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Jun 6, 2014 @ 3:12pm
Apr 8 @ 8:31pm
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Huge Update: Map Size, New Engine Company, and More
Indie GoGo Campaign
Release date: Early Access Late 2016
A revolutionary Single and Multi-player Real Time Strategy & 3rd Person Simulation based on the Emergency Services of New York City.

Official FlipSwitch Games Website:

Planned Platforms: PC, MAC & Linux

EmergeNYC aims towards the fans of games such as Emergency 4, Grand Theft Auto, and LCPDFR, giving an accurate and realistic simulation that is easy to balance between casual play and role playing. It will also be flexible for players of all ages and tastes. The game has the possibility to be something revolutionary in RTS gaming. Not only in the gaming community, but also in the Fire Department, Police Department and other Emergency Services.

Dive into a recreation of Midtown Manhattan featuring fictional firehouses and police precincts.

Accurate recreations of FDNY Apparatus, NYPD cars, citywide ambulances and civil vehicles.

Realistic emergency lighting and fire effects.

Take control and drive your vehicles through traffic and use your siren to clear pedestrians and vehicles out of the way.

Respond to dozens of different crimes and emergencies ranging from injured pedestrians, to a building on fire. You will never be too sure whats going on until you arrive.

Dynamic fire will spread unless stopped, it can start on a chair, and by the time you arrive, the entire apartment could be inflames. Can you save the rest of the building before its too late?

Switch out of the standard Real Time Strategy game play, take direct control and drive your units around traffic and through red lights carefully while avoiding cars and pedestrians. Take control of the nozzle and spray the fire down. Take control of the ladder truck and get it to a window or roof.

Watch from afar as the streets of Manhattan come to life or dive in and get close and personal with the people walking on them.

Play online and cooperate with up to 12-32 players in an open world where each player has a specific duty, whether it be a high ranking officer handing out commands, or a firefighter stretching hose line at a fire. Create your avatar and rank up to unlock new weapons, equipment, drive able vehicles, and clothes.

Search through buildings with multiple floors, break down doors and walls to reach people who are trapped.
Chase down suspects through the streets, behind buildings and through alleyways. Request backup but don't let him get away.

Treat your patients, check his vitals, beat the clock in time to save them. Are they not breathing? Perform rescue breathing to save them. Is their heart stopped? Bring out the defibrillators.

Become a master dispatcher. Its up to you to save the people of New York City when they need it. Will you succeed or will you fail.
More to be announced...
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Sep 20 @ 8:37pm
What features would you like to see in the game?
Sep 27 @ 10:55am
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Sep 17 @ 10:00am
^8VOB ^4 Dynamaik.
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Jonyman23 Sep 27 @ 8:44am 
Thanks for the comments guys, for questions you want answered, post in the discussions forum
11Buff Sep 24 @ 12:30am 
v Go to their website!!
Hightflyer1 Sep 23 @ 10:23pm 
Can you guys add a pre order to your steam green light page so I don't have to make 4 million accounts
11Buff Sep 23 @ 4:27pm 
Will this game be released around christmas?
VAS | Morha13 Sep 23 @ 4:36am 
Definitely gonna buy it when it comes out!
winkel48 Sep 21 @ 6:47pm 
@ [DN] crazy agreed.
crazy Sep 20 @ 5:03pm 
There should be shooting/bombing events at airports, schools, etc. It would be awesome to respond to those.
jasonharris2 Sep 10 @ 5:56am 
@ walker its a 3rd person and its not a click way point game
Walker Sep 10 @ 5:32am 
Can you play as the NYFD like in 1st and 3rd person or is it where u click some where to give them a way point?
Hightflyer1 Sep 7 @ 7:21pm