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Valiance Online
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Nov 25, 2014 @ 6:03pm
Feb 29, 2016 @ 7:44am
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Alpha Testing (and lots of pics)
Alpha and Steam and Blog, Oh My!
  • We are getting ready to release the alpha patch and move to Steam. There will be a week (or more) of downtime in the next few weeks to prep.
  • The alpha patch will merge game and website logins, and allow investors to access their rewards in-game. Watch for a blog post with details!
  • FYI, the game will not be Steam only. It will always be available through our website and other means.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release date: TBA
Open Pre-Alpha

Valiance Online is open for testing! Visit the link below for more information...

Technical assistance is available at

What Is Valiance Online?

Imagine a world full of limitless scientific advancements, immense magical power, and the unfettered potential of the human body and mind.

In this world, you choose. You can be the one to step up and save the day; the hero who strives to protect the city and the people who inhabit it.

Or you can be the one to cut a swath of destruction through the populace; the villain who rules the world with an iron fist.

Or perhaps you’re something in between?

Valiance Online is a “living world” superhero massively multiplayer online game in which player choices and actions are paramount. Set at the end of the 21st Century in the fictional city of San Cielo, players take on the roles of heroes and villains who battle using superhuman powers and advanced technology.

The Story

In 2049, the villainous superhuman organization known as Leviathan first revealed itself to the world. As their armies marched forth, countless cities were ravaged and countries torn asunder. Never before had the world witnessed the horrific might wrought by super-powered beings. Fortunately there were those willing to oppose the terror, and assist the armies of the world in this battle. Heroes arose to fight evil, to protect their people, their cities, their world. Leviathan was driven back and the world began to rebuild in a new era of peace.

On the west coast of the United States, the city of San Cielo was devastated by the double hammer blows of war and earthquake. Its citizens could easily have abandoned the ravaged city to seek out new homes, but instead they chose to rebuild, to see their city once again reach to the sky and serve as a beacon of hope.

Now, at the end of the Twenty First Century, San Cielo faces new challenges, her citizens caught in the immortal struggle between morality and villainy. On one side, the forces of Valor, led by the legendary Paramount, fight to protect the city from rapidly strengthening gangs, rising crime and other unknown evil forces. Meanwhile, the mysterious Magistor directs a resurgent Leviathan, intent on reshaping the world into his vision.

Looming above it all is The Trinity, a group of megacorporations that have introduced world-altering scientific and technological breakthroughs. Thanks to their efforts, ordinary people can now be born with, or acquire, superhuman powers, or use advanced technology to achieve the same effects. As humanity’s abilities grow, The Trinity reaps massive profits.

The Plan

Currently we have a working pre-alpha version of Valiance up and running and are beginning large scale server stress tests. It’s been a labor of love for the team over the past year, but with your help it could be so much more! Right now we have a group of passionate gamers building Valiance Online, all of whom have volunteered their time and creative energies in the belief that together we can create a new superhero MMORPG for everyone to enjoy.

Some of the features planned for Valiance Online include:
  • An evolving game world tied to character choices
  • An open world environment with continuous no-loading between zones
  • Travel powers including fan favorites like swinging, acrobatics and flash stepping
  • Over 25 zones planned, ranging from futuristic city, island fortress, Atlantis, subterranean maze, and all the way into space
  • A choice through action system for character alignment
  • Player run stores and a decentralized market system
  • Semi-Freeform character build options
  • Powers customization options
  • A flexible and customizable UI
  • Multitudes of costume choices
  • Player created content

Who We Are

We are gamers, just like yourself, who know and love games. How can we say this? Our talent pool consists of former members of such companies as Turbine, Image Comics, Bethesda Softworks, FASA, Ubisoft, Hewlett Packard, THQ, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Sony, IBM, Cryptic, Disney, Adult Swim, GSN, and yes, even NASA. Our writers have many decades of experience between them, and multiple degrees. Our sound and music department has credits that include The Last of Us: The Fireflies, and the recently produced Nightwing web series. We have access to MMO and server technology that has been 8 years in development and combined we have decades of experience in designing, building, running and playing games. We are volunteers, but make no mistake, we are not amateurs. We are dedicated to making this game a reality and following the example of some of the other great superhero games out there.
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Mar 26 @ 1:24am
Yet another slap in the face from NC$oft
Feb 24 @ 8:59pm
IS this f2p?
Feb 9 @ 10:38pm
♦FGS Jim♠
< >
Michael Mar 24 @ 1:21pm 
This has me frothing at the mouth in rage. Utterly. I didn't think it was possible for me to hate this company more than I already did, but there it is.

I just have no words. No words at all. Nope...none.

(Okay, I do have words, but Steam shows them all as hearts.)
Frost Mar 19 @ 8:19pm 
Wish I could get excited about any of them to be honest. CoT got me excited, but it's been what? 2 years with little progress, I'm glad I didn't invest. I'll be shocked if it EVER sees a real Alpha much less Beta. VO, another game that seems to be treading water. Ship of Heroes has me cautiously optimistic. They have set out a very ambitious timeline and thus far have met all of those goals without a kickstarter or fan funding (which is coming in a few weeks).

CoH is still the king. When it was shut down it left a huge hole in my mmo enjoyment that hasn't been filled despite trying time and time again.
evryPixelcounts Mar 7 @ 10:44pm 
I miss COH (city of heroes) plz make a good game that can take up its mantle.
SwagSurf Feb 28 @ 2:39pm 
@Silverhelm Studios

I just found out about a Ship of Heroes title. This is what I call a combat video.

The rest of the field should be nervous by their progress. The KS is yet to come even. Someone put me up on this one I had no idea it existed.

SwagSurf Feb 14 @ 9:50pm 
DCU is trash, no arguments there. Combat is quality, nothing else.
Silverhelm Studios  [author] Feb 14 @ 11:18am 
Actually, the graphics and combat are in Alpha. Not Beta and not release. They are not meant to be at the level of a finished game or representative of the final intended game. We are still testing and developing the game and have much more work to do. We hope you will participate in the process and give us your feedback positive or negative as we do. Thanks!
Michael Feb 13 @ 7:20pm 
The graphics and combat are intentional. They're trying to make it close to City of Heroes.

That being said, DCU is a steaming pile of garbage, so enjoy.
Silverhelm Studios  [author] Feb 9 @ 3:59pm 
Here are some videos of the developers testing the Alpha client!
Eternel Gardien Jan 31 @ 3:15pm 
I'm sensing someone invested in CoT's harassing other developers, that's what I'm sensing. Is City of Titans making such great progress despite a reasonable crowdfunded bankroll ? If anything Ship Of Heroes seems to be making better progress.
SwagSurf Jan 12 @ 1:27pm 
Can't stand on your own two feet? You really have no business making a game. Some succeed with fan funding, other fail like VO did whom still could not reach their first goal set out way back a few years ago lmao!

People are not dumb, they aint buying VO stock. CoT is the way to go. They are crowd funded but actually gathered more than $46,000

Still waiting for the part where the game is on Steam. Maybe I am not entitled to an opinion after all, because I am merely stating facts

VO is vaporware that has not been released. Arguing otherwise is foolish and on the losing end of this because the game is utter trash and have no playable content.

I like how you glanced over those pre-alpha projects with much more going on than VO

Just give it up, dude, this is embarrassing, defending a "game" with nothing going for it.

Hey Silverhelm, how soon now? Sooner or soonish? Soon-est?