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Quantum Rush Champions
Genre: Action, Racing, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Jun 15 @ 11:07pm
Aug 1 @ 12:54pm
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New Track Deuterium Rally + Bugfixes
  • the wreck of a destroyed racer now no longer initiates checkpoints on the track and finish a race
  • the heat sound effect will now stop if a player dies on a heat field
Your Quantum Rush team

New Video of the Volcano Track
Release date: September 2014
Quantum Rush, the combat-loaded future racer, is back! This time, as a full fledged standalone game with lots of single-player content.

Our goal is to make the Quantum Rush racing experience - the game with speeds up to and beyond the sound barrier, mounted weapons and collectable power-ups, gravity-defying, customizable racers and exciting race tracks on earth and in space - accessible to everyone.

We created the online game Quantum Rush to bring new life to the genre of futuristic racing games. Now, we want to make Quantum Rush available for more players world wide and at the same time provide offline play with a lot of new exciting features!

Another reason why we want to create Quantum Rush: Champions is that we continually receive lots of feedback along the lines of, “Hey, awesome game! But I don’t want to play online, can’t you implement a single-player version and make the game run offline?” This feedback started during our Kickstarter for the online game and we keep receiving this kind of request, especially via Steam, where Quantum Rush Online has been Greenlit by the international gaming community. Thanks again to everyone who voted for us, you are amazing!

How exactly will Quantum Rush: Champions be different from the online game?

This new iteration of Quantum Rush will focus on single player. There will be a Career mode with an initial 3 campaigns, one for each of the three racer manufacturers, with more added through DLC. In each campaign, players will have to master a variety of challenges to unlock upgrades for their racer (engines, weapons, skins etc.) and ultimately unlock the next tier, up to tier 7, where the ultimate challenge awaits.

Playing through the Career mode, players will unlock new racers, upgrades, race tracks and challenges for the Arcade mode. The Arcade mode will allow you to define your own races: number of opponents, AI difficulty, challenge type, race track and so on. Two examples of potential challenges are "Last Man Standing", where every 15 seconds the racer in last place is destroyed and "Time Challenge", where you have to finish the race within a certain time to score bronze, silver or gold.

Another very important addition is the improved articifial intelligence with implementation of special AI behaviour for specific challenges.

Quantum Rush: Champions will support multiple player profiles, so different people can save their progress and game settings separately on the same PC.

Further details about the game's features will soon be released through our project updates!

If you happen to live in central Europe or just want to have a look at the game (the tutorial and training modes will run smoothly independently of your connection to the server), just create a free account at and download the client and you are good to go. Quantum Rush online is currently open beta and will go gold at the end of June. There will not be any account resets between now and then.
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Valis77 Sep 11 @ 5:17am 
Wipeout merging with f-zero
Retropingamer4 Sep 2 @ 2:22pm 
I agree, Darugio. I have since reacquired Quantum Redshift for the original XBOX, and I must tell you, Quantum Rush Champions will be a very good resemblance to it.
AeroDarryl Sep 1 @ 4:10pm 
@Darugio I'm glad I'm not the only one that picked up on that resemblance. I got that game specifically because I'm a Junkie XL fan (I went as far as ripping and compiling the soundtrack and posting it on ffshrine's forums). Dunno much about the soundtrack for this game, but I might end up playing it either way.
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) Aug 21 @ 2:01am 
Got Game, Mayby Free To Play, DLC or Game, Congratulation Greenlit
MaxHater Aug 17 @ 11:53am 
like wipeout or f-zero :D love it
Darugio Aug 15 @ 1:47am 
The game is Quantum Redshift. I played on my old XBOX a long time ago, but is a good futuristic racing game. In that game you can choose one of the 16 characters (8 selectables from start and another 8 unlockables) and music was awesome. Made by Junkie XL. I loved that game and i see in this its spiritual sequel.
Darugio Aug 15 @ 1:39am 
This game looks very similar to a game that was released for the first XBOX. Tracks, ship desings, etc. looks pretty familiar to me.
John Vhoss Aug 13 @ 6:49am 
Ce jeu a été greennlighté ! Yes ! J'attends avec impatience le moment de sa sortie !
stefanowayss Aug 10 @ 3:46pm 
parecido com o star wars pod racing adoraria jogar esse pois o pod racing so funciona até o windows 98
Seb@s Aug 6 @ 3:24am 
on the Online version, the driving, aiming & lags are so hazardous... actually not fun.
just hope that there is updates coming.
otherwise, it will be without me.