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The Body Changer
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 21 @ 11:32am
Jun 11 @ 4:49pm
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THE BODY CHANGER - point of situation
  • Sector 2, sector 3 and sector 4 are completed with a lot of new puzzles, new types of environment objects to use and more interaction with the noisers - don't want to spoiler too much here but the puzzle part is strong and cool ;)

  • since last alpha version we have finally the menus with a better save game system

  • new types of playable SynBs with the new abilities

  • all the SynB enemies are now in game + the (trembling) worms
  • all the water types were implemented: green, blue and red with different effects on players and enemies

  • the game shader is a bit better on performance side and there's a flag for disable the toon efx in the start menu

  • story texts are ready (but not in game, right now) and we are thinking about a little intro
  • after all the asking we decide to change one of our favorite game mechanic so now, surprise, reloading while walking is finally possible
  • a lot of bugs fixing were done (a better check for the plugged-in joypad, fixed HUD/UI window resize bug, collisions with characters and animations synchronizing )

Currently we are on the last part (divided in different little parts) and we are thinking to move to early access, but only after another big part of the game will be completed and this means September/October. Early access is an interesting option BUT we are not completely sure about it, so we will see.
The plan is to complete THE BODY CHANGER for the end of the year.

We are also rethinking about the PR of the game, a new game pitch is almost ready, a better press kit need to prepared and also some promotional arts are in the toDO list. Some player suggest a better game description and also tons of YT videos about marketing (from tha_rami - Vlambeer - to Steam dev hours to others) make us thinking about different strategies for reach the press. The next months will be intense but also more productive and we will make more announcement.

That's all for today. :)
Please spread the word if you can and like.
Have a nice August,


Release date: Third Quarter of 2014
THE BODY CHANGER is an innovative Third-Person Action Adventure Game set in space.

The Gameplay revolves around an innovative characters controller system where you must use different characters skills to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and survive.

  • Take control of the SynB and explore the sectors, follow the directives and clean the place from the hostile infected clones
  • Explore the area to find and activate new types of SynB with different abilities
  • Change body whenever you want to overcome the obstacles and protect your group of SynBs
  • Use different weapons types but also the environment to defeat the infected clones
  • Learn to distinguish the different types of waters and use them to solve the game puzzles

The Body Changer - by TheShortAndTheTall an indie team of 2 guys!

FREE DEMO available on DESURA[]
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tntazure Jul 29 @ 9:55am 
I'm rooting for your passion.
Jafod Jul 4 @ 1:48pm 
All 'round good game. Keep it up.
kurono Jul 2 @ 1:04am 
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congratulation! :D
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Love this game,was one of the alpha players!
peremptor Jun 13 @ 8:44pm 
So glad it finally got greenlight as deserved.