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Astrons - A sci-fi adventure through time and space
Jun 22 @ 8:12am
Jul 1 @ 1:14pm

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New techdemo update woooo
  • Time trial mod. Land on the platform on the bottom a of the level and collect as many points as you can, as fast as possible.
  • Life bar
  • Fuel bar
  • Improved camera
  • Improved controls
  • The ship explodes to pieces if your lifebar goes down

Click here to download. []
Or here. []

Upcoming features in the free techdemo!
Astron is an upcoming thrilling adventure game through our galaxy where you can only rely on YOUR own creations.

CLICK HERE[] to download our free techdemo

MediaFire Mirror[]

Techdemo features:
  • Ship Editor. Let your creativity free and make your very own ship from scrap and give it a test run.
  • Map Editor. Draw your own maps, that you can discover later.
  • Load a ship then a map and fly and drive around in it, drill the terrain, and enjoy the game.

The techdemo is only available for Windows, however the full game is going to have Linux and OSX support though.

Upcoming major features:
  • Story mode. We are planning a fun (a little bit heartbreaking) story with a lot of twists and cliffhangers, where the player have to travel through three planets in time and space across the universe.
  • Multiplayer. Imagine having a CTF match, or a FFA game with these creations, if we manage to get the goal, we will make it possible.
  • Hundreds of tools and gadgets that you can build in to improve your creations, to give you the ultimate freedom in creativity.
  • Steam Workshop. (If we get greenlit.) You will be able to share your creations and maps with the Steam community.
  • Linux & OSX support. We won’t even release our game until it works properly on all three operation systems.
  • Dynamic lightning. It is really fiddly and hard to implement but we are going to make it, because it would look awesome.

    Feel free to ask questions, we will be more than happy to answer them, also give us feedback about your experiences with the techdemo.

    Chriss & Barney
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Jul 4 @ 6:44pm
Give us some feedback
Jul 1 @ 8:14am
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newo Jul 27 @ 11:25pm 
elaborate on creation, more tools, complicate a bit cause that part seems exciting. And add more exciting stuff out there other than minerals(?).
gabrielssj4 Jul 27 @ 6:14am 
STVR Jul 23 @ 7:40am 
Technically, every adventure is an adventure through time and space.
tarasin Jul 23 @ 4:09am 
linux please
Noobcannon Jul 22 @ 11:00pm 
reminds me of space taxi from the c64 (voted)
우버소년 메딕 Jul 21 @ 4:54am 
Шипиляк Jul 20 @ 5:04am 
Я верю в будущее этого проекта.
҉ OneTooz ҉ Jul 19 @ 12:29pm 
Cool, voted!
Sergeant Johnson Jul 17 @ 6:22pm 
the game looks pretty interesting and creative and it would probaly be really fun.
NoobAtWork Jul 15 @ 5:41pm 
looks good its abought time when had another game like this u have my vote