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The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Aug 18, 2014 @ 6:13pm
Sep 3, 2014 @ 2:49pm
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Hellgate is an action RPG that allows you to play in a first-person or third-person perspective. Set 27 years into the future, an ancient prophecy made centuries ago has come true and the gates of hell have opened. Demons have overrun the world of man and roam our lands, destroying, pillaging and killing humans. With the world above ground abandoned, dark and burnt to hellfire, humans are forced into hiding to protect what remains of their race while making plans to take back a world that was once theirs. In the game, mankind escapes to the underground system under the sprawling metropolis of London. Prepare for a struggle for survival in a world that has become hell.

Hellgate Global have retained most of the previous version features together with the following updates brought by the Tokyo Patch:


Hellgate Tokyo continues the story of the London Resurrection. Heroes start in Tokyo Base, and continue on to different locations as they progress through the story. Tokyo is composed of 24 new levels, with new named monsters and boss monsters.

Unique Modes

Hellgate Tokyo introduces two modes, Cow Room and Base Defense.

In Cow Room, heroes could test their strength by facing hordes and hordes of zombies. The zombies can puff out flames, and some them may contain boss monsters that drop new recipes and shield set items. Also, sandstorms hinder heroes’ seeing ability, giving more challenge to the mode.

In Base Defense, heroes defend supply bases against a horde of demons. In order to overcome the challenge, heroes are required to work with other heroes to ensure the safety of the bases. If the heroes manage to defend the bases, they will receive rewards ranging from palladium to rare set items or legendary items, depending on how well they manage to defend the bases.

Hell Mode

Heroes wanting more challenge from Hellgate Tokyo will now be able to play in Hell Mode, with the chance of better loots and experience from upgraded mobs and bosses.

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Mar 22 @ 7:45am
Сделайте игру фри ту плей и доступной в тиме с кооперативом!Make the game free play and available in time with the co-op!
Сибил Беннетт
Mar 21 @ 3:19am
A chance to really revive the game, or to fail again ?
Feb 21 @ 11:38am
original hellgate london: playable ?
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Worst Fuze ever 7 hours ago 
please add this it is great
barrange 14 hours ago 
i wish this game never got closed down.. what lil time i got to play it it was a awesome game IMO... maybe someday it will be playable agian
$3T3§c}{ Mar 21 @ 1:32am 
how is it? is it on steam or wait they till 2000000000000000000000 jears
Сибил Беннетт Mar 20 @ 5:11am 
Релизнизь ты уже блин(((
oCaNNaR Mar 16 @ 6:54am 
Hellgate london steamde olmaması beni şaşırttı biraz
PwninTaNoobs Mar 11 @ 7:09pm 
So any place we can get this? I miss playing this game.
W☪lf102 Mar 5 @ 7:23am 
в steam нету!
#FIXCSGO Mar 5 @ 6:26am 
в збт
#FIXCSGO Mar 5 @ 6:26am 
вышла она от англиский разрабов
W☪lf102 Mar 1 @ 2:14am 
Да она не выйдет никогда, разработчик покинул и не вернется в своем месте. Даже сайт удалено и не работает.