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Bad Taste
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 6, 2014 @ 12:54am
Nov 21, 2014 @ 10:33am

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New trailer out!
An open letter to steam on the decision to remove the game "Hatred".
Release date: First Quarter 2015, Hopefully...
Bad Taste is a smart, violent, scathing satire of the fast food industry in the form of a tasty videogame. Featuring Spencer "Spenny" Rice, star of the megahit Canadian T.V. Show Kenny V.S. Spenny!

The game is an adult oriented stratigic fast paced 2D action shooter, that is equal parts comedy and horror. Celx Requin's Bad Taste is a Canadian love letter to trash cinema with a message.

Featuring music by the Finnish band Lodger (Californication), artwork and animation by the 2013 "Newgrounds Tank Award" nominee Jeremy Zaczek (The Worst), programming by Mike Heavenor, sound design by TheFabs (An Unfortunate Girl), and script, story, and concept by Celx Requin (Cooljaw). And with special guest Lloyd Kaufman (Troma entertainment founder, and star of poultrygeist)

Special thanks to my close friend Ali Nassaje for helping with the video conversion.


Set in the city of Victoria B.C., all the fast food chains have adopted a new genetically modified kind of "Magic Meat", sold by the friendly American "Malacoid Farms" Corporation.

This "Magic Meat" is made by genetically splicing different animal D.N.A. to produce monstrous versions of fast food, like "batboon burgers", and "salcoon" tacos.

However the chemicals used to make these ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ized abominations, did something to the food.

The meat started to mutate, and become sentient, and those that had consumed it became brainless zombies led by and insatiable lust for "magic meat", and once the meat ran out…

They started eating people.

Enter a small group of survivors, desperate to escape the city before a nuclear bomb meant to eradicate the virus is dropped; and you have all the tasty ingredients necessary for "Bad Taste".
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Jan 31 @ 12:09pm
What features should they add?
May 8, 2014 @ 8:50am
Sgt. SsStutter
< >
Celx Requin  [author] Jan 25 @ 3:01pm 
@ Your Ex Girlfriend, Thanks Brah, we think the retail price is pretty reasonable for what we're doing :)
Your Ex Girlfriend Jan 24 @ 7:13pm 
Wow thanks i will try this if its not too much money
Celx Requin  [author] Jan 23 @ 10:59pm 

Thanks man we really appreciate the support! A lot of people don't realize Kenny & Spenny had a game in production before called "verusville", which I've been told that the guys making that game didn't respect the IP, it was a cash grab.

The character designs for Spenny in "Versusville" were offensive & disparaging, & they didn't get the humor of the show, & it kind of faded away for those reasons. On "Bad Taste" I gave both Kenny & Spenny a chance to have thier input as to the dialouge, levels, & character designs.

I'm a huge fan of the show, they're awesome guys, & I like their shit; which is why I believe they came on board.

What sucks is I feel some people rip on the project just because Spenny came on board first.. That's lame, since we didn't make this a T rated game just to sell more copies, & we're all working at deferred pay to make this thing real.

That said the support we've gotten has been great!

Lots of love from the bad taste crew!
- Celx
aquaticsolstice Jan 23 @ 8:57pm 
My favorite show of all time Kenny Vs. Spenny. Pile that on top with the creator of Toxic Avengers. Throw in Zombies, and Kenny as a DLC character in a few months. I'm sold. I'll be buying this day one.
djjohndouglas Jan 23 @ 4:53pm 
This game could help get Kenny vs Spenny back on Netflix with a new season!
Celx Requin  [author] Jan 23 @ 3:33pm 
Hi djjohndouglas,

The game will be $9.99, achievments will indeed be a part of it, and I'm not 100% about the trading cards yet (legal issues) but I will look into it.

- Celx
djjohndouglas Jan 23 @ 2:28pm 
If this game is cheap enough, has achievements and trading cards I would 100% buy this game.
Celx Requin  [author] Jan 23 @ 11:48am 
@D pooly the next competion is ?who can kill more zombies?", "or who can make a better videogame character?", ha ha.
D pooly Jan 23 @ 11:44am 
kenny vs spenny vs zombies
Celx Requin  [author] Jan 23 @ 11:28am 
@Fabo, Thanks brah, you guys make it worth while!