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Pale Blue
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 10, 2014 @ 10:18am
Jun 25, 2014 @ 1:13pm
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Summary of Our KickStarter Campaign for Our Steam GreenLight (Part 4)
Mobile Suits

Our designer, who responsible in designing enemies and their peripheral, also shows some of his concept artwork on mobile-suits and turrets. Every single turret will have its own power, such as electricity or poison. Here they are:

This is one of the standard mobile armor own by military. As the story went on, there'll be more and more advanced vehicles and mobile armors that will bring another level of excitement on Ellen's missions.

From the first Mobile Suit Design, our artist made a new design. Take a look of our newest Mobile Suit Design:







We have a plan in mind to design an environment which have flexibility and able to bring various ambiance to the players. One of them is presented to you now by playing on the world’s lighting using dynamic lighting, glow, and lens flare, also our artist’s artistic sense and touch.

We’re trying to make a single scene to have its own uniqueness on various times (noon, evening, night) and make a perfect mood for the story in each stage.


Background and Ambiance

Beforehand, we were working on creating a variety on objects, buildings, and structures in order to make it unique. But we found that we could make a greater assortment by giving a shot on each stages mood and ambiance. We are trying to make sure that every single stage, room, and situation has their own unique atmosphere. By combining our artist's layering and color tricks, we have managed to apply this ambiance effect to our work-in-project prototype. We also utilized some Unity plug-ins that we found useful. Well, take a peek at these experiments!





By reason of making the background looks alive, we add some moving objects such as birds and monorails. Besides that, there was a change in coloring phase. Before, we used additional layer in unity to achieve desired color ambiance, but now we’re eliminating those steps and just paint the whole raw background according to the desired color to achieve the best quality. We also readjusted the stage’s perspective after a lot of testing to create a better dimension feeling.


Military Base


To be Continues

That is all currently from us, we tried our best to sums up of our update so far in other sites and put it here, just so a lot of people who back us up here also get the update.
On behalf of Pale Blue Development team, we deeply apologize to all Pale Blue Steam Greenlight followers and subscribers. Please forgive us because we are kind of abandon you here, we forgot that we also have amazing supports in Steam Greenlight, and hopefully this kind of update will be continued, together with the updates in other sites.

We will see you again in the next update.

Cheers :)

Summary of Our KickStarter Campaign for Our Steam GreenLight (Part 3)

You might have read about him in the Professor's profile. Together with the Professor, Tesla is the one who created the enigmatic evil organization, COCOON. He cast away his old identity and was reborn as Monarch, the evil overlord of COCOON. He sees the world as a beautiful piece of creation, yet the humans have disgraced it. They're incomplete, just like an ugly caterpillar in the beautiful garden. That's why he's determined to be the 'Cocoon' which will force human to 'metamorphose' into a beautiful 'butterfly'.

The question on everyone’s mind is what has led him to such twisted ambition? What is the story behind these two scientists who took it upon themselves to reshape the world? These questions are one of the many aspects we want to reveal throughout the game. As the game progresses, we will take you through the Pale Blue journey to see who is behind this blind ambition and idealism, where it began, and where it will end.



Citizens are one of Ellen’s favorite snack for replenishing her health, so here are some citizens which are ready to be served!


Unlockables Form



Wyvern is a high speed type of Ellen which also be able to fly. Since Wyvern has a lower defense power than Juggernaut, Wyvern’s fly ability will be able to help her to dodge and attacking enemies at the same time.

Here is her first look

After the first look, we held the live drawing session - ran in parallel with the Q-A session - at our twitch, and it was much more interesting to see Mukhlis, a.k.a. Sinlaire, drew an Ellen’s form: the Wyvern. This is the final look of Wyvern form.



Poltergeist is one of Ellen’s form that has a very strong physical power. Even though the body changes is not quite significant from the ‘normal’ form of Ellen, her health and defense increase quite significantly.

The uniqueness of Poltergeist is having a shield barrier that be able to block damages that coming from melee and range attacks. This form also have a lot of range attacks and debuff ability.

This is our Poltergeist first look

Meanwhile, here is the final look


Skill Tree

As COCOON’s ultimate weapons, Ellen and her siblings have various deadly abilities, and they’re growing stronger each day. In Pale Blue, there’ll be an item called DNA Point which player could obtain by finding them hidden in each mission, completing a certain achievement, getting high rank and score in mission, or by interacting with NPC.

Using that point, player will be able to upgrade and unlock Ellen and her siblings' ability. Each abilityies requires certain numbers of DNA Point to unlock it. Player will have the freedom to choose which ability they want to unlock first. Although some abilities that were related closely to the progress of the main story would be unlocked in predefined order according to the story progress.

As for the editing mechanism, player could access Genome Editing menu from the computer inside 21st Lab, before entering any mission.



And of course, the world won't just sit still. Just like the scenario we are familiar with. Every time evil emerges, Heroes will rise and fight them.


Aurora Rangers


Justice Rangers


Iron Knight (Phase 2)


Alphaman (Phase 2)





This is the concept Artwork for Enemy Military Soldiers.


Armored Soldiers

In order to face Ellen’s monstrous power, some soldiers will be equipped with both light and heavy armored exoskeleton suit! Here it is:



This is the concept Artwork for Enemy Military Air Vehicle and Enemy Military Land Vehicle.



Release date: Third quarter 2015
*We are successfully funded on Kickstarter! Thank you very much~ The funding is still going via PayPal, though

Pale Blue is a 2D side-scrolling action-adventure game. Inspired by prominent titles such as Metroid, Castlevania, and Rampage; Pale Blue offers a fresh perspective as well as new experiences through its beautiful art, deep storyline, and unique features.

Player will take a role as a devastating killer machine in the form of charming girl named Ellen. Being the ultimate weapon of an evil organization COCOON, Ellen - along with her 'siblings' in Tammy and Frei - pass through their everyday life fighting and killing those superheroes we all known for; Superheroes who throw themselves in the midst of war protecting the peace on earth. COCOON, on the other hand, feels that the world has been so corrupted. They are going to 'purify' it, claiming a utopia of their own. By the eyes of Ellen, Tammy, and Frei, you are going to take a journey on a mission in which every step you have, every single decision you make... Will path your own destiny. Stand on their side and your view of the world will never be the same ever again by simply putting yourself on the 'evil' mindset.

In Pale Blue, you are going to have some fun in doing something that you've never done before. Devouring human, fighting drones, stealthily killing people, going berserk and create massive destruction... And much more! Some of the things that will tingle your senses:
  • Devour humans!
  • Break down buildings or walls in your surroundings
  • Fast paced hack and slash action combined with intriguing puzzles
  • Sneak attacks to assassinate targets or steal objects
  • Discover and unlock Ellen's various forms and abilities through out the game
  • In-depth story and character progression
  • Multiple story lines with various endings!

Every character will have their own unique skill tree. Have some cool abilities as you like by exchanging DNA points. You will find DNA points by doing various mission such as killing a particular person or smashing objects.

As every single level goes by, the difficulty will force you to give a better approach for every mission. But worry not! Pale Blue offers another unique feature: a transformation. Every character will have their own 'true form', and you will be able to transform by collecting energy soul on each level. Take some cautious on their true form, though! It may seem harmless and cute... Deadly cute.

Pale Blue is developed by Tinker Games[], an indie game developer based in Bandung, Indonesia. Feel free to share your thought of the game and join us in making an incredible gaming atmosphere through Pale Blue!

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three years
Limsa Lominsa Mar 25, 2017 @ 1:41pm 
Looks like this is another dead project, their website has been down for months same as their facebook.
*G1antK1ngTurtlE* Mar 14, 2017 @ 10:34am 
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? when?
Enders souls Feb 15, 2017 @ 5:52pm 
please tell me your still working on this game i love the look of this game and the charaters please dont be a group of cunts and say its not coming
摸鱼 Jan 10, 2017 @ 8:56am