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Orcish Inn
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player
Oct 1, 2014 @ 8:37am
Oct 22, 2015 @ 11:21am
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Brushwood Buddies (Greenlight)
Pre-Alpha 0.0.17 (Halloween) Released
  • Halloween Stuff: like said above... I don't want to add spoilers here.
  • Halloween Scenario: basically the challenge scenario, but it starts in Autumn and has a maximal chance and difficulty relating the attack of the pumpkins.
  • Playground Scenario: a moddable scenario file (just make changes to the "scenario_playground.xml" file in "./orcish_inn_0_0_17/Content/scenarios/").
  • Temporary Sickness Changes: the current sickness system will be replaced in the future and to make it less strong now, the "overworked" effect can only stack once and can be removed with medicine bought from the Hawker, which is far less expensive.
  • Placing Furniture Items: items like the new pumpkin lanterns (or the old celestial mirrors) can be directly placed as furniture by right-clicking on the item in the inventory.

Please check the full changelog for more details:

The most useful thing you can do for me (besides feedback) is spreading the word! Feel free to share Orcish Inn with your friends, write or talk about it in forums and social media or tell your favorite writers, streamers or Let's Players about the game! You can also subscribe to the newsletter or follow the game on Steam:


(during the "Pumpking" attack, cursed pumpkins spawn and grow twines which destroy walls and steal items from your storages)


(a nice little tavern with pumpkin lanterns as decoration and some grown pumpkins in the little garden)


(pumpkins spawn all over the place, containing various Halloween themed items like candy or spiders)

Steven Colling

Release date: 2015

Orcish Inn is an orc tavern simulation game. You raise crops, brew beer, create your tavern and serve your orcish guests. My name is Steven Colling, I'm from Germany and I create this game on my own with the help of Tilmann 'headchant' Hars, who is responsible for sound effects and music. I enjoyed farming and business simulation games as I was a child and I want to share my passion for calm and deep, strategical experiences.

Finally, the pre-alpha is public available. Check it out here:


You can also support me on Patreon with Orcish Inn related rewards:


A typical orc's day starts with checking the farm. How well do the plants, how the animals? For raising high quality crops, you have to keep an eye on the ground's wetness and eutrophy as well as on the windbreak and the overall plant density. Some plants require wet land, others don't want to be surrounded by other crops.


Harvested crops are then used to bake bread or to brew beer. The beer production and its foregoing malt and wort production let you decide how the beer tastes, how strong it is and more.


Creating your inn is an architect's job, because you aren't fobbed with pre-built houses. Instead, you create your very own inn tile by tile, wall by wall. A bunch of decoration awaits you, because every room has its own comfort level and you better satisfy the coming orcs!


At dusk, these visitors arrive and stay for a beer. Or two. That's your chance to get some profit out of your efforts and to reinvest it in new seeds. The hawker is a flying vendor who sells and buys stuff (and he's a bit crazy, so be prepared!).


Beyond your hard farm and tavern work, mini games and other kind of amusement are lined up, including all sort of quests and your hunt for fishes in the orcish swamps. But don't forget to stay satiated and warm. If weather and seasons bring you and your business to their knees, the nature has (mostly) everything you need—you just have to search and explore!

Orcish Inn is planned for 2016 (Windows) and with a successful Greenlight campaign, for Steam. Mac and Linux is something I will check after release. I also plan to release some modding tools, at least a map and quest editor. Supported languages: English and German (definitely) and Spanish (likely). I will check out the Steam Workshop program and try to integrate as many Steam features I can (achievements, as an example).

  • Farming: a complex farming experience where you have to consider wetness, eutrophy, windbreak and plant density.
  • Keeping of Animals: breed and feed the hell out of them.
  • Exploring: explore the nature and gather resources like firewood.
  • Brewing: produce malt, wort and finally beer and control their characteristics like alcoholic strength and acerbity.
  • Furnishing: Create and decorate your inn tile by tile, wall by wall.
  • Serving: At dusk, orcish guests come in and enjoy your beer.
  • Amusement: Play tavern games with your guests or try your luck with fishing.

If you have any questions, head to the comment section or write me a mail (


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Steven Colling
Everything except sounds and music.
@StevenColling on Twitter

Tilmann 'headchant' Hars
Sounds and music.
@headchant on Twitter

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iordanis21 Sep 6 @ 8:19am 
Can't wait for this release. Thank you and good luck :)
How2doit Sep 4 @ 4:54pm 
I've been Playing this game for a while now even though it's in ver early alpha its still very fun and enjoyable, can't way to see what you have instore for the future good luke developing this game!
Steven  [author] Aug 21 @ 7:15am 
It will still take time as I want to do it right :)
LackJanners Aug 19 @ 8:15pm 
When is this game going to come out on steam? Iv been waiting ever sense I saw Sips play it!
НамВонТу Aug 10 @ 11:47pm 
Please, it's very cute !
Rainbow Catfox Jul 24 @ 12:41am 
Vaguely remembered Sips of the Yogscast playing this in the past, followed~ :P
ZekeMaster Jul 18 @ 11:56pm 
Ah, okay.
Steven  [author] Jul 18 @ 4:18am 
Neither for the next update nor for the final release. I'm working hard on it and want to make something awesome and worthwhile for everyone :)
ZekeMaster Jul 18 @ 3:45am 
Any ETA on the release date?
The Druid Dude Jun 10 @ 7:36pm 
Man I am so excited for this game, wish it was here already :( Such a interesting premise and looks so good, but wait patiently we shall!