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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Jun 20 @ 10:35am
Jul 4 @ 8:56am

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Gameplay Pre-Alpha Demo is now LIVE!
New Video and Screenshots Uploaded!
Release date: Q4 2014

An intense arcade-style robot-recycling collect-em-up! Players must fight to restore order in Polarity City, one arena at a time. Do this by capturing enemies in your super-duper Electromagnetic Nets (or ‘MagNets’), and using their scrap to supercharge yourself to complete the level!

Free Gameplay Demo Available

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Key features:

  • Compulsive, challenging and replayable gameplay for all ages
  • 20+ story levels over 4 unique zones, + custom challenge levels
  • Singleplayer, local multiplayer and cooperative modes
  • Online leaderboards for all levels
  • Character customisation, upgrades and power ups
  • Challenge mode - use your skills to beat the levels!
  • PC, Mac & Linux
  • Optimised for controller play; keyboard play and key remapping also available.

The Gameplay:

The key to the game is, of course, the MagNet. The MagNet is the main tool in your arsenal for destroying pesky bots.

Press the MagNet button and then move away to form a circular MagNet. Release the MagNet button, and any bots caught in that area will be zapped. Some bots take more than one zap to be destroyed; once they are, they will drop Scrap, which you can take to one of the many Recycletrons dotted around the city - and if you’re lucky, you’ll get something useful in return...

Beware, though; your MagNet will only stretch so far. Once it reaches full width, it will snap and dissipate. The smaller the MagNet area, the bigger the points!

The Baddies:

Bloxbots are Polarity City's stupidest artificial intelligence. Their job - when they are doing it - is to keep the place clean, well-oiled and functional. Some Bloxbots have propellers, some can jump, some can hide themselves, some have “maintenance lasers”...

These bots have been bumbling around Polarity City for centuries, (mostly) following their programming, but they have begun to malfunction in a big way. They are destroying anything they see!

But that’s not all… these normally incompetent bots have been given a dark purpose. They seem to be kidnapping and harnessing the power of the Magnetpets! These PetBot hybrids are super-destructive and they appear to be taking on the characteristics of the Magnetpet within. What monsters!

To save the Magnetpets you're going to need to disassemble these PetBots - hard. Use your MagNet to deplete their energy, get them to hit something that hurts, or maybe that scrap metal you've been collecting can be made into some sort of powerup…

The Story:

You are designation Faraday, and Polarity City’s Master Analysis and Organisation Robot (MAyOR) has programmed you with the honourable role of Park Ranger in the Last Park in existence. Your job? Feeding the last organic life in existence (nicknamed Magnetpets) and maintaining the mindless maintenance drones, the Bloxbots. If any of them go wrong (and they often do), you need to scoop them up in your MagNet, short-circuit them, and clean up their mess. Take their scrap metal to the Recycletron, and get whatever you need in return.

Usually, this job is pretty easy… but not today. Today, the Bloxbots have gone mad.

But why are so many bots malfunctioning? Why are they so set on destruction? And where in the world have all the cute little Magnetpets gone? Someone needs to be looking into this… Someone like you.

History & Devs:

Total Monkery are an independent family-run games studio in Devon, England. The team includes:
  • Richard Weeks Top Chimp/Technical Director and 20-year games industry veteran
  • Andrea Chandler, fiancee and General Manager
  • Anya Trounce, Andrea’s daughter and Artist/Media
  • Will Davis, Anya’s partner and Programmer
  • New arrival Frederic Fitzpatrick, Junior Artist.
MagNets came into being as a spiritual successor to a game Total Monkery's Technical Director worked on, Rat Attack. Richard believed the core mechanic - deploying a "net" around baddies to defeat them - was worthy of an update; through conversations with friend and artist Phil Corbett, the wacky universe of Polarity City was born. Total Monkery have been developing MagNets for 6 months, with completion scheduled for September.

Other collaborators on MagNets include Jamie Hamshere (AKA Junosix) and Harry Holmwood, providing original music.

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ヱカテカ Jul 27 @ 3:13pm 
Seems nice, voted
de-Story Jul 25 @ 8:35am 
Despite of the artwork and concept, I'll vote this to make it real on steam.
STVR Jul 22 @ 2:31pm 
I'll vote for this in the hopes that it will deliver on the concept. Good luck!
Cloud Bear Jul 21 @ 9:05am 
Master Gamer2222 Jul 19 @ 10:25pm 
hako098 Jul 15 @ 7:32am 
weeksy  [author] Jul 14 @ 8:02am 
Thanks for the continued kind words. We just took a week off to get ready for the games final push, but are back now and raring to go. Should be a new demo available soon (for Mac and Linux as well)
GOLD Jul 13 @ 1:07pm 
Nice game, voted
LAW-11-NYC Jul 13 @ 12:51pm 
Seems like a fun and decent adventure game. It doesn't seem to fall flat, but instead seems to have layers of gameplay and strategy. You got my vote, nicely done.
Pablox900 Jul 13 @ 12:23am 
looks very nice, congrats