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Beyond Flesh and Blood
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 29 @ 9:37pm
Jun 11 @ 4:49pm
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We're still here!
Hi everyone
First of all - thank you SO MUCH for your support thus far. And yeah, given the buzz around our world at the moment, we have been comparatively very quiet recently! Thank you for your patience. Please know that we've been *very busy* busting a gut - on screen and off - working hard on getting to the next stage.

It became very apparent that we have an incredibly ambitious game on our hands thus far, which is why it's taking longer than normal.

Why? Well, we figured that being independent and making something set in our hometown shouldn't mean we don't aim for the top with this project.

We *WILL* be back with more announcements - and bear with - we are about to upload some new assets for you all to have a look at.

You rule. Steam rules. Greenlight rules.

We can't wait to get this game to you, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we are enjoying building it.

Peace out, we'll be back in a bit.

//Pixelbomb Games.

Release date: TBA

A world at war, the future is uncertain. A 3rd person action shooter game set on dystopian Earth.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is a story-led 3rd person action/shooter game, with horror overtones and sci-fi gore. Bringing together dystopian themes of dehumanisation, political instability and environmental disaster, we've created an amazingly immersive experience where the objective is to tactically understand and utilise your environment in a battle against deadly enemies.
Players must battle their way through multiple gore-filled levels, blasting apart grotesque enemy hives, eliminating wave after wave of enemy scum with powerful weapons that push player’s skills to the limit.

PLUNGE into an urban war zone, rip through enemies in an high-impact shooter on your mission to regain strategic control of the city.

RESTORE the signal uplink to the Tree of Life and work with the U.G.R. to deploy and repair additional towers.

FIGHT any forces that stand in your way; upgrading your mech with high-spec weapon systems.

USE your Tactical Combat Frame (T.C.F.) to gain intel by hacking into security systems and solving strategic puzzles.

UNLOCK diverse locations, advance your abilities, and fight grand scale battles beyond anything you've ever encountered before. From the moment you start playing, this becomes your world.

The game is focused on visual atmosphere and tactical gameplay, it's been important to us as gamers from the outset that every element of the game be as extraordinary as possible. We've made one of the most enhancing features of the game its environments - using visually stunning playscapes to accelerate your experience.
We have chosen real prominent locations within an iconic UK city (Manchester), and re-imagined them into a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Our small team have been working on the game for over a year, and it has rapidly evolved into a much larger world than we had first imagined. We've currently finished pre-production and are ramping up development to the full production phase:
  • Environments and core mechanics are in place
  • Narrative is outlined
  • Final coding and building has now begun

A vertical slice has been built, which has been pretty helpful for developing a good workflow for combining each of our pre-production elements. We're at a point where in-game graphics and concept art/3D modelling are nearly indistinguishable.
The game will run on PC and XBOX Live, but we plan on adding more platforms as development continues; porting to PS3 and Mac as soon as we can.

Philip Muwanga - Coder and Project Lead
I am a Manchester based Video Game developer. After doing my Undergraduate and Masters in Computer Video Games design, at Salford University, I've been a video game developer for the past eight years.

Lee Blacklock - Game Designer and Project Lead
I have worked in the Video Games industry for 10 years. My early career saw me working as a games tester at E.A. My Career developed into a role within game and level design for Blade Interactive & Dark Energy Digital, there I worked on many titles including the WSC series and Hydrophobia.

Kieran McKay - CG Character Artist
After recently graduating with a First Class Honors in Game Art and Animation, I started working in the Games industry as a professional CG Character Artist. In my first Year I have obtained certain awards and achievements including a 3Dtotal award and magazine features.

Mark Barber - Character Animator
I'm the newest member of team. After graduating in computer animation I spent my first year working in the film and television side of computer animation, I've won certain awards for my animation work while at University and I am now progressing with my career in the games industry as a professional Animator.
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