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Lakeview Cabin Collection
Genre: Action, Puzzle, Horror
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 27 @ 10:15am
Jun 1 @ 8:03am

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Lakeview Cabin Collection is an episodic horror comedy game, inspired by classic slasher movies. Get ready to die violently and have fun while doing it!

Creative puzzle solving in small sandbox areas!

- Control a group of teenagers and enjoy your time on various environments.
- Beware, there just might be a serial killer on the loose!
- Use the tools provided creatively and defeat the evil!

Single-player action with hilariously horrifying situations!

- Episodic gameplay with varying themes and challenges.
- Multiple controllable characters.
- Puzzles with multiple solutions.
- Learn the inner workings of a level and use them to your advantage.

"Why would I want to pay for this?"

- Buying one episode gets you access to all the episodes. The price will increase slightly with every added episode!
- Great value!. I'm a cheap ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ myself and I'm making a game for other cheap ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s.
- You can zipline naked into other characters and knock them into a woodchipper. That's fun?

Praise for the original Lakeview Cabin ( Sorry, I hate to toot my own horn but what can you do <3 )

Originally posted by Chris Priestman,
...the biggest testament to Lakeview Cabin is how it can so easily switch from outright hilarious to shock and horror, all within a single second. Name another game that does that. There aren’t many. Ergo, impressive design.

Originally posted by Jed Pressgrove - Fate of the
Unlike the smug The Stanley Parable, Lakeview Cabin doesn’t hold video games, or average gamers, in contempt.

Originally posted by PewDiepie:
What is up with this game?!?
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Jun 3 @ 7:29pm
I had a few questions about the game.
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Jun 2 @ 8:47am
::: чак норрис
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Felicatess 3 hours ago 
So it's a B horror movie you can play with old school graphics? I'm in!
CrafterBoy509 Jul 16 @ 3:53pm 
This seems like it has potential! Love to see it released!
SoulBlightX Jul 15 @ 9:10pm 
there's more than one?!
Gunnar Gele Jul 14 @ 12:48pm

From what rope wrote on his twitter the game is close to greenlight :D
MasterAssasin Jul 14 @ 2:45am 
cwgodzilla Jul 12 @ 7:33am 
Oh lord, am I curious about this game! Funny, spot-on parodies of slashers, but curious what the gameplay is like.
operador08 Jul 12 @ 6:15am 
sirrobim Jul 10 @ 4:23am 
many way of death xDD
GOLD Jul 10 @ 4:20am 
Good game, Voted!
XxSTICK509xX Jul 7 @ 11:14pm 
was there ever a lakeview cabin 2? cause i cant find it and its not in this trailer