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Slow Speed
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Mar 28, 2015 @ 7:17am
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Slow Speed

Slows down vehicles and pedestrians so that they travel at a saner speed.
- Reduces the top speed, acceleration and deceleration rates of cars. Emergency vehicles will receive a speed boost while they are responding to an emergency
- Reduces the speed of pedestrians to a walking pace
- Reduces the speeds of trains and metros
This improves realism and increases the difficulty of the game.

Incompatible with:
- Probably Traffic++

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shaundoddmusic May 20 @ 2:44pm 
To also slow pedestrians and save some precious cpu, use this instead
HGscMENTOR Mar 11 @ 5:18am 
Are you there, Yang? It's been 8 MONTHS since I asked you a question and now answer yet. Have you dropped interest in this mod?
Shortstack35 Feb 13 @ 10:08pm 
looking for a real time pedestrian walking/running speed
fisk Feb 4 @ 7:21am 
Almost works. Police cars and probably some other vehicles are getting stuck when leaving a building. They just reverse and indicate very gently over and over before despawning.
bradybrklyn Jan 3 @ 7:28am 
It's working for me. Maybe incompatible with another mod.
akakage Aug 5, 2016 @ 6:19am 
Only Is there a MOD to slow down the pedestrian?
HGscMENTOR Jul 26, 2016 @ 10:39am 
Yang - are you still online or with this game? If so, do you think you might make something that allows separated speed controls for individual types of vehicles/persons (example: cars at one speed rate, pedestrians at another speed rate, cyclists at a third, service vehicles at another, etc.) And that sticks with the game when it's turned off and back on, so it doesn't all have to be done over when the game is opened each time? If so, please post that you've done so and I'll try it out. Otherwise, I already have a speed control mod that I can use to "slow down" the entire city.
hyogodan Jul 3, 2016 @ 8:02am 
I love the look of this mod, but in a big city (100,00+) it seems nothing gets done. Industry doesn't get supplies, commerical doesn't get goods, even when next to a port or cargo train station, everything is dying. Just me? Or is anyone else having this issue? I wish there was a way to adjust the demand times to match this mod. Anyone know if something like that exists?
verence Jul 2, 2016 @ 1:24pm 
when I use the Mod suddenly constantly dying people die rate is at -300 .Habe I with two different cities tested .
Once I disable mod I have made ​​a positive growth
Зарастроика Jun 26, 2016 @ 1:15pm 
Must-have, but I don't know if it's just me that notices that but, people are a bit too slow walking on the streets· It's probably their animation that it's slower than the natural·