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Square Master
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Aug 29 @ 2:50pm
Sep 1 @ 3:38pm

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To clear things up.
Release date: When Greenlit
This is a game about a square. Yes a square. Nothing more nothing less.
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Sep 5 @ 4:38pm
good game why?
TheBlackFoX Lobby Bobby aka Wong
Aug 30 @ 8:56pm
< >
nicchang101 Sep 28 @ 1:22am 
What the heck?
☢^☢*ᶡ◌N☢^☢ Sep 26 @ 9:45am 
I am going to have to say no to this because this is NOT a square. This is a cube.
Zombater Sep 23 @ 11:41am 
i cri evertim
Sph!nx Sep 21 @ 9:09am 
What's the game? All I see are some renders of the same cube...
TITS Sep 20 @ 4:03am 
give me this
Raion Sep 18 @ 11:24am 
I'd really like to have 100$ to burn in this completely randomic way.
watabou Sep 17 @ 3:06pm 

Practically anything can get onto Steam nowadays. It's very depressing.
Youth Worship Explosion Sep 14 @ 6:44am 
So you paid $100.00 for this eh?
TheOfficalLaura1973ish Sep 13 @ 7:47pm 
Could I Help And Make Smoothing Music And There Should Be Dubstep Square Mode
Player ¹ Sep 13 @ 3:09pm 
I CAN'T bloody BELIVE HE'VE DONE A bloody GAME ABOUT MOVING A bloody SQUARE! WHEN YOU GREENLIGHT YOUR bloody rainbow YOU NEED TO bloody PAY FOR! WHAT A bloody unicorn