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Shadows of War
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
May 4 @ 9:25am
Sep 14 @ 1:18pm

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Alpha Launch
Development Status update #1
Release date: 18.09.2014
The Game
Shadows of War is a 2D Real-Time Strategy sidescroller game.
Classical RTS elements combined with new ones, into a 2D game.

Massive maps
Fight in massive battlefields against your worst foe!
Challenge your friends in a 1v1 battle, show them who is in control.
Some maps also have unique elements, that requires you to change your tactics.
The bigger the map, the harder it will be.
You always need to have an eye on every section of the map.
Be fast to take counter measures of the enemy's attacks!

Old-School gamer?
The game also offers the Hardcore mode, for old-school gamers that needs a challenge.
You are low on money, which means you can order less units onto the battlefield.
Support strikes will be rarely used, since they're costing too much.
Keep track of your tickets, you can't lose a single one!
You really need to do everything to prevent the enemy from marching into your land.
Always do your best! Else, loosing can't be prevented.
Remember the good old days, where games hadn't got any XP system?
You only played for fun, not for unlocks or that stuff? Like that?
Then SoW is the perfect game for you, no DLC, no XP, no Micro-Transactions.

The Story
1944, a German Science project, was sealed and hidden.
It was never meant to be found. But in 2013, a new Federal Chancellor was elected.
Then, old research projects were activated again, this is where everything began...
One of the projects, were a bomb, not a casual one.
They built the bomb after the blueprints they've found.
Then they tested it, the bomb detonated successfully, with a devastating effect.
A world was left, that were pushed into the shadows, no hope, no life as it is known.
Nations in despair, began to wage war. The world, at the brink of total destruction.
Now we are here. No alliances, all fighting for survival.
Russia, now facing Germany again, on the battlefields of Europe.

Short Facts
  • A 2D RTS Sidescroller Multiplayer game.
  • Multiple Modes: Conquest, Rush, Classic Skirmish.
  • 20 different unit types including: Dropship, MBTs, Helicopters.
  • Over 5 support strikes: Artillery Barrage, Tomahawk Missile, Harrier strike.
  • Big and unique maps.
  • Intense Online multiplayer battles
  • Competitive (1v1) multiplayer modes.
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Sep 4 @ 8:24pm
kinda looks like its stolen or from the same developer
May 18 @ 3:48pm
sieht recht cool aus
Aug 11 @ 7:54pm
< >
kirill.rezkoff Sep 10 @ 9:22pm 
игра шикарна
m4xjjzkH' <3 ♫♫♫ Sep 1 @ 9:11pm 
Rey que puedo decirte ?
OpsGo|Oats Aug 31 @ 5:57pm 
This is a ripoff of that game SHADEZ
Wiid Aug 27 @ 3:45pm 

DavenF12 Aug 19 @ 11:29am 
Man i love sidescrollers, Good iniative, Let's see how it works out!
sonic Aug 5 @ 6:21am 
achtung Jul 31 @ 4:50am 
gut idea.
xXx_DN3PR_xXx Jul 29 @ 3:36am 
Assassin609 Jul 28 @ 5:26am 
ждуу от вас Русский перевод игры
J'Ohan Gamers # Diseñador. Jul 21 @ 4:36pm