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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 23 @ 1:34pm
Oct 5 @ 5:08pm

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Awesome Feedback So Far!
Release date: When Greenlit! Available here:
Yelaxot is a big mysterious world that was created by the Power of Yelaxot many years ago in space. With the Power of Yelaxot gone, the entire planet along with every being on it is in grave danger! You must set out on an adventure into the world and find the necessary items to restore the Power of Yelaxot, but there is much more to your adventure than you may think... The world of Yelaxot is full of many enemies, puzzles, and obstacles that stand in your way as you travel through the world on your mission.

- A Big Open World (Over 200 Areas)
- Many Different Obstacles (Enemies, Spikes, Saws, Fire, Lava, Turrets, and much more.)

- Many Different Environments (Forests, Caves, Ruins, Villages, Cities, Islands, Lava Caverns, Ice Caverns, Farms, Rainy Savannas, Sky Islands, Secret Laboratories, Haunted Mansions, and more.)

- Quests
- Achievements
- Many Collectables
- Multiple Abilities (Swimming, Double Jumping, Teleporting, and more.)
- Storyline
- Many Challenging Puzzles
- Multiple Fun Mini Games
- Nice Fitting Original Soundtrack
- Hours of Fun Gameplay

Yelaxot (2011 - 2013)

Purchase the full version of Yelaxot here:
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Jun 15 @ 3:35pm
Groupees & Linux
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Barkalar  [author] Oct 5 @ 4:52pm 
Thank you, everyone for your feedback. Keep those votes coming! Please feel free to share this on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Skype or any other social website you may be a member on. Any help gaining votes will be very much appreciated. If you would like to play the full version of Yelaxot now, click the link and purchase the game. Over 25,000 units have been shipped already! Thanks to everyone who has purchased the game already. :)
gaia.razus Oct 5 @ 12:20am 
This game looks fun. Voted up.
Yes please +1 voted
SPYChicken Sep 6 @ 2:41pm 
Shunka Shuutou Jul 23 @ 11:15am 
vαмpixię Jul 17 @ 2:10am 
Love the artwork :)
erakhancathalion Jul 6 @ 1:35am 
Love the game. Got it on Desura.
Locke Jun 29 @ 9:59am 
I hope this is greenlit soon, it's an awesome game
Initial_Eyes Jun 18 @ 10:05pm 
Loving the art style!
TheBlueBelt Jun 15 @ 3:23pm