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FIFA World Cup Host Resolution
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Jul 15 @ 11:37am
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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is over, and once again I feel disappointed because the true excitement happened before the tournament even started.

There have been dozens of FIFA branded video games. Dozens. Yet every one of these titles ignore the all-powerful FIFA in their gameplay. They don’t showcase the scandal, the copious wealth, the controversial remarks. They’re just about soccer. And that’s not enough. That’s not FIFA.

What I bring is the opportunity to dive head first into the most drama-filled element of the World Cup: the bidding war to host the tournament.

Call it the first true FIFA simulation, this mod is an international works project unlockable through popular vote in the World Congress once biology, the technology that discovers oil, is researched. When the resolution passes, civilizations must race to provide the highest production before the project is built (let’s just pretend the hammers are bribes-I-mean-gold). The highest contributor to the project is crowned host of the FIFA World Cup. You get a staggering 20 gold from sponsors - but wait there’s more; the FIFA World Cup won’t actually happen for several more years and you’ve got a lot of work to do.

As the future FIFA World Cup host, it’s your responsibility to build all the infrastructure you promised you would in your proposal. Wanna Kafala? You’re in luck! Just take advantage of your new unique unit: the Migrant Worker! To start off you’ll receive two free Migrant Workers and a Settler in your capital so you can build your own Lusail City.

The Migrant Worker is half the price of the regular worker and can only be bought. With additional movement, they are willing to work long hours without food or water. You hold their passports and salaries so they’ll never stray– if they run too far from your territory and the heat doesn’t kill them, there are literally countless afflictions and human rights abuses that will! They are the foundation on which your brand new stadiums rest on – or at least their bodies will be. But don’t worry when they perish, with 1.4 million units to choose from, it’s a never ending supply of cheap labour!

Will you become an armchair activist as well as an armchair general? The choice is yours!




- As this mod is structured around the World Congress, it requires the BNW expansion. This is intended to be a conceptual build more than a must-have mod, so don’t be upset if you miss out.
- This has nothing to do with soccer which is a lovely sport. I mean, it certainly isn’t hockey, but that’s not its fault.
- There is a chance that some will take this at face value, so please don't.
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|PvE|DMtCA Sep 15 @ 3:55pm 
Not funny at all
jackoftrumps Aug 10 @ 6:24am 
Great mod, great point, well made.
The winner should have bonus :( with stadiums, becuase of forced law changes. And maybe something like Fifa Courts, etc. To be fair, a one time bonus to tourism can go with this too.

But top noch, very on the nose.
Nekoborg Aug 10 @ 1:33am 
Have you ever thought about making a mod that converts all national names into football clubs, and their town’s names will be named after the pubs located in the football clubs area?

This would take some research to find the pub names, but I’m sure fan club pages on the internet can shed some light which pubs they hang out at.

With domination victory only options call the MOD Hooligans.
Horned Cow Aug 7 @ 10:52am 
@Boo3uf That's an absolute lie, easily falsified by numerous foreign journalist reporting from the region, including articles from typically anti-Emirates publications. Either you're ill-informed or deluding yourself.

Regardless, nice mod. Could maybe do with a little less of the social commentary.
Jinz Aug 7 @ 3:54am 
Very good idea, but I think you should also get some more benefits than just 20 gold and free/cheaper workers; increased culture/tourism (ESPECIALLY tourism) for a limited amount of time.
Craig Boone Aug 1 @ 7:08pm 
found the canadian
Fenrisfil Aug 1 @ 9:02am 
Hosting the World Cup should cause random Rioter (barbarian) units to spawn just as if you were on -10 happiness. Plus it should cost you 20 gold per turn not reward you with that, Fifa takes the money. The only positive side should be a huge culture boost and a free great prophet called "The Hand".
Veritali Jul 29 @ 11:54pm 
without that immigrant worker thing this mod is good...
Boo3uf Jul 26 @ 7:43am 
People know nothing about Qatar. Other Arabic countries such as Emirates want to invade it and are creating propaganda. Workers in Qatar have better working conditions than in America or another Arabic country. The only difference is that it's hotter in Qatar than it is in America.
Tactical Potatoe Wizard Jul 24 @ 6:40am 
MigGui its not serious, hes just taking shots at FIFA and its not supposed to be helpful...