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The Brave Furries
Aug 11 @ 12:06pm
Sep 1 @ 12:25pm

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Brave Furries available on for 1 EUR!
You can pre-order Brave Furries on Desura
Release date: As soon as Greenlit.
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The Brave Furries is a simple story about cute and funny creatures that struggle with the Evil Wizard's puzzles. Puzzles rarely take more than 60 seconds to solve and are very simple to understand but are definitely original and addictive. Everything is served with a big dose of humor.

Yuck... this game is also available on mobile...
This game is not a port. It was developed for multiple platforms at the same time and is simultaneously released on all of them right now. We are aware that PC standards are much higher therefore the game is paid on mobile but will be available for free on Steam .

So is it finished?
Yes it is! When Greenlit it will be released right away.

Most important game features:
  • Will be FREE on Steam (is paid on other channels)
  • Extremely easy gameplay rules
  • Very short puzzles
  • Mildly brain-teasing
  • Original gameplay


The Furries Princess along with half of Furries Village has been kidnapped by the Evil Wizard. The remaining Furries have launched a rescue mission. After miles of walking they discover the Wizard's castle. Not knowing what to expect they enter and find themselves in the cellar. There is a strange seal on the cellar doors and there are boxes with runes all over the place. Having no better idea about what to do, the Furries open a box…
Help these hilariously cute creatures execute a rescue mission. You will need to explore the Evil Wizard's castle and solve his puzzles to succeed. Hours of mildly brain-teasing gameplay awaits!

Greenlight updates
  • Added Mac and Linux platforms to the game's description! We do have a MAC version ready and we will create LINUX version as well. (Linux may be a bit later since we have little experiance with this system).
  • Added multiplayer to the game's description! We have started working on the multiplayer feature for the game. It will be cross-platform between PC, MAC, LINUX and you will be even able to kick some mobile-casual player's butts:) ). The feature will however be added a bit after the release of the game.
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Aug 12 @ 1:12am
where's the Mac and Linux version?
=NoCry= Linux
Aug 11 @ 1:43pm
We are also planning to implement multiplayer feature for this game (later, in an update). Maybe you have some ideas "how could it work"?
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NRieh Sep 18 @ 12:01pm 
Nice-looking puzzle + free? Yes, please.
看我不把你打哭 Sep 16 @ 9:49pm 
look good
szymonsio Sep 15 @ 11:15am 
Want it! Want it so badly I can't sleep!
Artem Gapey |UA| Sep 10 @ 9:32am 
wanna it
Chodząca Zajebistość Sep 5 @ 12:38pm 
Interesująca gra i bardzo miodna:D
Bundlebandits Sep 2 @ 9:57am 
Let us know if you are interested in bundling your game in one of our upcoming greenlight bundles from, you can contact us at for more information.

upvote! and good luck!
[FF] Legolas Sep 2 @ 8:04am 
yes look funny
♠SzumiS1998♠ Sep 1 @ 11:03am 
Interesująca gra i bardzo miodna :)
RICHARD9303 Aug 28 @ 9:55pm 
Se ve interesante.
OB.RTz Aug 27 @ 10:41pm