author] Sep 19 @ 9:19am 
Mise à jour de départ:
The default update:
* Update to 140.3 game contents (Items & dinosaurs)
* Replace Loot Chest system
* Fix Shop
* Color Correction
* Fix SafeZone (+Settings)
* Remove Key to access NPC (Only Overlaps to prevent bug)
* Other fix.

* Update to 240.6 game contents (Items & dinosaurs)
* New Shop (with a lot of option)
* New chest system
* New treasure map system
* SafeZone Fix
* Color Correction
* Weather system (Rain/Fog/Cold and heat wave/Storm/Raimbow)
* Map structure Fort Port Royal
* Housing Mod
* Admin housing management
* Lot of fix.
DavidBC  [author] Sep 19 @ 9:19am 
Voilà une update sur l'avancement:
Here's the update progress:

- Level Design:
Port Royal Fort: 95% (Remaining time ~8h)
Island 1 foliage: 50% (Estimated time 2h)

- Blueprints:
Admin housing management UI 90% (Estimated time 2h)
Setup Item ID/Engrams (Estimated time 1h)
Setup Item in Forge/Mortar/Smithy (Estimated time 1h)
Setup Item in Chest/Treasure chest (Estimated time 3h)
Setup Item in Shop (Item/Price) (Estimated time 4h)
Check all (Estimated time 1h)
Cook (Estimated time 2h)
Other fix (Estimated time 2h)
Upload (Estimated time 4h yes 100ko/s up)

Total estimated time: 30h
Phil2940 Sep 19 @ 8:50am 
le nombre de serveur fond comme neige au soleil...
Galts Sep 18 @ 2:06pm 
Excellent , i was worried about the continued functionality of this mod , im glad to see you are still working on it. ill be checking it out soon. If i could ask a favor to the poeple runing active servers to bump their discussion posts so i have a better idea of where to join, would prefer not to hop around serveral dead servers before finding one.
Cangedam Sep 13 @ 3:11pm 
Bien le bonjour DavidBC,

Depuis le mois de février qu'on entend parler de ce mythe d'une mise à jour du pirate world je dirais que finalement je vais finir par y croire... comme a l'existance des sirènes.

Pour ma part j'ai laissé tombé et je ne suis pas le seul à ne plus vouloir y revenir. J'espere que tu seras bien plus motivé a tenir tes autres projets a jour parce que tu ne vas pas garder tes clients très longtemps sinon...

Ceci dit, je vais quand même te souhaiter une bonne continuation, bon courage et plein de réussite dans tes projets d'avenir.
DavidBC  [author] Sep 13 @ 11:43am 
Hi everybody,
sorry for the lack of informations, the update isn't cancel!
I have a lot of work on another project, but I still work on the mod.
The Fort of Port Royal is almost done 80%!
You will soon be able to buy a house, share it with your tribe members, or buy a shop to sell whatever you want to other pirate :D
The other cities/fort will come in futur update, so you can start playing soon with this update.

Thank you for your patient server owner and player!
I'm aware that the update take a lot of time to be released but don't be worries, it will happen faster than you think.
Digital Sep 7 @ 12:24pm 
Hey guys this mod does currently work im running it on my server.

Server name : Digital Kingdom
Go to your Steam client, click on "View", click on "Servers".
Go to "Favorites" Right-click to "Add server by IP address".
IP is
click "Add this server to favorites".
Launch Ark with PirateWorld total conversion mod, and our server should show up in your "Favorite server" list!