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Heavy Metal Death Pirate
Genre: Action, RPG, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, French
Players: Single-player
Jul 12 @ 12:30am
Jul 12 @ 7:03am

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Heavy Metal Death Pirate on Desura
Official websites with many more screenshots and info about the game
Release date: Anytime
Heavy Metal Death Pirate is a 2D action sidescroller taking place in contemporary urban environments. The main feature of the game is that it mixes many different retro gameplay styles in a single game. There are many unique characters to choose from and they are divided into three different types of gameplay for now: Shoot'em up, Run n'gun and Beat'em up. Of course, the whole game was designed with this in mind and every stages can be completed with any kind of gameplay.
The game is divided into 14 main stages. There are many different objectives to complete in each stages in accordance with the story: reach the end, protect somebody, destroy a particular enemy... There are 13 optionnal side stages: harder levels focusing on a secondary characters or a more obscure side of the story. The scenario has been an important part in the conception of the game.
In contrary with many game in the genre, the story is here the main focus and it's told before and after each stages through skippable detailled dialogue scenes where comedy and drama are mixed together. Our goal was really to create a gripping story, a complex background and lovable characters.

- 60 fps action!
- Available Language : french and english
- HD Graphics
- A mix of action and RPG
- Play as a super hero who can fly and explore vast levels in various environments
- 15 stages and 13 special episodes
- 7 unique characters with three different types of gameplay
- Explore the city of South Town and investigate on the mystery of the Death Pirate
- Meet new characters and befriends to obtain bonuses during the stages - An original story and an edgy soundtrack
- Level up and upgrade your technique and abilities
- and more...

The game is 100% complete and is now ready to be enjoyed. Morei info on
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STVR 4 hours ago 
Pretty unique aesthetic, but the art is a bit rough in places, the gameplay looks pretty sluggish, and the environments are far too noisy; it's very difficult to tell what's going on in the video.
Ricardo Matos Jul 26 @ 9:16am 
Vote yes on Steam.
Nice Game.
Good luck. =)
Dr. Faust Jul 24 @ 2:15pm 
So, to judge it by the gameplay footage might be slightly unfair, but it didn't interest me. At times it seemed either slow or sluggish. Like some of the cartacters werten't quite finished.
Also, the animation and art style seem to be just so-so. Perhaps good for a free flash game, but not something I'd pay money for.
Also the Japanese tone of the game is not appealing for me, but that's a personal thing. So that I can look past.
As for the positives - the styles of gameplay availible. Yes, that is actually interesting. If done well, that might be a selling point for me. In a way, sort of reminds me of an altered Golden Axe.
I also like the characters. While still in that Japanese style token characters, I think that I might like some of them enough to look past the ones that make me think of rejected Manga characters.
I hope this gets greenlit, but I also hope that over time there will be improvements, should they be needed.
Good luck!
stemansal Jul 24 @ 11:26am 
jeet Jul 23 @ 1:49am 
VyEd Glitch Jul 18 @ 3:48pm 
OROC Jul 18 @ 10:12am 
Makoto Tachibana Jul 17 @ 2:17pm 
awesome game name :3
isidorembuma  [author] Jul 17 @ 1:34am 
For those who ask for different languages, I obviously can't do it as this game was done by me alone. I am French and I've lived a few years in England, that's the best I can do! Sorry!