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Magic Meisters
Genre: Action, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
May 6 @ 10:59am
Jul 11 @ 11:02am
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Development Ahead!
Release date: Q4 2014
Stop Surviving, Start Adventuring!
Magic Meisters is an Action Role Playing Game that can be played as a single player or co-op experience ( Up to 4 Players ) set in the open world of Espiria . The game is currently in Pre-Alpha state is being consistently updated. Bugs are expected at this time and features are being added every week or two!

    Create your own master of magic ( Meister ) from the ground up from skin-tone to eye-color to magical affinities and let loose!
    Explore the open world of Espiria freely as you see fit during the day and night as the world changes around you!
    Cast, run, block, and dodge with over 70+ spells to take down your enemies! Use your bare hands or magical staves to fight off enemies and mix spells together to form more powerful combinations!
    Play offline with no need for an internet connection and explore the world, then take your character online in 4 player co-op mode!
    Collect resources from all around you such as plants, fish, and materials and use them to craft unique items!
    Train and summon mounts you can use to travel faster in the open world! Carry your very own pet along the way!

Magic Meisters in currently in development and all images/videos/artwork are all early alpha. Gameplay, Graphics, and Systems are all subject to change!


A hundred years ago, a talented Meister ( Master of Magic / Mage ) with a name long forgotten, trained and mastered all the elemental forces of the world and sought ultimate control of the lands. He put a plan in motion that started a great war and during this conflict he absorbed the souls of all the soldiers to cast an ultimate spell, and fabricated out of pure elemental energy towering Titans and creatures that were completely under his control.

During this time, other Meisters from around the world gathered together and though they suffered heavy casualties, broke through and managed to destroy him and seal his creatures away..until now. The Elemental Titans and their minions have been appearing over the world once more.

Stop Surviving, Start Adventuring!
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Shraghth Aug 8 @ 6:29am 
looks likes it should be a mmo, not like an mmo, jut people get on whenever and you se people other people. What im saying is mmo like "world of the mad god"
KILL THE DEER! (actully thats just all the emoticons I have and please, kep that race alive :D )
wutoupal Jul 27 @ 6:05am 
scientistbro Jul 22 @ 6:54pm 
very nice this could be my reason to get a psp vita /:)
TrekkieCore Jul 22 @ 5:31pm 
I kind of hope this is free, not that i wouldnt pay for it, Looks great though
ArmeniuS Jul 20 @ 5:28am 
Cool.I like it=)
Jordy5209 Jul 18 @ 5:31pm 
i want this so bad
ZodiacDragonStar Jul 14 @ 11:04am 
hmm ok thanks for the info.
DavidVIS  [author] Jul 14 @ 1:37am 
@ZodiacDragonStar : That seems to be a steam error, the video was playing fine yesterday.
ZodiacDragonStar Jul 13 @ 10:22pm 
the link on the video to learn more about upgrading to a html5 browser does not work.
ACWraith Jul 11 @ 3:12pm