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Sign Motion

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The story of the kid who escaped the school crossing sign.


For a long, long time they have been bound by rules and assumptions. Trapped within the boundaries of signs. Until one day, the kid from the school crossing sign is thrown out – unleashing a new world – the world of Sign Motion. Where will the kid go now? Will others follow, help or oppose?


Through silent animations Sign Motion attempts to convey a message of overcoming boundaries and assumptions.

For an overview of the symbolism in Sign Motion read this article by Bear Fink:

Gameplay and Influences

Although the story and universe of Sign Motion are unique, the gameplay should feel familiar to gamers as it is a 2D side-scrolling platformer.

Most notable influences are:
  • Castle of Illusions: Even though that game is 20+ years old it had already introduced the mechanics of jumping, dragging boxes, swinging on ropes, gravity, etc. I grew up playing that. Also, the proportions of being a small character in a big world is present in Sign Motion.
  • Limbo: For the realistic physics, limited reach of jump and minimalism.

Unlike most other games in the genre, Sign Motion doesn't have 'enemies'. Nobody is trying to kill you or shoot at you. It's you against the environment or you against yourself, depending on how you choose to interpret it.

There is a balance of three elements: platforming, puzzles and some fast paced sections. The gameplay is very consistent and the progress is linear. There are no loading screens and checkpoints are automatic and frequent.

Sound and Music

The game features a background ambient sound composed of several channels of road, rain, cars, birds, etc mixed in real-time for a dynamic effect.

But, yes, there is going to be an original soundtrack as well! More details to come.


The story, puzzles and even the menus are essentially symbols. There is no need to read any language to enjoy the game.

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The release is within a month. The store page is already up: