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Impact Winter
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 3, 2015 @ 10:38am
Feb 6, 2015 @ 10:16am
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Release date: 2016

    Become leader and provider as you guide a team of 4 survivors towards your story's conclusion. Utilize their unique skills and make key decisions as you work to stay alive.

    A harsh, winter environment that covers a derelict underworld. Witness dynamic weather conditions and time-of-day settings that directly affect gameplay and stats.

    Forge your own story. From solving team dilemmas to random events: your decisions will make each playthrough completely unique. Who will survive your adventure?

    Inspired by fictional droids like R2D2 and Wall-E, Ako-Light is your trusty robotic companion. Ako-Light's many functions can be used to explore the derelict world, and upgrades will improve functionality.

    Your team will get cold, hungry, tired and bored just like you. Dynamic, stat-driven behavior means each NPC character will react independently - with their own wants, needs and emotions.

'The Void' is a mysterious environment full of unexpected discoveries. From buried locations that house supplies and resources, to wandering nomads and wildlife. Players will have to contend with both the harsh outdoor weather conditions and the haunting interiors that lie deep below.

The world of Impact Winter has no barriers: a non-linear sandbox for you to explore however you choose. Dig for buried secrets, hunt wildlife at night, take shelter from fierce storms, investigate mysterious signals, set up camp during long expeditions, command your team back at the Church, trade with wandering nomads, upgrade your base - and much more.

Scavenging for supplies is a key part of the game, with Ako-Light's limited inventory creating some tough choices. It's a hostile, unforgiving environment where the smallest object can make the biggest difference. Impact Winter features hundreds of items across 7 categories: from 'Junk' (which can be used for fuel, or to craft new objects) to 'Electronics' (which can be used to repair and upgrade Ako-Light). You may even be lucky enough to find 'Trinkets': rare, collectable relics from the old world that will give your team a much-needed morale boost.

In Impact Winter, no two games are the same due to dynamic 'Story Events' that replace the traditional 'mission' structure.

These events can be completely random (wandering strangers'; kidnappings; Ako-Light malfunctions; strange illnesses) to scripted scenarios that are tied to certain conditions (storms damaging the Church; frostbite from over-exposure to the cold, getting lost in a 'Whiteout'; depressed team members going AWOL).

Story Events are designed to test your leadership skills - and because of their random, unpredictable nature - they will often require plans to be altered and actions to be prioritized.

Everybody's path to survival will be fraught with different challenges.

You take on the role of Jacob Solomon and it's your job - as leader - to help guide your team through the next 30 days. Each member will be a crucial asset by way of their unique skills. Crafting upgrades for the Church, repairing damage, creating food recipes, upgrading Ako-Light's features, healing sick teammates, arming traps, upgrading weapons - these are just some of the benefits of a fully-functional team.

Each team member will be governed by the same stat engine as you. They will get cold if the fire runs low, require food when hungry, get bored from working too much, become tired through lack of sleep - and even die!

Although NPC behavior will be fully-automated they will look to you for guidance and supplies with your actions directly affecting behavior and relationships.

Ako-Light is your robotic companion: a futuristic ally to help explore 'The Void'. Equipped with many features and gadgets, Ako-Light will carry your supplies, track your position on radar, alert you to secrets and keep you in contact with your team.

However, Ako-Light's battery is limited and its features must be used wisely. Once 'Power Save' mode is triggered, Ako-Light will be offline and Jacob will need to carry his companion back to base (taking valuable energy).



We appreciate your questions, comments and support throughout Impact Winter's development.


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Jun 2 @ 11:35am
Is there or will there be a Demo/Prototype?
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GDUBMX Sep 21 @ 3:12am 
Any news on the game yet? I want to pre order
Razzamatronic Jul 28 @ 2:54pm 
A Winter Apocalypse? Count me IN!
Mojo Bones  [author] Jul 6 @ 2:08am 
@Luke - Thanks buddy. WE'RE excited that YOU'RE excited! Appreciate everyone's support.
Luke Lenard Jul 5 @ 9:45pm 
You can`t even imagine how bad i want to play this game, it looks beautiful and the whole topic of survival is so well made..oh and Mitch Murder doing the OST...i don`t even... OMG <3!!!! :D
Mojo Bones  [author] Apr 11 @ 2:27am 
Cinlyss - aiming for the game to have French translation on release.
GDUBMX - development is going well. Having to hold-fire on releasing details just yet, but we've been busy working on the game even though our social media has been super quiet. Lots to show when the time comes and hopefully it'll be worth the wait
GDUBMX Apr 6 @ 2:35am 
So is this game actually dead? Been no activity on their YouTube and facebook since September. Anyone know if this is and when is going to be released?
Cinlyss Mar 31 @ 11:33am 
With a translate french please? Or a workshop for translate made fan !!!!!!
NS Mar 28 @ 1:51pm 
IIII Feb 12 @ 11:56pm 
arrugasdeclavo Feb 6 @ 11:03am 
nice, following!