The Forest

The Forest

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THE FOREST MAP (alpha 0.01)
By katzeapfel
i hope this map will help others who are stranded on the coast and lost in the forest to find the way! :)
since i don't know any cheats, console commands, hacks or bugs that would let me fly over the island in noclip or ghost mode, i had to comb the land at daylight and fight the cannibals at night. it wasn't easy, since i got lost very often, look out for my neighbours, keep myself replete with food and rely on my visual thinking all the time.

we all know, that you won't see very much at night and the cannibals are there to occupy you when its dark, i had to use the day for traveling and sketching. i had a lot of fun creating this map the old fashioned way and it was a real challenge too -> drawing in RL, while trying to find another hill, from which i could lay eyes on the shapes and important details of the islands, while discovering the island for the first time myself. i am kinda proud, that i made it this way, the old europeans must have felt very similar after finishing their maps of new discovered worlds for the people to come. ;)

i finished that drawing in about 16 in-game days (!), revised it completely as a digital drawing inside photoshop and added some small sketches, plus a little hint... the story might could lead into that direction - let's just wait and see. i hope this map will help others who are stranded on the coast and lost in the forest to find the way! :)

(everything you see is made/drawn/lined by me, except the logo in the left upper corner)

i hope this helps! happy surviving. ;)
(please excuse my english, it's not my native language)

PS: i also spent a lot of time inside the caves, but i simply didn't want to spoil everything away. i kinda like the realistic appeal, that the player created that map on top of the island - but simply doesn't have the time or balls to draw down there. :D

PPS: i know that the place where the plane crashs varies, i also hope that you know that this one was created like mentioned in the "MAKING OF" part of this guide, so please excuse if i missed stuff, or if the drawing isn't 100% accurate... it's handmade, bros... for real! :)

PPPS: for more info about me and what i do, feel free to visit my blog:

EDIT: New Version, 6.6.2014 (update 1)

  • added water - for real
  • added $ description
  • added flare gun description
  • added cockpit description
  • added one new cockpit position
  • added two new plane crash positions
  • added two new money positions
  • added two new fish positions
  • added two new flare gun positions
  • added one new axe position
  • added one new big tree position
  • added three more berries positions
  • added some more ocean waves
  • added one new cannibal sketch ;)
  • fixed the north-, east-, south-, west directions
  • fixed three empty pond icons which where incorrect
  • fixed two medicine icons, which had wrong "colours"

EDIT 2: another new Version, 6.6.2014 (update 2)

  • added two new plane crash positions
  • fixed one plane crash position
  • fixed one pond position
  • fixed the "bedrolls" position
  • fixed berries position
  • fixed medicine position
  • fixed/edited terrain lines for the rockfaces
  • rearranged some of the hill/valley icons
  • deleted needless crash sight lines

EDIT 3: another new Version, 7.6.2014 (update 3)

  • added final cave entry (found it from the inside, yeah, that's how i roll! ;))
  • added cave 5 "entry" drawing
  • added two "up / hill" icons
  • added lines showing steps for a glade in the sw of the map
  • added one more "$" sign to the beach
  • added missing rocks to the beach
  • added one new plane crash position
  • fixed one big tree position
  • fixed one "up / hill" icon, which had wrong "colour"
  • fixed one plane crash position
  • rearranged one "thick forest" icon
  • rearranged one "up / hill" icon
  • rearranged the "suitcase" icons at the beach
  • rearranged one "thick forest" icon
  • rearranged cave 2 and 3 "entry" drawings (to make space for no. 5)

EDIT 4: BIG Update, 8.6.2014 (update 4)

  • added several "+" icons
  • added several "berries" icons
  • added one "flare" icon
  • added the "booze" icon
  • added "booze" explanation
  • added "fish" explanation
  • added new sketches ;)
  • added more "used looking" effect to the drawings
  • replaced "THE FOREST MAP" logo with something more suitable
  • replaced the background texture
  • renamed the "weapon" explanation (now "axe")
  • changed size of first "cockpit" icon to make it more clear
  • fixed the explanation position, layout and font sizes
  • fixed the yacht position in the west
  • fixed the anchor position in the west
  • fixed "berries" icons (verified positions)
  • fixed water: erased layer where other icons are above (stones, boats etc.)
  • fixed "pond" explanation (erased "fish" icon out, to be a unique icon)
  • rearranged the whole layout of the map, that it fits the compass rose
  • rearranged every illustration inside the map, that it fits the compass rose
  • rearranged compass rose
  • rearranged sketches to the right
  • rearranged cave maps (much more room now)
  • rearranged explanations (map specific stuff comes first, then items to collect)

with the new layout, i have room to add the second part of the island when that time comes. :)

EDIT 5: BIG Update, 9.6.2014 (update 5)

did some major changes today. fixed a lot at the cliff-side from the island.

  • added one "pond" icon
  • added one more "tennis ball" icon
  • added two "flare" icons
  • added one "medicine" icon
  • added one "berries" icon
  • added one "suitcase" icon
  • added three "mushroom" icons
  • added one missing "rock face"
  • added more stones
  • added one "$" icon
  • added two "booze" icons
  • added much more stones in se
  • added more authentic levels to the cliff-side in se
  • edited the female sketch (less pure black, more realistic paper structure)
  • edited the totem sketch (less pure black, more realistic paper structure)
  • edited "glade" icon (was to bright, almost invisible)
  • rearranged two "glade" icons (to get more room for other icons)
  • rearranged three stones that i've forgotten to touch (compass rose update 4)
  • replaced one "pond" icon with a new one (new position - old position was wrong)
  • fixed the "tennis" explanation icon (more bright, since the balls are pickable too)

EDIT 6: again... BIG Update, 12.6.2014 (update 6)

Did some major changes today. after adding a few new icons, i realized that actually a lot of the terrain was admittedly correct in detail, but not bearing relation to itself (mostly proportions and alignments). so i decided to fix that, since so many of you guys use it already and all the time that went into it shouldn't be for nothing! - So here it is, BIG changes. Enjoy.

  • remade the entire island (from scratch!)
  • remade every icon, in- and outside the island (from scratch!)
  • remade "border!" writing (and changed position)
  • remade "moron air" writing (didn't like the old one anymore)
  • remade the water and all the wave icons
  • added the "lizard" explanation
  • added several "lizard" icons
  • added several "passenger" icons
  • added several "suitcase" icons
  • added several "berries" icons
  • added several "medicine" icons
  • added several "rock" icons
  • added one "flare" icon
  • added one "mushroom" icon
  • interchanged "fish" and "lizard" explanation (more room for caves)
  • edited the "rock" explanation (added the "stone-bridge" structure in ne)
  • edited size of "caves" writing (made it bigger, more equal to "border")
  • edited the water, in order that icons are still visible
  • edited size of the "cockpit" icon (new one was too small)
  • rearranged "swamp" icon (was twisted until update 6)
  • rearranged several "plane" icons
  • rearranged several "pond" icons
  • rearranged several "rockface" icons
  • rearranged "cave 5" in the right corner (was to close to new explanations)
  • fixed "swamp" outline (was black until update 6)
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XxMiyuxX Jan 16, 2016 @ 3:44am 
how do you fly in this game? I can't find a Single trainer for it :/ Would love to be able to just explore and set up my markers a bit more organized :)
Dragonborn Aug 13, 2015 @ 7:53am 
This is amazing. Only problem is, there's no way to tell which way is north, south, east or west. I have to rely on the sun.
[ARAGS] Trig Jul 16, 2015 @ 9:58am 
Very talented to draw something while having no idea the actual lay of the land, I'm part of a Scouting group for a ROCT Marines group and we do map drawings and layouts, its easy and can takes years sometimes, im extremly impressed, keep up the good work
TaxfreeTurk Jan 14, 2015 @ 11:22am 
Awesome map. It's really cool man!
Riley2142 Jan 10, 2015 @ 1:43pm 
First comment 2015! Great map!
katzeapfel  [author] Dec 21, 2014 @ 2:03pm 
thanks for all the great feedback guys!!! glad you enjoy it!

to answer some questions real quick:
@Plasma_man : last time i played it, only the items and plane/start-points has been generated randomly, the island is "fixed" afaik.
@Runhildr : this map has been released long ago, and is quite older then "" , if you take the time and open the "about" tab on "" , you can see that he even credits me for the locations. ;)
@locustgate : yeah, thanks for the info, glad to see that you guys keep posting these to keep other readers informed and share that information! has been i while since i played the forest, have to check it again soon i guess. :)
Runhildr Dec 21, 2014 @ 12:16am 
Could just use as well.
Kryger Dec 9, 2014 @ 11:31am 
That's awesome man!