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Super Distro Horizons - N64 / Dreamcast-Style 3D Platformer (Powered by Unreal Engine 4)

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Release date: Late summer 2014
Super Distro Horizons! - Multi-Dimensional Adventure to put a stop to evil Galaximo's plans!

Super Distro Horizons is a love-letter to classic N64 / Dreamcast-style platformers of old. Combining the speed of Dreamcast platformers with the depth and exploration of N64 platformers; Super Distro is an exciting project that spans many different dimensions and Distro wants to take you for the ride!

Featuring over 10 different dimensions and locations, Super Distro takes players on a journey through the eyes of Distro in his attempt to de-throne the evil alien overlord "Galaximo" himself!

Who are we?
We're Kitatus Studios! An independent video-game developer based in London, United Kingdom. In particular, My name is Ryan Shah; I'm the Project Lead / Coder / Developer / Tea Maker / Insert Job Role here! More about that stuff down the page though! I'm extremely excited to tell you all about Super Distro Horizons; Kitatus Studios' First commercially released project, powered by Unreal Engine 4.

What is Super Distro?
Super Distro Horizons is the shortened title of "Super Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo's Army", which to sum it up in just a few words is: "An N64 and Dreamcast-Style platforming hybrid". As you can tell, it's not so simple to sum the project up into a few words, so let me explain it a little better:

Super Distro Horizons is an upcoming 3D platformer for PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U, PS Vita, Amazon Fire HD, iOS, Android, Ouya and Gamestick. Taking heavy inspiration from titles such as Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Spyro the Dragon, Sly Cooper, Sonic Adventure, Rayman 2, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and a ton more titles such as Jet Set Radio and much more, Super Distro is the modern tribute to not just a classic genre but a whole era of video-games; The era during the Fifth and Sixth console generations.

Harnessing the hubworlds as made popular from N64 platformers and blending in fast and frantic levels as found in titles such as Sonic Adventure, we hope to fuse together the gameplay experiences we experienced growing up with the games industry to create a fresh new game in the sea of first person shooters and puzzles titles that flood the games industry currently.

  • Hubworld - Travelling around various stages has never been so fun. Or so rewarding! Explore the Hubworld and find secret areas, hidden treasures and maybe a surprise or two... Currently, we have a main hubworld and two sub-hubs planned! One of the sub-hubworlds are already in the game - NeoTokyo!

  • Level Builder! - One of the funnest part of video-games in my personal opinion is the ability to create your own levels to share with friends, create obstacle courses or just let your creative juices flow and create new and wonderful worlds to explore!

  • Global Leaderboards - Get the best times on one of the games' many stages and post it online for all to see.

  • Multiple Pathways - Just can't beat your friends time on a level? Think outside the box; When you start looking at the bigger picture, things might seem a bit more... Shortcut-ty. You'll also net yourself some sweet hidden extras by finding alternative routes, so get hunting!

  • Local & Online Multiplayer - We're currently developing plenty of extra modes for multiplayer for you to challenge your family/friends/pets at different games based in the Distro universe. Some of these modes include: Race, Battle, Hunt and a whole collection of mini-games inspired by classic and modern video-games!

  • Free Post-Release Content FOREVER - It's a shame this has to be a feature in video-games these days, but if it has to be so, it has to be so. Every single piece of added content before and after launch is free with every copy of the game. This will include extra levels, extra characters, bonus missions, more multiplayer maps and modes. Anything that we can do to support the game post-launch. And it'll all be free. Forever.

  • Learn How to Make Video-Games - Ryan Shah (Me) aka the Project Lead on Super Distro is also writing a book showing the inside and out of creating a video-game using Unreal Engine 4. This means you can learn how to be able to create your own video-games thanks to the book that will be provided 100% FREE with Super Distro!

Let's talk about pricing:
As I'm doing this for the love of video-games, not to get rich, here is the planned pricing for Super Distro. (Please note: These prices are not final, but this is what I'm aiming for price-wise) :
GBP - £1
EUR - €1.25
USD - $1.70
AUS - $1.80
Other Territories (GBP) - £1

For the price of much less than a coffee, you get a awesome tribute to classic platformers as well as a free e-book teaching you how to create video-games of your own! Is it a good deal? I hope so. As I said; I'm doing this for the love of games, not to get rich.

Current State:
Super Distro is currently in Alpha, there's a lot left to do before it's release at the end of the Summer. However, I'm working mid-day to 2am every single day to make sure you get the best game possible by the time the game launches at the end of the Summer!

I hope you're looking forward to Super Distro as much as I am and I wish you a wonderful day!
- Ryan S, Project Lead

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I hope that running animation gets some changes... otherwise, looking pretty cool so far.
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Hey @Cybertrick - I've been working hard on a new Alpha that I believe will blow people's socks off! I've been waiting till I'm happy with the alpha but the page should be updated soon!
Cyberbrickmaster86 Oct 5 @ 10:49pm 
Please update this page whenever you can! This game is still clearly in early alpha, and therefore highly unlikely to be released this year, let alone a couple of months ago as mentioned below the video! I'd really appreciate it if I had any knowledge of the game's current status, but I guess I'm not one to know what it's like to be part of game development at this time.
pendragon44 Sep 11 @ 8:06am 
awesome images
Kancer Sep 9 @ 3:12pm 
big ole yes
Spicy Noodles Aug 30 @ 5:52pm 
.-. no Idea, so I hit yes.
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language thanks
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Looks like a classic old game we all enjoy to play :D
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Good Work