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Guild of Dungeoneering
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 9 @ 5:15am
May 14 @ 1:56pm
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Selected for Steam!
Guild of Dungeoneering has been greenlit!

Thanks for all your support, votes and comments! I hope to make this a game you get a whole load of enjoyment out of!

So the game is currently in active, open development. If you want to see the latest updates I'd suggest checking out this devlog thread on TIGSource, where I talk about what I'm working on next, share first looks at new content, and take feedback and suggestions from YOU the player!

There's also @gambrinous on twitter and the facebook page.

If you want to pre-order the game right now you can do that on the Gambrinous website[]. Pre-orders will get the full game on release (including a key for Steam). You can also play the latest alpha version of the game at that page.

3 weeks ago I gave up my software development career to create this game full time. I don't have a specific release date just yet, but I'm hoping to be very close in about 3 months time.

Thanks again!
Colm Larkin

Now at #7 in the Greenlight List!
Release date: Mid 2014
Recruit adventurers to explore dungeons for the glory of your Guild. Build the dungeon room by room, fill it with monsters, traps and treasure .. and hope your dungeoneers have what it takes to return victorious!

A dungeon exploration game where you don't get to control your adventurer directly. Instead you lay out the dungeon one room at a time, placing treasure and monsters to carefully guide your dungeoneer to victory.. unless he's got other ideas!

Main Features
  • A turn-based reverse rogue-like that lets you control the dungeon
  • Old school single-player dungeon exploration
  • A distinctive hand-drawn aesthetic that will remind you of dungeons drawn in your old copybook
  • Draw cards from HOPE, DREAD and SEEK decks to guide your dungeoneer
  • Your dungeoneer has a mind of his own! He'll act according to his current needs and the hidden traits of his personality. Sometimes your best laid plans will devolve into hilarity
  • Control your Guild, expanding it with the glory gained from dungeon runs (even if your last dungeoneer bit the dust!)
  • Unlock new cards for your decks to give you more options when dungeoneering

What Do The Press Say?
".. a lovely sketches-on-graph-paper aesthetic .." - IndieGames[]
"There’s a huge amount of potential in the concept .." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
".. exciting to toy around with the random element of cards and strategizing what to put down and where." - SegmentNext[]

Coming mid 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux!

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Apr 10 @ 5:03pm
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Elektr0ns Sep 7 @ 2:15pm 
Great game!
Metalman Sep 4 @ 4:24pm 
Any news on this? I want to throw some money at you!
RuSsO Aug 31 @ 11:23pm 
DoomStorm Aug 5 @ 3:06am 
The game looks amazing. Too bad it always takes me so long to find, I can't seem to write the name correctly ever. :/
Gambrinous  [author] Jul 20 @ 11:52am 
Thanks Mr. MurLock, that's incredibly motivating to hear!!
Mr. MurLock Jul 20 @ 2:16am 
Absolutely love the concept! A friend of mine mentioned this dungeon master-like game, went to the website and played the demo, had SUCH a good time that I couldnt stop myself from pre-ordering!
I can't wait to play the full version! BRAVO SIR! BRAVO!
VAKAVAKA Jul 14 @ 10:32pm 
Gambrinous  [author] Jun 30 @ 2:32am 
Thanks devil_kit! Look forward to getting you playing a more polished version!
devil_kit Jun 20 @ 1:23am 
Found you on RPS, went to your web page, got lost in the demo for the past few hours, ran into a couple glitches / bugs / 'no resolution' scenarios, then decided to come green light but already green lit- Looking forward to getting into early access.
simvol066 Jun 17 @ 4:28pm