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House of Wolves II: Age of Dawn
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 30, 2014 @ 3:17pm
Jun 11, 2014 @ 4:49pm
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Thanks for the support!
Thank you
You guys are leaving a lot of positive feedback in the comments and as busy as I am with finals at the moment, we asked Julie (our artist) to create a wallpaper to thank you :) I am very excited that you share my enthusiasm for this sequel.

Full Resolution (1920x1080)

Prototype Status
I am currently working really hard on the next version of the prototype. Right now I am focusing on unit AI and navigation, as well as more controls over units. Many of you requested walls and that means path finding. I have been doing a lot of research and I think I am close to reaching something that actually works for a large number of units but its hard to optimize. I have many tricks I'll want to try to keep the computing at its minimum.


I have worked with path finding and tile maps for a while now.

For example, I used it in Planet Noevo[], a game I made years ago:

The next update will also feature multiple resolution handling and you will be able to move units around and mess with the path finding / obstacles.

I will keep updating the prototype as the game development progresses.

Let's keep going!
It's been almost a month now and I need all the votes you can gather :D
Please ask your friends to support this game.

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,

Release date: 2015
The Age of Dawn has begun...
It's a century before the events of Lord Vilereck. Your ancestor's land is invaded by the Grand Desert of Malabhi. Crops wither, people are dying of starvation, and resources are exhausted. Most stay and blindly hope for change, starving and fighting for the remains. Hoping against hope, the most courageous men formed a caravan and called themselves "House of Wolves", in honor of brotherhood, strength, and vitality. Mustering their strength, the House of Wolves left what was once a safe haven to face the dangers of the wild.

There is a long journey ahead of you. The wilds surrounding your lands have been know to kill even the strongest of men. Only you can lead your brothers to sanctuary.

Interested?! Play the tech demo here:

A word from the developer
Hi everyone, my name is Louis-Simon Ménard and I'm a self-taught game maker from Canada. I have created many flash games in the last 6 years, most of which are available for free over here: If you play free online games, you might know me from 'Age of War', 'Neon Rider', 'Armor Mayhem: Chronicles', or most importantly, 'House of Wolves'.

I am very excited about this project as I always dreamed to get a game on Steam and work with Unity. This bigger project has allowed me more development time to polish the game and make an amazing, strategic and engaging game.

Why make a sequel to House of Wolves?
There are so many things that were left untouched or unrefined in the first installment. House of Wolves 2 would give me the opportunity to make it better and bigger:
  • Story - House of Wolves 2 will have a full fledged story-oriented campaign.

  • Controls / UI - House of Wolves 2 has given me the opportunity to iterate on the controls until they are perfect.

  • Balance / Levels - You will progress through your quest of exploration and conquest via the world map. Later levels will provide you with starting units and buildings, to make sure you don't have to do the same things over and over again.

  • Progress / Customization - As you gain experience, you will be able to buy new types of units and buildings that will help you overcome increasingly harder challenges.

  • Art - More environment types, weather system, new buildings, new races, new resources and new gameplay mechanics.

  • Scale - A larger 1920X1080 resolution allows for bigger environments, more tactics, and a better view of the environment.

  • Life - For experienced players, a skirmish mode will be available. You will be able to choose your own maps and rules and shape the game the way you want.

  • Community - We will keep in touch with you as the game gets done. I am personally a big fan of dev blogs and I believe it is important to share the process with the players.

Why RTS?
The elements that come into place in a RTS game are both fascinating and challenging. And now after many months of intensive work, my tribute to Real-time Strategy classic games is finally in development.

I hope you are excited as I am to see this get done. Greenlight us please :)
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dipshit bull shit ive lost my interest in this BS Game!!!
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I really hope this isn't repetitive, i hope we get new objectives from time to time.
It looks great but i'm hoping we don't get the concept of "KILL THEM, TAKE THE LAND, KILL THEM, TAKE THE LAND!!"
It would be nice if there are different groups, some are friendly some aren't.
Some will Allie with you, some will trade with you, something to spice the game up because as much as i love this game i can see myself getting bored of it if it gets very repetitive.

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Release date: 2015