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Stardust Vanguards
Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Jun 26 @ 10:40pm
Aug 4 @ 12:13am

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"Let's Play" Stardust Vanguards by Button Masher Bros
Player Reaction Video at SGC2014
Release date: FALL 2014

STARDUST VANGUARDS is a local four player game about precision mecha dueling all while calling for reinforcements in the style of 80s and 90s anime space operas. Your special ability is to call in allied squadrons and fleets to assist you on the battlefield. Random events occasionally occur throughout the battle, such as computer controlled space pirates launching massive surprise assaults on all parties involved. You may choose to team up with your rival players during these situations, or use these events as a distraction to kill off an unsuspecting commander. Of course, you'll have to deal with the pirates, too, since they can win the battle just like a player can. Central to Stardust Vanguard's core premise is fast-paced dueling with an element of strategy brought about through your ability to call in reinforcements.

The game has been meticulously balanced and playtested to make sure that the gameplay is tight, precise, and competitive.

  • Multiple arenas/battlefields
  • Dozens of random events that shifts the battle conditions.
  • Call In tactical strikes that scale in magnitude according to the battle
  • Lightning fast multiplayer dueling
  • Computer controlled space pirates attack everyone and can even win battles too
  • Deathmatch, Team Battles, Cooperative Modes (and we're working on more!)
  • Rocking soundtrack
  • Releases soon! Summer/Fall 2014 on PC and Linux (possibly Mac later if all goes well).

Your pilot is equipped with a powerful energy sword and a very limited amount of ammunition. Bullets are a support tool in Stardust Vanguards, something to distract your enemies with and not necessarily something to rely on for kills. In addition to your weaponry, your machine is highly mobile and can dash away from other players or even right into them as a pushing attack, but be careful: your engines can burnout temporarily if you boost too much! You can also deflect bullets right back at enemies, so while bullets should be respected they can be used to your advantage!

Calling reinforcements centers on acquiring RP (reinforcement points). You earn RP for every kill you make. Tougher enemies award more RP while weaker enemies are worth a little less. On top of this, the kills your reinforcements make earns you RP, too. You can totally hang back and let them rack up kills for you as you wait to unleash more reinforcements, or you can risk your own well-being to help them push back the enemy. How you play is up to you.

There are multiple tiers of reinforcements based on how much RP you currently have and you can spend those points however you'd like by charging up with the "Call Reinforcements" button. So if you only wanted a small flight group to assist you, you'd only charge up for a quick moment, but if you wanted a large cruiser escort you'd need to charge up to max, assuming you have the points to do so.

Dying takes RP away, but you'll also gain RP slowly over time, so merely surviving will let you build up your forces. Special event ships also offer huge RP rewards for defeating them such as transport and supply ships. Of course, assassinating a special VIP in transit could max our your forces immediately.

Deathmatch, Cooperative, Teamplay, and More!

We're just a two-man team and we're always happy to chat about any comments or suggestions.

See you on the battlefield!
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Daybreaker Rein Aug 28 @ 8:58pm 
Dude this game is freaking awesome! Saw a guy under the name Gigaboots do a quickplay video and man it really hit the mark with something I would love to have in my Steam Collection!
Team ZANRAI  [author] Aug 23 @ 9:40pm 
Special thank to everyone that's voted so far! The game is making great progress, but we really need your help to spread the word. If you dig what we're doing we hope you'll drop our Steam Greenlight link to your friends, any forums you visit, Reddit, social media, or wherever you think people might be interested in this kind of game.
Team ZANRAI  [author] Aug 21 @ 7:42pm 
Whoa! No need for violence! :D We very much appreciate the support though.
Radamier Aug 21 @ 8:41am 
Why do games with less than HALF this quality and effort make it onto Steam? This game better make it to the front page or someone at Valve will die.
Salty Sam Aug 20 @ 11:22pm 
Played a little while ago at SGC, and am utterly shocked to see it hasn't been greenlit yet! The game flows just as well as it looks, with mechanics simple yet complex in their actual application - each tactic as fun as the other(you may get called out for calling reinforcements and shoving your shield in an opponent's face whilst they get toasted.)

Team ZANRAI  [author] Aug 17 @ 3:23pm 
@Feldherren If we could make online work we would definitely do it, but it's really a technical limitation we've hit because of the game's fast speed and the sheer number of units moving around in the game (not to mention all the bullets). Timing is critical and if even a minor bit of latency occurred it would ruin the game, so online just isn't viable for this kind of game unfortunately.
Feldherren Aug 17 @ 6:29am 
Is this ever likely to have online multiplayer?
Achar☆ESP Aug 16 @ 9:42am 
KirkCameronCrowe Aug 13 @ 4:24am 
Easily one of the cooler games on Greenlight right now.
Team ZANRAI  [author] Aug 9 @ 12:12am 
Thanks everyone.

@Regime, this game won't be a free to play game. We're still deciding on pricing right now. But hopefully we can get that pinned down for you soon.