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Bad Taste
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 6 @ 12:54am
May 6 @ 11:09am

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Development Journal #4
Development Journal #3
Release date: October 31'st 2014
Bad Taste is a smart, violent, scathing satire of the fast food industry in the form of a tasty videogame. Featuring Spencer "Spenny" Rice, star of the megahit Canadian T.V. Show Kenny V.S. Spenny!

The game is an adult oriented stratigic fast paced 2D action shooter, that is equal parts comedy and horror. Celx Requin's Bad Taste is a Canadian love letter to trash cinema with a message.

Featuring music by the Finnish band Lodger (Californication), artwork and animation by the 2013 "Newgrounds Tank Award" nominee Jeremy Zaczek (The Worst), programming by Mike Heavenor, sound design by TheFabs (An Unfortunate Girl), and script, story, and concept by Celx Requin (Cooljaw). And with special guest Lloyd Kaufman (Troma entertainment founder, and star of poultrygeist)

Special thanks to my close friend Ali Nassaje for helping with the video conversion.


Set in the city of Victoria B.C., all the fast food chains have adopted a new genetically modified kind of "Magic Meat", sold by the friendly American "Malacoid Farms" Corporation.

This "Magic Meat" is made by genetically splicing different animal D.N.A. to produce monstrous versions of fast food, like "batboon burgers", and "salcoon" tacos.

However the chemicals used to make these ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ized abominations, did something to the food.

The meat started to mutate, and become sentient, and those that had consumed it became brainless zombies led by and insatiable lust for "magic meat", and once the meat ran out…

They started eating people.

Enter a small group of survivors, desperate to escape the city before a nuclear bomb meant to eradicate the virus is dropped; and you have all the tasty ingredients necessary for "Bad Taste".
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Aug 13 @ 5:01pm
What features should they add?
May 8 @ 8:50am
Sgt. SsStutter
< >
Celx Requin  [author] Sep 4 @ 3:26pm 
@ WittabigSmiles Grandpa stop molesting me!
WittabigSmiles Sep 4 @ 5:20am 
Spennaaayyyy!!! #GrandpaGrandpa
Celx Requin  [author] Aug 29 @ 11:28am 
@ Zarnovski, Thanks boss
Zarnovski Aug 26 @ 3:16pm 
Followed and liked.
Celx Requin  [author] Aug 11 @ 8:31am 
@ XkB6Pak,

Email me at, and I'll make sure you get an invite when the demo is ready.
XkB6PaK Aug 11 @ 8:03am 
I would also love to demo it! Would like to put some input in to see if it could be better!
Celx Requin  [author] Aug 10 @ 8:13pm 
Hi Frank, to demo it email me at
That said it may be a while till we have something ready for public consumption.

- Celx
Frank Aug 10 @ 8:08pm 
can i demo this ? huge fan
Celx Requin  [author] Jul 25 @ 7:32am 
@ Felicatess, we will be giving out a demo to the press for initial impressions in a few months. That said once the game is released we may release a demo to the general public. And we will need a few beta testers before the game is released, if you're interested in being a beta tester email me at

- Celx
Felicatess Jul 22 @ 9:09pm 
Curious, would love a demo.