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May 9 @ 9:26am
May 14 @ 1:56pm
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Kickstarter has 100 % success! 5 days remaining now! - Discover the first dungeon screens!
New Shiness Video

Shiness is on kickstarter:

Halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and the fantasy of an RPG, discover the amazing universe of Shiness !

Shiness is a Role Playing Game which will make you dive into a new adventure across Sky Islands. In a world where every land strives for power, two Wakis named Chado and Poky, traveling aboard a flying boat, accidentally land on a very dangerous island. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into a huge universe that will be remembered for a long time! With its unexpected storylines and nervous gameplay, Shiness is waiting for you to play that story imagined 20 years ago by our Creative Director and finally taken to life.

In the game Shiness, it's all about what we loved in Chrono Cross,Secret of Mana,Zelda,Naruto and Final Fantaisies Games.

Features of the game

  • Choose 3 characters to play, out of five and explore areas all together.
  • Practice martial arts and magic in order to win battles.
  • Skillfully use your heroes' abilities to solve puzzles.
  • Change your reputation doing quests when you require it to.
  • Learn a fresh new language created for the game.

  • Planned platforms: PC, Xbox One*, PS4*, Mac, Linux
  • Release date: Q4, 2014 on PC, Mac
  • Approx. gameplay time: 20 hours on the solo adventure, infinite for the multi adventure.

Pitch :

A long time ago on a planet called Mahera, civilisations started a long war because of a rare energy called Shi that was neccesary for the needs of the people.

Mahera became a cloud of dirt and lighting bolts, enclaving each civilization to its own part of the globe:
Meteora masses of land-floating nearby from one another, forever separated both physically and spiritually.

Since those dark times, Human, Sheiks and Waki rebuilt their lives separately and life went on.

Chado and Poky, two friends from the Kimpao islands in the land of Wakis, will accidentally land on Adorn Island. You will play Chado (at first) and your first goal will be to find your lost friend Poky. Little will you realize, at that time, that you will be involved in a story that will reveal a far more important destiny ..

You will play Chado and your first step will be to find your friend Poky by exploring a Celestial Island that will lead you into an epic story with a lot of characters invovled.

Lot of challenges is awaiting you, get Ready for it !

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May 29 @ 9:59am
What language is that?
Jun 3 @ 12:20pm
Is it going to be free???
May 16 @ 3:25pm
Multi Adventure
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Gabe swag Newell 5 hours ago 
Very good game!
Fox McCloud Jul 25 @ 4:58pm 
This is really beautiful the animation is great keep up the good work :D
demaretclement Jul 22 @ 5:09am 
ça a l'air génial
se ve hermoso
MoonObscure Jul 16 @ 6:57pm 
Super beautiful i want this game !! <3
MartinZX Jul 9 @ 5:22am 
Jeros Jul 6 @ 8:21pm 
Enormes expectativas
nihonjr Jul 3 @ 3:27pm 
Zodd Nosferatu Jul 3 @ 9:43am 
Eu gostei desse jogo, espero não ser muito caro quando for lançado :D
Rekovni Jun 29 @ 6:59pm